Durban Poison by H.O.C.

Durban Poison by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the dankest cannabis gets roasted. This afternoon, we will be diving into a fruit that time has been thought to have forgotten. Durban Poison, the increasingly rare African Landrace, is what sativa dreams are made of. Better yet, having it grown by House of Cultivar, ensures quality when it comes to reviving these antique genetics through tissue culture and dedicated pheno hunting. Let’s ‘poison’ our minds with some sweet serenity.

I enter the jar to uncover a conclave of hazy and marshmallowy nut. Cushions of feathery sweetness casts a sugary film across the profile like it was the frothed surface of hot cocoa. Whipped cream dashed with pinches of acute tang, a lighthearted caramel apple snap spins with rejuvenating pine energy. A dry sour matures to knuckles of gritty cheese crumble. The flash foulness recedes to brandish the rollercoaster grooves of citrus pine bark. Billowing clouds of burping haze continue to refresh the arid bed of curdled dank; a culmination mirroring Lemon Pledge, damp bath towels, and apple juice. A bizarre musk spinning a permeating wake of mildewy cream that is both challenging and enchanting.

In pursuit of dredging out further discoveries, I crumple the flowers under my nostrils. A trapdoor gives and I plummet down a chute of cheesy nut and buttery bark. Blooming from the calloused bouncy funk is a peachy molasses. The feathery skin of peach brushes against a twisting hazy rejuvenation. Gelatinous citrus pulp, lashes of pine, and oily nut are collectively warped by a terpinolene driven storm. The intoxicating sugary signature booms in brilliant emphasis with each flashing clap of spice.

An awkwardly weighted battering ram of dry flour unleashes a bright spring of pineapple refreshment. A layer of electric liquidity slips under the avalanche of kneaded doughy sweetness. The rolling meaty flour sweeps its dominance, renewing the split stage so that the tangy sprites of haze may reign once again. The profile crackles into a confectionary static studded with roasted gravely tea leaf. Steamed stone and bright funk pins the rolling landscape of Durban Poison in place.

Instantly establishing itself as one of the most stable examples of Durban Poison that I’d ever seen. Densely decorated with scraggly leaf, this strain demonstrates how thin petals can band together to weave a chainmail of the thin snares. A wide-waisted branch of barreling vigor terminates into a rounded smooth head of gnarled back. Sanded lumps, haphazardly bulging like pillows thrown under a blanket. Donning the ironclad jacket of matted brush, it carries a dulled metallic blue sheen. A softened jacket of azure verdancy, the frilled petals shift from washed emerald to a hybrid of fern and pear. Each hue presents itself as a sea spilled onto the shores of a contrasting mantle. Dismembered and scattered, the beads reformulate to incorporate indescribable pulsing nuance.

Stigmas demonstrate the dire growth of the savannah, starved and stretched hairs tickle the broad sides of the rippled foliage. Some spanning as thin as trichome stalks, the stormy surface of the matted plain juggles twinkling whiskers and gleaming bolts alike. Some starved of pigment, others dyed a warm peachy red, spindles of broken webs jut outwards in manic formation. While Durban Poison remains structured after the thumb of a giant, this appendage is composed of countless willful scraggles and sweeping interlopers. Like a school of fish, a colony mustering up the illusion of size and impenetrable bulk.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is baked in a sauna of sandalwood. Orange, grape, and blueberry oils are heaved onto the seething coals. In a wall of satisfying steam and splintered zest, a blackened knuckle of tangerine ushers in spring tidings. Dry peanut snaps and cotton candy clouds spin a feathery collar of earthy delights.

Milky in the fashion of curdling cream; Durban Poison is sweet and spicy, offering levels of pickled depth. A grainy loaf of haze-smitten vanilla loaded with chunks of puckered pumpkin spice. Dampening the blistering dry candy of Durban is a howling cool that revives the syrupy tangent of blueberry muffin. A sea of belligerent haze sculpted by a basin of smoky gingerbread and slippery citrus.

The sensation begins as a crisp and clear frequency that captures my intention. A string a twine drawn between my ears, propping my head upward into an attentive posture. Needling precision dials through my mind, my thoughts become as linear as a tightrope. In these moments, I can spare no time for anything less than essential, in a way, my typical wandering consciousness has been dismantled.

A physical humidity clams moisture to my skin, massaging my body out of existence. Once strained from my vessel, my surrounding seem to receive the same treatment of being sanded smooth. I am now nothing more than a floating brain traversing a two-dimensional plane of white canvas. Dedicated to constructing new identity, my eyes swell with bloated and blurry comfort. The veil continues to thicken before my mind becomes washed over by the same engineered white.

I find my mind slowly unraveling as well, never would I have guessed that I’d find such peace in being unmade from existence. Contrary to many anxiety striking sativas that prod you to think too much about existence, this brand of thorough immersion assuages many existential burdens. Outside from its trademark qualities of inspiration and motivation; Durban Poison allows for you to become a disembodied projection of your former physical self. A gelatin spirit of inebriation. Liberated from all of my pains and aches, I slip forward into life with a buttery sense of ease.

Far and away one of the best specimens of Durban Poison that I’ve ever encountered, let alone for this area. A sativa with depth, compassion, and tickling nuance? You’ve found it here with House of Cultivar’s Durban Poison. Dry spurts of haze, circus peanut marshmallowy bounce, and oily citrus. If you want to experience a landrace of supreme vigor that is uncommon for i-502, look no further. As always, thanks for reading.

Durban Poison score: 93/100

Aroma – 18

Physical – 20

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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