Sour OG Cheese by Sub X

Sour OG Cheese by Subdued Excitement

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are compiling the dankest database around. Our adventure into the esoteric leads us to another production from Subdued Excitement, or Sub X. The name of Sour OG Cheese drums up a couple different results, but the dominant phenotype is from Ethos Genetics. A cross of Citral Skunk and Jew Gold, additionally brought across to fuse with Colin OG. A renowned ‘Cheese’ snob, I approach this strain with both guarded enthusiasm and giddy anticipation. Let’s get cheesy. For those that care; this production posts 22% THCA.

I breach the jar to grapple with a snowballing curdled funk. A shallow pool of tartness filmed over by a puckering slick sugar. A murky culmination of Nerd’s Rope, greek yogurt, and thin blade of meringue cream. A forested crisp sends cold shudders down my spine. Reaching for pine, but falling just short, I crash into a medley of skunked cabbage with a woody pinch. The seeping foulness is delivered the suffocating style of a Cigar Bar. The profile alternates popping jabs of raw, sour, and spicy; but doesn’t particularly qualify for the proud moniker of cheese.

Whether it be hard evidence or wishing suspicion, my palate is tease by tepid nacho crumbles and the slightest honed sour of parmesan. However, the raw and tacky tapestry outcompetes the whimpering frailty of the half-hearted mildew. For i-502, this is a remarkable example of cheese, though, that may reflect the poor condition of the Washington landscape rather than testament to the quality of this production. More right than wrong, my hardened hook of sour musk fishes my head upward.

In hopes of inciting some degree of ‘flash-fermentation’, I snap the largest flower under my nose. Temporarily forgoing all funk, instead of embracing it, the forfeiture fuels a bright dust storm of biting tangerine zest. Crumbled winds of mild cocoa sweetness spills over a bed of chilled herb. A molting storm of herbaceous rawness awaiting one last provocation.

Desperately goading the looming storm of furious funk, I cannot seem to draw emphasis from the cheesy mildew, but a minty crisp crunch. A glazed chill cast over wood chips, lain over a bed of basil and shaved citrus. Only the lightest tails of curdled dairy whisper in the wake; thunderclaps subsequently paling in comparison to the last. A an aerated stream of milky froth kept awake by the beads of still-snapping citrus strewn about the air.

I am drawn to the frazzled and scraggly charms of Sour OG Cheese. Aspiring to a parade float tribute to OG Kush architecture, the feigned density is exposed through the bloated nests of squirming leaf. Droves of milky frost decorate the whirling tentacles of fanned camouflage; I wonder if this show is designed to attract or disorient spectators. Independent of intention, my eyes are dazzled, locked into a milky stupor as the sparkles of Sour OG Cheese snap against my vacant pupils.

As if infused with electricity, the crowns of each flower seem completely possessed by a reach static electricity. Webs of flaced stigmas that net over the flowers find the strength to stand at attention as they adorn the crowns. A nest of weathered charms adds a softness and draws a tepid beige out from the already dusty salad of greens. Confident pear paves over scattered patches of worn emerald; a flowing theme contested only by rogue petals of plum. Stretching and sporadic, Sour OG Cheese utilizes classic elements to materialize a broom head of bustling personality.

Leaf to flame, my tongue becomes scathed by a sting of steamed sweetness. A rebounding musk curling into the rubbery coiled tang of ambiguous fruit. Cinders of smoked pulp trail from the battered foliage; dripping their prickled bite across the air. With every passing second, the profile emboldens and ferments within itself. Fermenting and mustering strength, I become consumed by the molasses flood of funk as I try to detect the remaining dry edges of Sour OG Cheese. Billows of peppery grass blows across fields of herbal citrus. Planes of lemongrass, chamomile, and a spiked touch of floral acuity. A widening trail of creamy froth that whips up to a sandstorm of rocky residue and cheesy grease.

The sensation builds with considerate intent, a mild-mannered euphoria masterfully straddling the fence of an even-keeled hybrid. An awkward calm sleeves over my head, adding an undetectable anchor to my head. Slowly losing the war of remaining upright, I gradually roll over and submit to the tides of attrition. Immeasurable gravity heralds the comatose ultimatum as my bones congeal into gelatin and lose shape.

Spreading anonymity pulverizes my human form into an oblong meatball void of discernible characteristics. Salvation comes now only in the form of padded flat surfaces as I become helplessly disconnected from life and limb. Complacent with my erasure, my ego is roiled over by blank nuance; the excitement baited by the possibilities offered by a fresh sheet of paper. The sensation, while simple, is long lasting and separate from anxiety and draining comedown. If you treasure being washed into non-existence, this ticket into Limbo is to be admired and sought after.

Sour OG Cheese is certainly one of the productions I’d enjoyed most lately from SubX, but the cheese connoisseur within me was left wanting. Abandoning that bias, this strain without comparison, is a rich tide of skunky peppery bite with mild menthol nuances. I’ve always heard that “it ain’t easy, being cheesy”, however, that seems especially true when pursuing that classic essence in i-502. I enjoyed this flower, but I may have enjoyed it more without the baited expectations associate with the name. As always, thanks for reading.

Sour OG Cheese score: 82/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 18

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 15

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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