Rainbow Chip by Green & Gold

Rainbow Chip by Green & Gold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are always overjoyed to get our hands on some legendary cannabis. I’ve been hearing about Mike from Exoticgenetix for quite some time now and since his recent disembowelment of the Michigan Cannabis Cup, everyone has deemed this man to have a ‘golden touch’ when it comes to cannabis genetics. While many only have the opportunity to sample local renditions grown from Mike’s seeds, we are fortunate enough to have flower from his very own brand in Washington. Green & Gold has partenered with Exoticgenetix to put his finished flowers out to the recreational market. Rumored to be among the highest of shelves, I’ve been starving for this opportunity.

We will begin our Exoticgenetix dip with some Rainbow Chip. This particular production boasts 28% total cannabinoids and that no pesticides were used. Rainbow Chip has a lineage as creamy as its moniker; a child of Sunset Sherbert and Mint Chocolate Chip. To simplify, this strain is quintessentially a vortex of all of the best Girl Scout Cookies genetics; ranging from the Green Ribbon Forum Cut to the classic hybrid of GSC and Pink Panties. If you don’t think this flower will be amazing, you need to get that (rainbow) chip off of your shoulder!

I breach the threshold to grapple a pungent musk of spiced vanilla. Beads of egg nog and hashy berry sweat out from the peppery stubble. Dry dustings of dispersed cocoa serve as counterweight to the unwieldy pepper. Scythes of chem-influenced gas crash through hills of herbal crisp. The rampage dislodges an elusive tang that is stretched out over the quieting chorus.

Funky wafts of fermented granola cream sloshes its milky waves through a brittle filter of graham cracker. The agitated sweet grit piles across my palate into muddy spires; forming vivacious stalagmites that continue to channel their signature foulness long after formation. Hardened warts paved through subtle sweetness and gaseous permanence. The profile resolves into a frothy mint mist that is grounded only by lingering whispers of wet hash and berry-sodden earth.

In relentless pursuit of understanding, I break the bouquet under my nose. Ten-fold, raw tithes of mushroom funk erupt out over the fermented vanilla crust. Echoing ripples of hashy sour cast a looming cloud of muddled herb and berry. The somber shadows of skunked fruit looms over a still-seething bath of granola diesel. An oatmeal risen from asphalt and candied rubber; the foul flatness of Rainbow Chip is equally off-putting and intoxicating.

Disturbing the molten plastic dominance are unpredictable pockets of pseudo-nectarine tang that burst without warning. A righteous bright citrus stands tall only to be consumed by the berry bog again seconds later. The swallowing chill of the muddy musk sticks to my senses with a suctioned clap. Marking the disturbed muck are crisp lances of minty pine that stud the bayou like bushels of reeds. The meaty raw gas subsides and I am left to appreciate the half-hearted calls of creamy menthol that offer a fragile tranquility; a truce with the fuming volcano of raw gas.

Furthering the analogies to a sugary snack, the knotted nuggets of Rainbow Chip perfectly embody the signature Cookies architecture. Tightly woven nodes whose edges are dulled through intense rolling density. Fanned petals plastered to one another through drenching psychoactive adhesive. Gnarled scales of verdancy veiled over by an egg white haze. The bewildering atmosphere of Rainbow Chip is conjured in large by the unwavering stampede of trichomes. Beacons shedding a milky glow coat nearly every evokable inch of these flowers.

Discerning through the crystalline fog, my eyes wash through a pulsing lattice of color. Domineering waves of pear and emerald carve a worn softness into the exterior. The weathered verdancy slowly drains to points of asphyxiated grape; foaming violet hues are brought to roiling white static. Rainbow Chip strives to become tridents of star-spangled concrete. A brief squeeze mocks my grasp as I cannot even crumble the most distended petals. As if they were descendants from ironclad warships, the only textural give are in the whimpering strands of peach. Nearing total extinction, the lone feathery stigmas themselves seem to find trouble rising from the resin-hammered surface.

Leaf to flame, my tongue becomes bricked in the warm baked brittleness of gingerbread. The softened walls crumble with sugary accents and forgiving cinnamon spice. The boldness of the bread serves to dull the looming edge of grassy skunk that is mustering its power. A foul tincture derived from grape leaves, mushrooms, onion, and grapefruit serves to challenge and develop the palate. A bold stew that forces courage from your tastebuds, heeding them to acclimate immediately to survive such unwieldy magnitudes of funk.

Clearing over the treacherous bog is a menthol haze of hashen grit. Through it, beams of tangy sun break through the bulldozing breeze of minty mud. Chamomile, hops, and barn straw offer an awkward authentic intensity to the muddled breath. Surprising to me, is how the note that initially presented itself as scathing chem or muddy diesel are now exclusively feeding the billowing mushy musk.

A waterfall of rotten fruit crashing into a pot of creamy cocoa set to boil in the hearth of mildew-ridden log a cabin. The profound perfume holds composure until only the featheriest flakes of ash remain. The raging storm eventually quiets under shelves of a frozen celery crunch, a sheathe still decorated with the dwindling murmurs of peppered hash. Emerging intermittently is a mystical sprite of oddly entwined sweet and sour notes. This tease perfectly emulates black licorice or jagermeister. While not always present, once alert to its presence, I found myself hopelessly sleuthing through every cloud for it forgoing all other flavors. Rainbow Chip is a delicious tapestry woven from odd delicacies.

An otherworldly exuberance swells in the back of my head. Figuratively and literally inflating my ego so much that my head rises to find new position on my neck. The minty chill from the flavor carries through to more than my lungs. My entire body gradually becomes encased in the swallowing tranquility of Rainbow Chip. My eyes swell, bloated by the pressure of baiting comfort. The encroaching sensation sends rolls of goosebumps across my skin as it continues to lubricate my existence with a sense of ease.

The ethereal ice tempers me to become more resilient, both physically and in sense of spirit. I feel that this strain is valuable to introverts and introspective thoughts as it allows you to wash your hands temporarily of the rigors of emotion and analyze existence with a frozen heart. Rainbow Chip offers a bounty to the meticulous and analytical mind, enhancing the most ordinary of tasks to become interesting and engaging. Better yet, this sensation inspires a sense of innovation.

Immune to being driven off task by sporadicism, I am allowed to rein in my thoughts with a larger net. Everything I think and feel is much more accessible while under the glacial protection of Rainbow Chip. Whilst lost in this contemplative state, a numbing chill wrings through my bones. I may have very well just plunged into a metaphysical cup of Rainbow Chip. Perhaps this distilled state of calm is what allows me to delve so deeply during this time.

This strain will have you feeling like you’re in church. An inspired blend of peculiar profiles, this strain is one worthy of distinction from the flooded Girl Scout Cookies genetics line. This was a great introduction to what Mike and Green & Gold bring to the table. Starting with Rainbow Chip made me even more excited to crack open the next few strains of theirs I have locked away. As always, thanks for reading.

Rainbow Chip score: 91/100

Aroma – 18

Physical – 20

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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