Tropic Truffle by Green & Gold

Tropic Truffle by Green & Gold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where more dank is being always added to our bank. Continuing my blooming obsession with Green & Gold Brands, we will be sampling Tropic Truffle. This particular production measures in at 22% total cannabinoids. Tropic Truffle is yet another descendant of Mint Chocolate Chip, but this time, its defining quality is being paired with the ever-mystical Tropicanna Cookies. Tropicanna Cookies, being a cross of Tangie and GSC, has achieved enormous fame in seemingly no time at all. An attempt at making an instant fan-favorite even better? I have to experience this.

I breach the vessel to be stricken with the signature offense accommodating entering an incense flooded church. Staggered by the thick pungency, peppercorns and rosewood graze my cheeks before splintering through my nostrils. The enchanting woody musk textures itself as a velvet haze. Seeped through the fibrous planks of this fragrance are whispers of sun roasted orange, paprika, and cumin.

A longing cheese rind encrusts the crackling berry embers, imbuing it with a smoky foulness unique to the already permeating spice. At the heart of the fuming bog, lies a deceptive softness. Burrowing through the hashy mulch, I unearth a cask of spirited tart berry. A razor of cranberry glides along a musty and dry whetstone. Shaving my nose across the earthy edge, I uncover more of the playful buoyancy of Tangie.

Upon dismantling the trichome spangled specimen, I find little resurgence. The agitation reveals a lubricated briskness that warms and illuminates the suppressed citrus influence. The slick tang mirrors the pulpy pockets of a sliced orange. A citrus kiss distinct from the one initially presented, zesty and unimpeded by formidable spice. In these moments the domineering cabin potpourri seems to subside entirely in efforts of supporting the tender vine of citrus sanctuary. While subdued, there is still palpable presence of the sage, rose, and log funk hanging like a billowing curtain behind the tangerine stage.

With knowledge of the parenting strains, I’m surprised that this strain musters the strength to produce flowers of such size. Both Tropicanna Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies are notoriously small-budded strains; but their companionship must’ve established some happy median. Thin fingers studded by knotted knuckles, the rolling exterior delivers the eyes along a softened arc to reach a teetering peak. Sprinting to starved crowns from their engorged bases, Tropic Truffle’s plump calyxes add emphasis to the disparity. What I’d expected to come as feigned marshmallow density, was remarkably resistant. Despite the cloudlike aesthetic of Tropic Truffle, the inflated advances are indeed concrete.

A knot woven of stone clouds painted by a swarm of asphyxiated shadow. Tropic Truffle dons a reptilian motif, scales quickly blink between an array of slippery forest tones. Peculiar pulses of pine draw to hardened scales of crocodile, sappy pear, and moist mossy depths. Only through its overshadowed chasms and rarest plumes of petals does this strain demonstrate rich streaks of plum wine. A bloody purple that adds an immeasurable stark charm to the already competitive lattice of camouflage.

Nervous bristles stagger out from the ironclad mantle of Tropic Truffle. Drained stigmas of weather washed peach waver from the shuffled foliage like ghosts shackled to the earth. Creamy wisps of distortive fuzz that enhance the gentle and padded charms these flowers. Further foaming the texture-crazed canopy are the sheets of silky beige resin that seem to preserve the sprawling ambitions of this plant. The trichomes are so rampant that certain regions of the flower seem to have been spackled over.

Leaf to flame, my flesh becomes barbequed in the sultry sweet smoke of orange. A powdered tangy zest whips across my tongue propelled by a crazed desert sandstorm of lavender and chamomile. I pursue the individual shards of sucrose as they settle unto my taste buds. Through the fruit decorated storm of earth, the candied notes are strained out to unearth a sanded edge of nutty cocoa. The typically neutral pairing is pinched into jagged delivery through a minty rose canal. The singeing nettles spill out onto a bed of sandstone cool that quells the recklessly peppered effervescence.

The effects of Tropic Truffle take hold instantly. Bold quaffs of flavor send physical shockwaves through my body. As if within an instant, my mind was ripped open and held agape by invisible wedge. Gushes of brisk wind pour into the fresh carnage, refreshing the canals of my brain with a tepid cool. What begins as water, hardens to a molasses euphoria that continues to massage my form into submission.

Temporarily drawn away by the seeping sense of physical satisfaction, I return to my mind’s eye to find it dampened by the still rolling tides of punishing vulnerability. I have no power to sever the existential channels of thought drilling into my spirit. Intentions rush through my hands like jacuzzi jets, a palpable force that remains impossible to pin down. Every torrent of inspiration I attempt to grasp spills through my knuckles before dissolving into atmosphere.

The draining gravity of introspection seeks willing equilibrium with the numbing exuberance of my sappy chrysalis. I stand at a crossroads; able to choose between falling dormant within my caramel confines or reemerge as a new beast. I choose to squirm free of metaphysical bondage and find a spurt of exhilaration in my breath. As if emerging from a mud bath, plucking one’s self from the sloshing vacuum is as satisfying and prying sleeves of its crumbling remains from your exterior. Exerted, but refreshed; Tropic Truffle welcomes a refreshing dip into a pool of new perspective.

While not quite what I’d expected, Tropic Truffle was far from disappointing. It seemed the Mint Chocolate Chip had minimal influence outside the crisp finish to the exhale, while Tropicanna proceeded to steal the show with stretches of bold smoky orange. I think I’ve learned about all that I can from Tropicanna Cookies crosses and while we’ve documented some amazing examples; this review made clear to me that the novelty is wearing off. As always, thanks for reading.

Tropic Truffle score: 87/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 18

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 20

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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