Petrol Rainbows by Sky High

Petrol Rainbows by Sky High Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are paving the streets with petrol. Our strain this evening, Petrol Rainbows, is an exciting new production from Sky High Gardens. A cross I wasn’t aware I needed, Sour Gelato meets Jet Fuel Gelato. Diesel puns aside, the potential of this flower seems explosive. Let’s detonate the nuggets on our taste buds.

I plunge into the jar to become caught in a gushing tide of raw milky funk. Jets of creamy skunk suds over with dank exuberance. Burrowing out from the building sheets of musk are slick dew-dripped spines. Fierce gaseous nettles that ignite a resounding chorus of singeing spice and rubbery charms.

Oozing from the freshly forged pores is are sludgy tacky glue. The sensation stirs and turns over to cast a pasty veil over blackened notes of vanilla grain. Snarling from beneath the roasted wheat is a hardened vestige of almond. Dry earth cast over a milky cool then balanced by a sweet mellow. The profile resolves into a brew of spiced caramel dusted with pine nuts and wasabi peas.

I break the bud in fevered pursuit, ripe and tangy streams burst from a trojan shell of disarming earth. The enticing essence whirls around the chunky grit of potting soil. My nostrils are tickled by tacky and voracious tangerine diesel dissolves through my membranes. Cutting and soothing, the kicks of seething intensity are assuaged by long stretches of smooth skunky cream. Funky green of damp moss births a firm crunch of eucalyptus and pine design. The gas of Petrol Rainbows is rubbery, smoky, with a touch of fishy foul. The cumulative acidity of the biting elements builds into a tangy syrup with a burping zest.

Petrol Rainbows competes with the apex specimens of Purple Punch for the droves of frost that decorate its surfaces. Compacted into jagged pine cones plated with glacial shelves, these petite flowers embody the spiked density of the Gelato strain. A monument of fanned daggers that aspires to the size of an olive. Adding inconsistent streaks of pillowy appeal, tangled tufts of warm orange stretch in scattered patches. Small spheres of brittle fluff bead across Petrol Rainbows like fallen drops of ink.

The drizzled stigmas imbue the frosted flesh below with a touch of golden warmth and an anchor of cheesy contrast. The natural coat is a saturated and shadowy scheme, only illuminated by odd pinches of blue. Primarily scaling from plum and eggplant to emerald and pine, the mauve helix crescendos into pockets of feathered lavender. The swirling spectrum projects a grape juice teal hue through its trichome mirrors. An aura that draws each flower to more closely resemble a grape with each moment.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is glazed in earthen spice and flecked with roasted nut. Gravel seeped in citric acid alleviated by a creamy menthol bite. A mild mildew musk draws a milky crisp from the pseudo-menthol kernel. Refreshing and challenging, the profile continues to unravel in layers.

Each breath begins along a stalk of licorice rubbed foliage, a fuse that melts away to detonate a peppered powderkeg of rubbery gas. The hot fumes of friction against the dry corky sweetness of almonds. A tranquil basin of thick neutrality disturbed by a thin razor of lemon. Bundled tea leaves, rolled in maple syrup, and then submerged in pine-littered mud; a rejuvenating echo to counterbalance the carving gas.

My focus is packed into a tight ball of snow and then crushed apart over the next five minutes. Perked awake by the initial needling rise, I find cohesion in my typically scattered mind. Gelatinous perspective that aimlessly merges and separates during this blink of gravitational limbo. Egos deflate and gradually my mind falls down a pit of immeasurable depth.

Forfeiting recapture of my deflated feelings, I recline into the rapidly compounding euphoria of Petrol Rainbows. Becoming gradually entombed by the piling potency, every held breath carries another boulder. A vice reaches around my eyes and bridges them open while I’m siphoned of all motivation. A mild irony, being driven awake only to realize how immobile you are. Helpless and happy, I allow myself to become buried in the warm weight. Bones becoming heavy and muscles useless, forced hibernation is imminent.

Burning rubber and nutty Flubber, that is what petrol dreams are made of. Petrol Rainbows from Sky High is a standout specimen from their already high quality standards. An all-star with every element, this strain delivers on expectations you didn’t even know you had. Sharp, then smooth, and full-bodied. Chase the tail of this funky rainbow all the way to your nearest retailer. As always, thanks for reading.

Petrol Rainbows score: 93/100

Aroma – 18

Physical – 20

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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3 comments on “Petrol Rainbows by Sky High

  1. Yah man I just tried this stuff. I love sky high gardens. The flower they grow is amazing, but I love the art they use on their packaging, I collect them. Imo velvet skies and animal crackers are the best art. Imo petrol rainbows is a nice high. You said it best; “sharp then smooth.” First 5 minutes was definately a sativa dear in the headlights buzz, followed by that warm heavy indica feeling. Sharp and smooth for sure. I dont think this is sky highs best strain though. I think glassworks is their best. You should do a review on it!

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