Krazy Juice by Bubba

Krazy Juice by Bubba

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we have slowly become a slave to the work of Super Dave. Super Dave Genetics combined with the skilled hands of our friend, Bubba, have brought the dream that is Krazy Juice to life. This strain is a cross of a localized Cookies cut, known as Krazy Cookies, and Grape Juice. Grape Juice is the cross of Purple Urkle and Scott’s OG. Dave, Scott, Krazy; enough names! Let the flower speak for itself.

I cautiously approach the famed specimen, but eventually I present my nose to be battered. Contrary to abuse, I experience a refreshing rush of muddled fruit juices. The flavorful flood is primarily fueled by the charming bites of pineapple and cherry. Fermented into a greasy syrup, the formerly spiky zest expands to entertain an aerated haze. Billowing breezes of marshmallow, alpha-pinene, terpinolene, and terpineol.

Cushions of subtle vanilla froth over with milky cream as they struggle to balance the tropical tincture. The cream clears the stormy stratosphere so that I may appreciate the green tang of apple skin that pours out into a slippery sheen upon the candied pillows. Finishing into smacks of milky coconut crunch, there is a powerful mellow-cool, before the enticing haze spurs up again. Ultimately, Krazy Juice is reminiscent of a Maui Wowie that was crossed with Dutch Treat.

In hopes of surfing more of the luscious waves of Krazy Juice, I crush the flowers under my nostrils. The naturally explosive tang and zest resurface in augmented force, nuanced only be an additional level of dry orange grit. The seething edge of tropical haze is encrusted over by a caked bed of nullifying orange drink mix. Beneath the playful atmosphere is a forest of chocolate and nutty bark.

The heart splits open to birth a renewed tithe of revitalizing fruit salad. Pineapple, cherry, apple, coconut, and lime slime gush from the desecrated hearth. The surge slows, dredging up loose buoys of circus peanut marshmallow from the suppressing tide. The tropically spiced sugars knead and agitate the doughy beacons to inflate their padded presence.

Despite being crossed with a Cookies strain, these flowers are absolute monoliths. Fortified spires poised for the skies, each bud is a stretched speartip of calloused resilience. While the bulky foliage terminates into acutely pinched tips, its rippling waist draws a gravitational pull. A chain blanket lazily draped over a tower of bowling balls, a bulbous bulwark of bloated balloons. Delicately frilling the ironclad surface of Krazy Juice is a delicate stubble of illuminated copper. The stigmas stick to the shadows, reclusive to the sunken ridges of the concrete castles.

Swollen fingers of feathery pear are electrified by an icy lime fur. Trichomes stud vivid verdant exterior in such concentrated succession that they appear as painted white streaks. The delicate highlights of frost bring a warm glow out of the already pulsing cornucopia of color. Shying away from the domineering jacket of worn pear are blossoms of crisp seafoam, tangents of moss, and occasionally spits of earthy olive. The twinkling frost dulls the individuality of the components so that they may merge into one rolling rorschach spattered scarf.

Leaf to flame, my tongue becomes braised in the enlivening mist of pulverized tree fruit. Marooned to a smoothie, the blend solidifies to the tone of a satisfying soot. Springing from the packed ash is a salad of lime, tangerine, pineapple, and strawberry that hitches itself to a hazy bolt of lightning. In immeasurable units of time, the jolting blast burrows into a hardened mountain of peppered hashy grit.

Boulders of potters soil and dusty cocoa crash outward from under the collapsing force of the hollowed mountain. Sifting through the rubble, only the slightest vapors of citrus are able to slither through the quashing colander of earthy intensity. While introducing itself as wild and tangy, the profile quickly molts to a heavy hashy identity. The ultimate sensation is a culmination of pineapple, licorice, and oak tree bark.

An invisible pump begins to expand in my skull, a fragile jack alleviating pressure from my brain. Cool wind courses through the now decompressed channels of my mind. Simultaneously, I am overcome by a sense of ease and inspired by life’s possibilities now that I exist unencumbered by doubt. The equilibrium between these notes is short lived and it isn’t long before I am locked in on brainstorming. Perhaps more attuned to the pace of a brain-drizzle, the sensation is still distinctly creative and motivating.

After elapsing much time in a prison of half-cocked ideals, a warm weariness washes over my face. Initially at a distance, my field of vision becomes distorted through gentle feathering. Slowly drawing nearer, a foggy manifestation of exhaustion. I know that as soon as the cotton veil touches my eyelids I am doomed. Frantically, I attempt to preserve any lingering idea of value before the avalanche of slumber falls. My blood has been replaced by sand, my vessels have morphed into coagulated mud. Anchors weigh my eyes and laze glazes my spirit as I surrender to the inescapable wave of incapacitation.

Krazy Juice was crazy for a lot of unique reasons. Stradling the hybrid line in an unconventional way, this strain delivers sativa and indica in segregated phases rather than a fusion of their elements. The intense sedative finish is probably the only commonality it shares with the Cookies variety. I uphold my comparison to an offspring of Maui Wowie and Dutch Treat. As always, thanks for reading.

Krazy Juice score: 82/100

Aroma – 18

Physical – 17

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 14

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