What is toasted n’ posted?

I started toasted n’ posted as a fun, yet challenging way to catalogue strains while forcing myself to describe such abstract experiences. Now, it has become a powerful tool for education and promoting brands that compose the decorated canopy that is the top-shelf cannabis market.

None of these reviews are done over days or weeks, I do them all  cohesively during my very first impression of each strain. Everything you read is what I’m thinking in that exact moment, not what I think of several days later.

I seek to be the most accomplished cannasseur in the nation, perhaps the world. Join me on my quest for cannabis excellence!

If you wish to contract my skills for marketing your brand, please contact me via e-mail or text. 

Why toasted n’ posted?

The main component of Toasted n’ Posted is that I must smoke at least an eighth during the course of the review. This is intended to create an authentic, weird, and completely immersive experience. Being ridiculously high and trying to write something worth reading is a challenge within itself.

Based in Seattle, Washington

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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