What is Toasted n’ Posted really about?

I started Toasted n’ Posted as a fun, challenging way to catalogue marijuana strains and force myself to find a way to describe the experience. Emphasizing on the ‘challenging’ aspect there are rules:

To ensure authenticity I do not use sites like Leafly or other strain websites prior to reviewing that would influence my opinion. I try to place the essences of the flower ‘blindly’.

Every review begins with an analysis of the flower’s phenotype, quality, and smell.

I then take the Marijuana into as natural light as possible and photograph it.            (weather permitting)

Followed by breaking up both by hand and grinder into a large bowl. I will continue to use my buddy, Atticus the Sea Serpent. Isn’t he cute?

Why Toasted n’ Posted?

The main effect of Toasted n’ Posted is that I must smoke 2 whole bowls and then immediately write the review. This is supposed to create an authentic, weird, and comprehensive experience. Being ridiculously high and trying to write something worth reading is a challenge within itself.

The reason why I choose bowls, and specifically this bowl is because it cherries like a champion and has space to hold about .6 grams if you pack it right. I find the level of control over the smoke you have with a bowl allows you to best taste the terpenes and experience the strain without interference of water or other mediums. Those other means are amazing ways to smoke, don’t get me wrong. But in these reviews my goal is not only to get baked, but to accurately place the Marijuana to the best of my ability.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Toasted n’ Posted will review 2 strains a week and try to promote other great aspects of Stoner Culture. I hope you enjoy what you’ve read so far and continue to grow with me as we explore this explosive new world of recreational Marijuana.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

Editor-in-Chief, toastednposted.com