Mimosa by H.O.C.

Mimosa by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we hold flower above all else. We will be celebrating our approach of 300 sensory strain experiences with a heap of Mimosa. A cross of Purple Punch and Clementine, this sour spin on a fruity classic has left the community at large enchanted. Clementine, the offspring of Tangie and Lemon Skunk; has a lot to offer if you’ve yet to try it. This is instantly the most voluptuous and stable example I’ve ever seen. Perhaps this phenotype will finally win me over to the craze.

I breach the vessel to careen into a pickled sour punch. A pineapple eruption laced with the signature slicing freshness of Tangie. The brief acuity of biting citrus tickles along the subdued tropical charm. Oily and effervescent, the aroma percolates deeply through my sinuses. A breath of chilled morning air plunging to the depth of my lungs. A white grape seltzer offering a withdrawn citrus medley. Gentle and fluid above, a dry porous woody snap crackles below. A delicate rind of cheese begins to build at the hearth of the sylvan damp.

In rabid excavation, I pulverize the flower under my nose. The thrashed corpse bubbles with a bold funk and a woodsy hash-driven relief. A tangy muck of cheese still stirs below, offering desperate gasps of tangerine within its popped bubbles. A raw and creamy sour becomes the signature to this musky monster. A tropical sap becomes the glaze that seals this rioting profile together.

A sizzling finish to a rub of clapping alcohol bite. Sizzling crumbles of hash and a clap of alcohol attunes me with the baseline layers of Mimosa. Once acclimated, you can appreciate the fruity subtleties that were initially bulldozed over by the enchanting dank. A chunky smoothie of clementine, strawberry, grape, and orange that is effortlessly chilled by the touch of cheesy musk and sylvan satisfaction.

A hardened pine cone stands before me, an inverted interpretation of a champagne glass. A long thin barrel nipped to a missile tip. Unlike glass, the surface is resilient; fortitude cultivated through gnarled jungles and packed pastures. The iron sides of this soft-hued behemoth irradiate psychedelic tones that bleed an iridescent fog. Rainbows consequence of the morning sun sipping dew from your car. Tidal arcs and torn scraps sculpt a deceivingly playful aesthetic.

A milky sheen stretches over every tossing broad petal, the frosty equalizer dulls the exaggerated fluttering edges. Pockets of clashing vividity pulse in symbiotic sequence. Static velour that ebbs and flows, leaving no crevasse free of its warm touch. While framing panels of violet saturation at its crown, the recluse tribes of frothy mauve commonly melt below proud planes of pear. Brittle pinks surrender under the proud landscape horned by pear, chartreuse, and olive.

Leaf to flame, my tongue becomes a stoked furnace of blistering citrus char. Spiked satisfaction rolls over my tastebuds; a rocky sweetness propelled by slicks of milky cheese. A siege of woody musk and damp funk grinds against my tongue. Rich earth elements led by crumbled cocoa peel off with styrofoam fragility.

A transformation shedding runoff that is both flowing with foul cream while offering warm burps of black pepper. A skunky crumble that continuously molts until it reveals a kernel of soothing berry. Indecisively settling between pomegranate and blueberry; even the offering of dark sour berry is a welcome refreshment. The berry bog recedes and a sugary film is unveiled as the gooey waters withdraw. Settling into ruins of smoky and sweet, my palate returns to the challenged furnace of woody abrasion. The blackened heat lingers on my breath for minutes after each hit.

The sensation sparks as naturally as your first stretch when you wake up. The accommodating and slow-building nature of Mimosa proves to be an amazing morning companion. Initiating a theme of warm reassurance, I wipe the stagnancy from my being and contemplate the possibility of the day. Inspired and supported by a fluent sense of clarity; everything feels so possible. Mimosa bestows you with enhanced foresight, allowing you to feel a few steps ahead of everyday obstacles.

While unraveling primarily as a mental experience, this strain doesn’t disconnect you from the physical realm entirely. Oddly enough, I feel more calculated and in control of my body the more I forfeit my will to the rushing invention ‘upstairs’. I feel a bloated warmth fill my ears, ratcheting out degrees of tickling comfort. Feeling flush, I lean into the flustering support offered by the ever gentle Mimosa. Despite the enormous stipend of energy, after an hour or two, weariness washes over your eyes and all that is left is a soothing buzz as your bones pour like concrete sludge.

I thoroughly enjoyed this strain and it has completely revived my faith in Mimosa as a strain. Explosive in every arena and delivering consistently through every platform. I would smoke this exclusively for a month because it offers so many unique layers. This is the type of cannabis that kick starts your excitement about the plant. I can’t wait to come across more gems like this Mimosa by House of Cultivar in the future. As always, thanks for reading.

Mimosa score: 95/100

Aroma – 20

Physical – 20

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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