Trinity Cake by Sky High Gardens

Trinity Cake by Sky High Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we delve into the dankest depths of Washington. Tonight, we will be treating ourselves to one of the limited release strains from Sky High Gardens. Originally in pursuit of their AC/DC x Zkittles cross, I’d stumbled upon this gem, Trinity Cake. A cross of Trinity and Birthday Cake, Trinity Cake is chocked full of notoriety and mystery. Trinity is a mysterious three-way sativa-dominant hybrid from Northern California and Birthday Cake is allegedly the cross of Bubblegum and OG Kush. With our only concrete data being 21% THCA, we will have to stake out our map of this terrain.

I enter the arena to come face to face with a pickled punch of puckering sour. A pungent arm winds back, preparing an extended storm of fermented grain haymakers. Close to pummeling me into submission, I manage to slip past the odiferous guardian to uncover a meadow of sudsy warm earth. A pool of watery freshness walled by banks of cake batter, herbal spice, and muddy cool.

The faintest whispers of citrus tease to surface of the serene waters. I try to strain the essence of the ambiguous pulp from the basin, but the translation is continuously lost to buzzing herbal resonance. Rocky and dry for a majority of its delivery, Trinity Cake terminates into a determined drip of syrup. The note is remarkably similar to the gelatinous kindness of honey. A welcome compliment to the challenges of sour and herbal bitter within this production.

In hopes of goading its truest identity, I crumble the buds under my nose. I become blindsided by electrified lashes of cake icing gas burgeoning from the fissure. Startled and intrigued, I continue to chase the rampaging pungency. An aura of warm brittle confectionery hovers around each writhing arm. Billowing ferocity; cakes and croissants doused with a tropical foul.

The leading sour evolves to embrace the elusive flesh of tangerine. A pairing that conjures a rambunctious tang from the initially one-dimensional herbal tangent. The culmination comes to mimic vanilla cake icing. Each breath is a bite deeper into a Twinkie with a refreshing herbal edge. Pillows of vanilla cream continue to plop down into the bayou of muddled sour. The boisterous cake slickness decomposes to unveil a chilled log of cream cheese icing. That too, begins to fade; leaving only a rubbery scythe of skunky green leaf.

If Trinity is truly sativa dominant, it is entirely absent when it comes to the architectural influence over these flowers. Gumballs studded with lumped swells, these flowers are carved into near perfect spheres by their own gravity. A tumbled geode of compact features, shored into an impenetrable bulwark. While the grand design of Trinity Cake is willfully consolidated, there are many playful features that decorate its concrete crust.

The most notable feature of Trinity Cake are the bold and flourishing whiskers that crash and cradle over every petal. The stigmas are thick, plentiful, and fan out in sweeping arcs like a thousand scattered eyelashes. Wearing a hue between nacho cheese and warm mahogany, the stampeding knots imbue the hardened surfaces of Trinity Cake with playful personality. Furthermore, the stretched stalks of resin that do manage to breach the writhing canopy are frilled with countless crystalline towers. The ironclad cliffs of this strain are masked by sheets of resinous moss and mangled masses of orange ivy.

While challenging to decipher the true colors from beneath the trichome wrought crown, Trinity Cake is largely a salad of warm greens. Only in the briefest streaks do shadowy sprees of sangria and raisin tones exist. Swallowing these rebellious nests of shadow are vibrant sprouts of pear, washed-out lime, confident pine, and feathery basil. Dark independently, these tones are drawn to unique warmth by the toiling crust of bronze and gold. A determined squeeze reassures me of my presumptions regarding this strain’s density. Perhaps Trinity Cake is better off regarded as a fortress, rather than the fruit of a flower.

Leaf to flame, my palate is glazed over by the crisp acuity of chamomile, lemongrass, and tea leaf. A singeing woodland potpourri ripe with the essence of skunked wood, peppered pine, and a resinous sap. Harmonies of hash sting my nostrils with the intensity of limonene, but forfeit the citrus lance for the rich bounce of hops. A vaporous heat emanates from the muddled muck of earth and herb. Similar to Durban Poison in the way the invisible arid haze delivers its needling earthy presence. Embers send snaps of spiced wood cackling across a subtle maple sweetness. Underneath the echoing robust burps of char, is a tender berry salve. A redeeming kernel of fruit protected by a rubbery banana leaf bite.

My skull is slowly extracted from my skin and then held above my shoulders; only to be cracked open like an egg moments later. Its contents seeping down my shoulders in a lukewarm ooze, lubricating my spine with an invisible salve. Finding it fit to replace my cranial void with a cotton ball, Trinity Cake dramatically impairs my intelligence. I don’t feel stupid, but so powerfully distracted that critical thinking seems nothing more than an alien concept. I enjoy ping ponging around the newfound vacancy of my mind, however, it becomes easy to discover the limitations of my current state. A giddyness revs in my heart, a burdensome joy that needs to be exerted before it snowballs into anxiety or an existential crisis.

Trinity Cake operates very similarly to caffeine. An effective supplement in small doses, but overwhelming and dazing when utilized to excess. This high is like a 1500 horsepower engine powering a vehicle with no axles. I abandon the empty thrills of the mind to become absorbed in swallowing physical euphoria. The longer I allow the encumbering drips of peace to harden into a carapace, the more my whirring mind falls dormant. Trinity Cake offers options and will pivot to accommodate which side of the sensation you are currently chasing. The quelling calm of the latter is more suitable to my personal preferences.

Much to my disbelief, this strain had some potent sativa dimensions. Especially when taking such a hashy profile into consideration, such an adrenalizing high was far from expected. Perhaps my Durban Poison comparison bears more truth than I had intended. What a peculiar surprise from our friends at Sky High Gardens.

Trinity Cake score: 86/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 20

Flavor – 15

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 17

Stay high and stay blessed,

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