Skatalite by Fireline

Skatalite by Fireline Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where our destination is always outer orbit. Today, we will be pursuing the galaxy with the help of Skatalite from Fireline Cannabis. Fireline has always maintained a reputation of being bang for the buck and occasionally touching on some top shelf totems. While their Blue Power was my favorite of theirs years ago, I’m ready to try and love again. A cross of Quicksilver and Haze 1, you can expect a stream of unbridled energy. For those that care, this particular production boasts 28.8% total cannabinoids. Let’s get ready for launch as we open our hearts to Skatalite.

I breach the vessel to encounter ripe streaks of haze that stampede across my palate. Thrashing through patches of sour berry; fruits pop with a sour pucker that sits between strawberry and blueberry. A zesty mist coats the still raging advance. Beads of tropical juice sweat from the vivacious and hazy behemoth, a playful tickle added to the otherwise drilling magnitude. Free falling dewdrops hit the floor of dry dirty warmth with a plopping sizzle.

Lacerating and rejuvenating; a simmering salve is served on the edge of a pinching citrus razor. Brewn about the encouraging fresh damp of morning, the wisp scavenges and harnesses a woody peanut caramel bounce. Quiet cackles of clementine alleviate some of the smoky acridity of the woody cinders. The long-forgotten blueberry companion resurfaces to usher me down to the hidden depths of Skatalite. A musty chomp of mildewy leaf breaks me through to the funky subtleties to this strain. The hazy effervescence effortlessly blankets over the subdued nutty raw, but if you manage to sidestep the bewildering geyser, Skatalite holds many strange treasures.

In hopes of uncovering more secrets, I crack the flowers under my nose. The familiar thunderclaps of haze resound across my palate. Similar only in its introduction, the rumbling storm resolves to birth a humidity of cotton candy. A circus peanut thickness is infused into the atmosphere. Air thick with the blubber of the buttery confectionary, the profile is only grounded by the distant echoes of fermented citrus and a dismembered woody char. The fluidity of this profile is pressed into an edge by the damp crisp of cucumber and a shampoo melon bite. Skatalite emulates a creamy lemon bar garnished with skunk cabbage dank. Other than the sugary twist to the domineering hazy zip, this strain is up front with its odoriferous intentions offering littlemore to discover.

A skyborn city gated by feathery clumps of knotted cloud. Skatalite appears to be conjured from the atmosphere itself. A rolling marshmallow crown retained by several skinny calyx towers. The architecture itself bodes that these fruits are worth guarding vigilantly. Glazed over by a frosty aura of pale blue, the drained complexion of these buds make it hard to distinguish any certain shade to stand out over another. A whirling nebula of chromatic ambiguity reaching peaks of pear and seamlessly weaving it through weathered valleys of emerald.

A marbled galaxy of verdancy miraculously finds itself taking a backseat to the heavy handed hordes of resin that clump to every visible fiber of this strain. Anything less than a discening appraisal will leave you wondering where the physical foliage is. Buried under relentless egg frost, the petals appear preserved under a film of impenetrable ice. The foggy sheen of the resin reinforces the awkward azure glow. Disrupting the weathering wash of cloudy commotion are sunken springs of bronze. In stout clumps, the stigmas surface boldly if only to serve as a visual anchor against the constantly crashing avalanche.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is stung by the minty fresh of cucumber citrus. Ringing out with the careful effervescence of a luxurious sparkling water you’d find at a high end salon. A reflexive tang and diluted grassy wash paves the way for a musty dry fruit cough. Deep and damp skunk seeps through the floorboards of an old cabin; mellow funk overturned by a smoothie of spinach and kiwi.

Blossoming to entertain pineapple and smoky splinters, the familiar hearth of woodland moisture drags my defenses down only so that I can be effortlessly pierced by curled barbs of caramel zip. Savory stingers that dissolve away into trails of mellow citrus froth. A crunch of mulchy chem is a catalyst that agitates the generally reserved woodland foul of Skatalite.

A muddy styrofoam scorch brands a smoldering nuance onto the aloof pseudo-citrus haze. Snowballing its pungency, a minty funk curls it’s knuckles atop a medley of skunk cabbage and mint. Nutty, sweet, and foul; the new identity of Skatalite is a slick and savory wrecking ball. Forfeiting tangy charms for a new bold bouncing identity of pine, peanuts, and biting char. Only at odd intervals does the electric zest resurface, a chalky clap spiked with a hot salty kiss of lime.

The sensation builds gradually, but instantly grounds the connection with a leyline of tingling pleasure. Favoring the lower half of my body, I begin to feel a lubrication and fluency imbue my knees. A bounty of relief, I find myself swaying and leaning into the new comfort; struggling not to clip walls as I adjust to the temporary equilibrium. The remainder of my limbs follow suit to a degree, crucial components becoming replaced with lukewarm butter molds. Slippery slabs of useless meat, I have the dexterity of a rag doll. Hopefully not the personality of one, as well.

Music sounds exceptionally wonderful, the only way to combat the cumbersome bean bag petrification is to get up and groove. A fire in my feet is ignited as my head swells with anticipation of the still building euphoria. The bloated balloon of ego residing in my skull eventually cracks, draining itself of all burdensome minutiae. Clarity offered within the favorable vacuum of Skatalite allows me to strain and sift out my true priorities. Discerning through my life with searing vision, plucking only the finest sentiments to seed in a bed of reformed consciousness. Emotional rebirth, contained in the plumes of a small flower.

This strain was so good that I am rather embarrassed that it took me this long to check back in with Fireline Cannabis. Beautiful flower with a lot of personality, I’ll have to try some more of their bud soon! No Blue Power, but Skatalite is damn good and will serve any fan of Dutch or Haze well. As always, thanks for reading.

Skatalite score: 92/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 20

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 20

Stay high and stay blessed,

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