Deadhead OG by No Mids

Deadhead OG by No Mids

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the identity of cannabis is shaped through an immersive sensory experience. Today, we have the long-awaited joy of reviewing the debut drop from No Mids. Having reached out to them for a jacket prior to them ever receiving a license, I didn’t know how quickly they’d become available on the shelf. What better way to kickoff a fruiting friendship than to review a slew of their strains.

Sparking our experience with Deadhead OG seems like a perfect way to indulge in some of the classic Cali flair. A great example of a well-known name with a murky history; Deadhead OG is rumored to be a cross of San Fernando Valley OG Kush crossed with a spicy varietal of Chem Dawg. This particular production was scooped up at Fweedom on Aurora and boasts a whopping 26.4% cannabinoid total. Afghani, Chem Dawg, and SFV OG; let’s detonate this powderkeg of nostalgia.

I breach the vessel to uncover a realm of delightfully sour damp. A grassy tang accented with an earthy echo; a cold gelatin slab of grit carved by a maple lemon edge. Zesty and acute, the flavor rolls with the confectionary texture of a jawbreaker. Layers of tightly compacted sweetness molting the experience subtly through each passing layer. Tangerine, lemon, lime, and grape all alternate with sharp shocks of chalky Wonka fruit. Ripples of sizzling freshness unearth geysers spewing a rubbery slickness. A gaseous raw soaking a bed of freshly threshed oats. A wake of peppered sage crispness guides me to a chilled equilibrium.

In pursuit of its withheld secrets, I snap the flowers under my nose. A revived fury in the form of imbalanced drink mix; I am dazed by a tongue-twisting assault of lemon lime Gatorade and Tang drink mix. A sour drill bit boring into my senses, I feel as if the fumes are trying to rip my nose clean off. An essence that shudders through your bones, a nutty caramel emerges to cushion the turbulent exchange.

Think diesel fumes shed from the rattled foliage, citrus gas now cemented and scalded into my sinuses. Plumes of funky foul now stencil my flesh, resurrected only by strings of crispy forest crunch. Stretched thinner and thinner like a rope of taffy, Deadhead OG forfeits all gentle complexities to unleash every ounce of the sinus-scraping engine of lemon. Paling in comparison to the bewildering assault, a soothing finish of cucumber zest and woody warmth are a kind touch worth mentioning.

Each nugget, an exaggerated example of classic OG Kush architecture. The devoutly rotund morsels wind carefully into mollusks of tacky frost. Mushroom caps paneled with bronze-dusted moss, a curtain verdant night is painted to be deceivingly welcome. A glittered camouflage of stark cinnamon contrast. A pinecone of stacked stout leaf; prodding nubs of pine, moss, and olive stubble into one illusory mass.

Quite frail for a immediate-descendent of SFV OG, perhaps a consequence of its inflated demeanor, the flowers are still buried in frost. Continued exploration of Deadhead OG reveals creamy lemon cowlicks of resin craning over a dark heart of spinach greens. Intermittently disrupted by sweeping chords of muddy brown. Worn bronze stigmas lay across the frothing white as if to enforce some sort of leyline or invisible boundary. Coming from a family that is so typically consolidated and dense; this vein of Kush heritage is certainly a peculiar specimen.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is tickled by a pickled burp of citrus. A prickly spurt of lemon juice crashing across a bed of peppery eucalyptus and cool mint. A dry tropical jet coaxes the citrus ooze down my throat. I feel the abrasive flavor wrestle for control of my throat. Alternating shivers of intensity measure an inevitable surrender reined in by shocks of dehydrated blueberry and blood orange. Acute and simple, this strain performs one task quite well. An admirable tribute to classic ‘Cali Kush’, Deadhead OG proves to becomes richer the more you become acclimated to the resonant flavor. A celery crunch siphons off the wringing sour and softly pushes the profile towards a soothing mesquite crunch.

While the flavor of this strain is delivered like a buzz from an electric flyswatter, the sensation is contrarily measured and kind. A welcome pinch converts my body to a mattress or mannequin, or something in between. I feel like a wind up toy still shy a couple cranks, teased by the compounding giddyness anticipation. Soon unleashed upon a tangent of vibrant exuberance; I quickly notice enhancement of several traits. Most notably, I become conversationally adept, not in the ‘speedy’ way that a rattling over-caffeinated rush would imply, but instead a flow of confidence that propels a more steady stream of shareable consciousness.

This may be too personal to qualify as an actual effect, but I wrote the last several paragraphs standing an arms length away from my screen without wearing my glasses. It wasn’t until exactly now that I even contemplated that my vision could be better. I’d be so bold to say that Deadhead OG sharpens vision and potentially relaxes the ocular nerves. I trace the trail of comfort inquisitively with my mind’s eye; down the eye socket, behind my jaw, to a halo moated around my throat. Alleviating; is the word that immediately comes to mind. A rushing stream of confidence soothed by songs of floaty delight.

This is hands down the best Deadhead OG I’ve ever had. I believe this strain gets less attention than it deserves especially if it is supposed to come out like this. A sharp and sour take on Cali Kush, I welcome the nuanced battleship back to my bowl. I want to take the time again to thank Fweedom for being awesome and one of the only cannabis shops I will visit in the entire state. We will continue the parade of No Mids through the next several articles. As always, thanks for reading.

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Deadhead OG score: 86/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 16

Flavor – 18

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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