Tahiti Lime #6 by Royal Tree

Tahiti Lime by Royal Tree Gardens Welcome back to toasted n’ posted after a brief hiatus due to an oddly persistent illness. To ignite our blazing return, I’ve acquired another gem from our friends at Dockside Cannabis in Sodo. I usually run people through a couple strains before making a selection of any size, however, […]

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Sunburn by H.O.C.

Sunburn by House of Cultivar Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we dissect the dankest cannabis around. This evening, we have Sunburn. Sunburn is the cross of Tropicanna Cookies, Triangle Kush, and Tangie. I’m not typically the largest fan of Tangie, but I can hardly resist another opportunity to appreciate some Triangle Kush genetics. […]

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Gorilla Guice by H.O.C.

Gorilla Guice by House of Cultivar Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we regularly decipher the mysteries behind top shelf cannabis. We will be dipping into House of Cultivar all day long; igniting this respiratory marathon is a strain by the name of Gorilla Guice. A cross of Gucci OG and Gorilla Glue #4, […]

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President Huckleberry by 50 Fold

President Huckleberry by 50 Fold Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we have the pleasure of dissecting the ripest dank. Today, we will be analyzing a strain descending from one of my 50 Fold favorites. President Huckleberry is the indica-dominant cross of Presidential Kush and Oregon Huckleberry. Presidential Kush is one of my ‘feel […]

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Sherban Poison by H.O.C.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are lucky enough to bring you yet another House of Cultivar strain; Sherban Poison. If you loved their Durbert, this is the phenotype that leans the opposite way. The same genetic cross of Durban Poison and Sunset Sherbet, however, this one is alleged to lean more closely […]

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Lemon Butter by H.O.C.

Lemon Butter by House of Cultivar Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where only the dankest strains are dismantled. Today, we have an especially exciting House of Cultivar strain, Lemon Butter. Lemon Butter is indeed a genetic propagated by the ever-popular Jungleboyz; a cross of Jungleboyz Lemon and Butterscotch. I’d have suspect this strain to […]

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