Black Lime by H.O.C.

Black Lime by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we pursue the most provocative plants in Washington State. Today, we have a strain of mysterious origin, Black Lime. Procured by House of Cultivar, this enticing enigma must be left unclear for now. We must settle for this strain simply being divulged as a hybrid, but what isn’t? Let’s unravel this ripe riddle.

I breach the jar to uncover a rich tapestry of foamy sour. Plumes of shampoo-esque strawberry kiwi batter through the froth of tacky flat. Buried by unburdened troughs of fermented pulp, my palate becomes blinded and overwhelmed by the avalanche of vanilla fruity felt. The strawberry component of the milkshake mudslide augments to a cherry boldness. The seething brittle of lime cuts through and portions out the ripe tangy suds. Muted pineapple juice sloshes against an uplifting watermelon freshness to resound a rubbery taffy tang. A grease gummy set with tropical tincture and biting resonant floral expanse.

In continued archeological pursuit, I agitate a dormant geyser of prickly pickled tartness. Acute fruity sour stretches thin to emulate chunks of dehydrated tangerine bathed in a chalky dry dirty musk. Crashing through the clumped soil are lances of green apple forking into brackets of lime and cherry. Teetering between a caramel and a green Jolly Rancher; Black Lime has an abundance of puckering presence.

The profile continues to develop in the form of floral granulated sugar. Lavender and chamomile pressed and pulverized into a bowl of sucrose. Clumps of flower-roasted sludgy grit give way to lapping waves of pina colada sting. Ultimately, Black Lime is best described as a byproduct of: orange Push Pops, glue sticks, lime juice, and sweet lavender.

Black Lime is a neatly packed cone of meaty continents. A fierce and consolidated facade composed of bulging nodes that fall so freely its as if they were precut. The calyxes are quite compact despite offering a lot of crush in their canopy. The most noteworthy quality is the sappy grease that taints your fingertips after even the slightest touch. Prepare to get sticky when handling your fresh plucked morsels of electric tang.

The surface exterior of this strain has the personality of the thunderstorm. A canopy of thrashing emerald feeding the curls of olive tidal waves. Piercing the matted mossy serenity are jolts of corkscrew peach and nacho cheese. Tangled through the coarse brush of Black Lime, a penetrating lattice of tender stigmas. The warmth of the feathery orange color crispens the foamy white of the trichomes as it is cast against the natural olive mesh of Black Lime. While not flooded with stalked resin, the trichomes present captivate my gaze with a brilliant gleam from their bulbous heads.

The flowers of Black Lime consistently amass to impressive size. Broad ziggurats textured by overgrown moss; forcefully present, but mysteriously withholding. My curiosity peaks and I am called to challenge its density. A firm squeeze, unearths a degree of charade, however, even a stack of blankets can compress to formidable resistance. While composed of many sprawling qualities and textures, the collective demonstrates spongey resilience.

Leaf to flame, my tongue becomes teased by fiery spits of lime. Sweating cherry sour is offset by drips of a greasy cucumber fresh. Slick succulence of the crisp damp offers stark contrast to the bitter citrus bite. Rubbery and reflexive, emerging floral qualities use the tepid fumes as a vehicle to thrive and expand.

Strangled by the phantom hands of the lavender spice, I slip down against a hashy curvature. Along this slope my tongue becomes laden with tropical grease. An oily haze of banana leaves and crushed kiwi initiate a portal to an immersive world of popping tart. The flowing lusciousness of Black Lime is eventually corralled by stiff barriers of coconut crunch.

The sensation assumes quickly, my eyes become distorted by feathery patches of milky white. I am extracted far from my body; observing the rippled ridges of my brain from an aircraft’s distance through binoculars. I know where to look for my native sentiments and ideas, but to retrace the details requires painstaking focus. Strenuous barrels of perception offer an awkwardly scoped sense of clarity and bias-stripped introspection. Aware of the potential that I am coddling myself with bloated truths of self-gratification; I relax into the reassuring sap of deafening euphoria. The soul-stripping muck oozes over my shoulders, welcoming me into a still-shaping carapace of self improvement.

After an undetectable period of time I am shucked loose by webbed jolts of lime driven electricity. Stimulated into liberty from the stiffening chill, the enchanting rigor drains from my body and mind. My heart awakens, warmth again begins to churn through the twisted highways of my body. Awakening from my spiritual hibernation, my body is struck with giddyness. My knees and elbows tingle with the overwhelming urge to stretch and move. Emotionally, Black Lime pits a long arctic slumber against the explosive burgeoning of Spring.

Erupting with personality and layers of complexity, Black Lime touches upon some of my favorite peculiar terpenes. The popping and slick combination of cherry, lime, and lavender seems to satisfy my palate in ways that other blends simply can’t. Doing my best to abandon my bias, this strain holds something for everyone. Permeating and provocative flavor that births a compartmentalized and reformative high. As always, thanks for reading.

Black Lime score: 90/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 17

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 17

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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