Chocolatina by Skord

Chocolatina by Skord Marijuana

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where I believe it is safe to say we ‘Skord’ some dank cannabis to review. Chocolatina has received a lot of buzz in recent months or years, really, for being one of the flagship heavy hitters of Skord Marijuana. Finally positioned by the universe to acquire some, I manage to find a glorious one nug eighth. The wait indeed seemed worthwhile especially considering this strain was bred by none other than Exotic Genetix Mike. A cross of Tina and Mint Chocolate Chip, we are poised to enjoy some sugar frosted morsels. For those that care, Total THC is 19.51%.

I carefully enter the chasm, whistling through the mouth is a howling crisp herb. Dry coughs of sweet cocoa kickstarts a chorus of effervescent tang. Zesty enthusiasm spreads to bridge fences of orange and lemon. Anchored to a light vanilla doughy crust, acute grapefruit zest grafts a puckering edge onto feathery and neutral charms.

Feathery cornmeal and subdued citrus continues to weave its bloated hillocks of refreshing frosting through the valleys of pillowy wheat. Unfolding from the stints of bold herb, a nose-tingling sharp guides me to a sodden patch of musky mint. A pseudo-mildew funk carrying across a honeyed sour and the pinching spice of pinecones or cinnamon.

In hopes of uncovering an incendiary evolution, I crumble the massive flower under my nose. Crackles of lightning, lashes of funky crisp chem snap against my palate. Thundering a roar of mild diesel tang, I draw back from the clamoring echoes of citrus sizzle. Plump, juicy, and fluid; Chocolatina is savory, yet bold and challenging.

Soapy suds of amorphous berry spill out unto fumes of haze derived gas. The concoction fumes like a censor packed with rose, lavender, orange skins, tea leaves, eucalyptus, and mint. Bloated cedar burps heralds the final effort of the crunchy hashy rind before it subsides and surrenders to the font of pickled refreshment and snapping lively zest.

A demeanor of drained pale washes through every fiber of Chocolatina. A flower encased in a paper-thin glacier, the bud seems to emanate a frosty blue whisper. Skipping from purple to green, petal to petal, the braided contrast is a pinwheel of psychedelic rorschach blotches. A stable pine cone structure; wide and burly from its base all the way to the rolls of its broad crown. An oblong meatball of feathered foliage, the plump fingers of calyxes stand out from the rolling hilltop canopies. Inspired spires of snow-speckled sparkle, each frosted finger stands out proudly on this hundred-knuckled hand.

Softening the willful presence of Chocolatina are the warm beige flames that clutch the sides of the frothing flower. Wriggly and thick, the weathered peachy orange curls illuminate just how pale the verdancy below is. Pulsing pursuits of iris and periwinkle dust the chilled shadows of Chocolatina. Stepping out from the violet vibrance; you enter a jungle of syrupy emerald, dusty olive, and an ambiguous shade between parakeet and fern.. The instantaneous pivots from green to purple imbues this strain with an enchanting chromatic contrast. Feathery, yet stern. Frosted, yet warm. A charming bouquet of vigorous contradictions.

Leaf to flame, an invisible ice cube packaged in lime slices and strings of cucumber slides across my tongue. A pavement of cool neutrality setting the stage for the incoming breeze of hashy cream. Buffeting into a blistering vanilla spice, the nose pinching intensity builds wildly before dissolving into diesel induced static. Tangy froth sifts through a fermented colander of cedar and citrus. A fresh bed of nutty morsels and a woodland caramel drizzle paints the landscape in a fresh and reflexive light. Syrupy cocoa sour against tender olive bitter, swallowed and consolidated under the revived rifts of piercing cool. A massaging nuance to nullify and emphasize the pockets of tumultuous peppered candy.

The sensation builds without drawing attention, establishing a frequency of comfort and familiarity. An endless unbuttoning of jeans against a bloated belly after a long day. A goaded plethora of physical sensation continues to unfold in the form of a teasing numbness. My torso and intestinal tension is dismissed and my chest cavity is flooded with ice pack fluid. Breaths draw deeper, more purposeful, establishing a rhythm of galloping calm. Every inhalation urging existence a notch more amicable. Every obstacle a little shorter and every goal creeps a little closer while under the accomplished accompaniment of Chocolatina.

Feeling hyper aware, yet pacified; my budding ambitions shelled behind a transparent sarcophagus. A restrained stream of effervescence and sudsing excitement. Impressively balanced and long lasting; such an accommodating and qualifying high is an integral ingredient to a successful day. Chocolatina seems beyond capable of enhancing all shades daily activities and should be looked upon favorably by daytime smokers who are still eager to check chores off of their list. A firm, yet functional high.

This strain was interesting, far more neutral and woody than I’d expected. Skord produces nothing but remarkable cannabis, but I think this production paled in contrast to Wonka Bars. Exotic Genetix always gets my attention and perhaps I had unfair standards going into this. That being said, this batch of Chocolatina was extremely fresh and sticky. As always, thanks for reading.

Chocolatina Score: 86/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 20

Flavor – 14

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 15

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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