Anunnaki by Saints

Anunnaki by Saints

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are constantly unraveling the nuances of cannabis. Named after an ancient Mesopotamian race that ties into many modern conspiracy theories, Anunnaki is a slightly indica dominant hybrid. Crafted by Saints, Bred by DNA Genetics, Anunnaki is a cross of Northern California Hash Plant and Cannalope Haze. Interwoven with several landraces to bring this strain to shelves today, I can only expect some alien qualities. This particular production boasts 18.48% Total THC. Will this strain help us see the ancient gods of Mesopotamia?

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I approach the jar with caution, its namesake alerting us to divine potential. A gentle deity, my nose is lured onward by a tepid tea leaf sour. Teases of diesel dredge through a sleepy grove of lemongrass and caryophyllene herb. A curdling froth tangles with the sharp tang, touching on gassy potential before falling back to a creamy raw. Stirring with a gritty twist of cool fruit, Annunaki is a daiquiri threaded through earthy ambiguity.

A tide of rolling molasses sour packing a caltrops of chamomile and lilac. Guised as a spirit breath of tropical grease, the facade quickly falls to reveal a deafeningly savory heart of charcoal. Dripping with hashy grit, the profile now mimics the coffee grounds wandering through the last desperately poured cup. A blackened boldness absorbs much of the playful zest offered by the fruity foul. Muted to a sudsy tickle, the whispers of citrus are buried under the smoked oak char.

Expecting a riotous resurgence, I break the biggest bud under my nose. An assault of sour suds; a cross section of Sunny D and honeydew melon. The profile is far more refreshing than offensive at this stage, rewarding my fervent curiosity. A rolling knuckle of pineapple drives the force of tropical pucker. Quickly petering out, the fragile stormwinds disperse to unearth fresh loam of rose, oak, hops, lavender, and chamomile. These raging whispers will also pass, leaving only a seeping candied hash with the lightest touch of lime.

The genetics of Anunnaki are validated as soon as I lay my eyes upon it. Rolling dense nodes of swampy camouflage are stretched by paternal haze vigor. Each flower, a snakelike finger terminating into a narrow near-foxtail crown. Starving peaks of diluted density still maintain the impassable appeal of its Hash Plant parent. The flowers are so immensely plastered with trichomes that the dulled calyxes resemble metal plates rather than ripples of stacked foliage. Armored and surefooted, the squatted fortitude is massaged out to mimic oblong mounds of stretched taffy.

A caramel coffee bronze pours over the canopy of stigmas. Nests of matted lightning frozen into the impenetrable foliage below. Helplessly anchored into the concrete terrain, the glorious strands are restrained to stubbled patches. Free from encumberment, the rolling hillside demeanor of Annunaki is predominately painted a yellowed pear. Emphasized further by the grounding coffee hairs, the sour verdancy is teased towards beige dominion. Unraveling from the sandy undertones are deepened patches of moss and weathered emerald. A washed white luster carries a foggy sheen over the forested jacket of foliage.

Leaf to flame, my tongue becomes roasted by a steamy tea leaf sour. Dusted by a mist of ripe gritty tang; I chase the exciting powdered sour. The aloof citrus shards carry down unto a road of savory charcoal. A sylvan road composed of tree nuts, pine, hops, and peppercorns, Anunnaki is a woodsy spirit augmented by a vivacious tropical edge.

Banked marshes of formerly muddy molasses hash are now packed with tropical tang. Flakes of citrus burp out on the back of a cough syrup funk. Each breath resolves in a stern plume of tongue clapping herb and chocolate wood chips. Long-lasting, the savory salve lingers on your tongue for quantifiable minutes after each bowl.

The high unfolds through several layers of blanketing subtlety. The first sheet that falls over my body is that of warm reassurance. Swaddled by an invisible force, I am immobilized by nothing other than an outstanding desire to remain cozy. I would sooner suffocate than peek my head out from the debilitating kind. While within the still-shaping cocoon, a tingle besets my limbs as they melt away into an ambiguous slurry. Pouring into an abstract mould, my molten spirit slips down to the basin of the hardening carapace.

Slowly wasting away to a soup of featherweight blubber, my identity remains tethered to a jolt of grounding electricity. A prodding focus serving just enough to keep my head above the drowning euphoric bog. Even a shocking source of stimulating isn’t enough to outcompete the hungry personality of Anunnaki. Settling for no less than complete surrender, the awkward weight of this sensation continues to build. It isn’t long before the electrical charge wears thin and the willful hillocks entomb me in slippery solace.

I would venture as far to say that Anunnaki could be its own woodsy brand of gum. For a Hash Plant offspring that inevitably delivers you to a body bag, there were many more stimulating complexities than I’d expected. A burst of refreshment chased by a restful stupor; what’s not to love? As always, thanks for reading.

Anunnaki score: 86/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 16

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 17

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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