Pineapple Chunk by Sky High

Pineapple Chunk by Sky High Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we smoke so much dank that life feels like a prank. We will set our trajectory for the sky as we dive into yet another production from Sky High Gardens. Pineapple Chunk offers more information in its moniker than it initially lets on. After noting that ‘chunk’ is a term lovingly coined from a fusion of cheese and skunk. Without much more unraveling, you can decipher that this is a cross of Cheese and Skunk #1 bred again with a strain known as Barney’s Pineapple. Let’s whisk ourselves away to the tropics with every breath.

I invade the jar to pillage plumes of pulpy haze. Sweet and tangy relief backed by the prickly grit of spined freshness. The bitter of ripe fruit bleeds through the porous zesty flesh. A bittersweet interchange that allows a slight stern damp to present itself. A timid breath deafened by the constantly crashing waterfall of hazy tang.

I surf the tangy aspect of pineapple to an anchor of reclusive dank. At its furthest reaches, I detect the lightest licks of a mildewy grass. But like a geyser, the frothing fumes of energizing haze sieve me out from the depths, launching me back towards the freeforming juicy edge. Dredged up with me in this upheaval are fragments of hash and crumbled earth. A pseudo-petrichor engineered through the tart and funky fringe of cheese. The profile calms to a chilling forest crisp laced with a dry nutty bounce.

In fevered pursuit, I snap the flowers under my nose. I become ensnared in a chocolatey funk. Seasoned with stern spices and a vivacious tropical gas; this gritty nugget of funky rubber bursts into resonant bursts of effervescent grainy sweetness. In the misted cereal fallout, rich sheets of pineapple fall like 2 ton blankets. The fallen slabs soak the spice-scarred battleground in their bold decadence. The enticing tree fruit tincture cements the smoldering woody musk of skunk into the breath. The culmination; a seaside spire of damp hash lapped against by corrosive waves of slick pineapple and spiced island rejuvenation.

Entangled in olive and pear camouflage, Pineapple Chunk has a warm weathered presence. Matted dense flesh piles in haphazard stone towers. A willful yet unstable monument of bouldering growth. The rolling aesthetic of this strain winds through its mossy scheme like balls of yarn. An ice cream cone born of a thousand different scoops, the snowballed spectrum weaves a winding salad of deep verdancy.

Driving the cherry wood aura of Pineapple Chunk are the warm stigmas that tangle like wild reeds across its rippled ridges. While discernibly bronze, there is this sunken warmth that keeps reading as pink or red tint. The elusive pulse imbues the flower with an enamoring glow. Twinkling upon this hotbed of activity are brilliant pockets of trichomes. Pineapple Chunk isn’t the frostiest strain, the trichomes it has scream with gleaming resonance. I find modest frost to be an inherent trait of Cheese and Skunk strains and this phenotype certainly leans towards that, at least physically. Even from a distance, certain beacons herald my attention with a roaring white glow.

Somewhat haphazardly stacked, I’m curious as to the true fortitude of these flowers. A firm squeeze assures me of anchored position. Pineapple Chunk proves far too well armored to be an outright sativa strain. The flowers may resemble armaments crafted from Lego bricks, but even with the lightest crunch, Pineapple Chunk is a fortress.

Leaf to flame, my teeth become jacketed in a sweet nutty rind. A roasted sunflower burp paved with a tingling floral musk. Spiced sage potpourri sprinkled with dry flakes of pineapple. A woody, grassy, and piney bite of funk detonate in a chorus of hazy accentuation. Dislodged by the abrasive charms of the hazy citrus are chilled notes of dusted cocoa.

Pineapple Chunk delivers itself in two distinct phases. The first, a gnarled fist of woodland damp. The second, a bubbly relief effort of tropical tang. I’d fully expected the pineapple influence to take lead, but the slick splendor takes a deliberate backseat in order to later fish you out from the sinking syrupy muck. Pineapple Chunk’s frothing vigor climaxes into one crushing chalky orange clap. Echoes of mellow brine trail the final laps of this incendiary rollercoaster of freshness.

An awkward buttress of gelatin compiles in my skull, invisibly drawing my skull taller. Everything feels stretched; both in terms of physical sensation and through my field of perspective. My eyeballs feel taller, as if my pupils had miles of milky white to wander. While not driven to the point of actionable concern, my forehead feels about three times the size it should be. In this moment, I would be surprised if my extended arms could even reach my hairline. An evil genius in the thralls of climaxing euphoria, a distended head containing a universe of consciousness and wisdom.

My heart continues to climb to match the escalating pace of Pineapple Chunk. Eventually, I conjure enough spirit to pilot the soaring sensation to some extent. Emotionally, still a child on the back of a flying dragon. During this time of spiritual explosivity, colors seem so much warmer and brighter. As if every hue was just a melted puddle that you could dive into. While Pineapple Chunk offers a powerful uplifting sensation, you are distracted by its many other facets. This is by far one of the coziest and most amicable sativa rises I’d ever experienced.

Pineapple Chunk impressed me in so many ways. Most ‘pineapple’ strains are half-hearted tributes drained of complexity, but I knew better than to doubt Sky High Gardens. Pineapple Chunk demonstrates layers of complexity through pronounced woodland spice and tart funky fatigue. This is not one to miss! A responsibly poised sativa void of anxiety and packed with power. As always, thanks for reading.

Pineapple Chunk score: 91/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 18

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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