Double Dream by ZoZ

Double Dream by ZoZ Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we delve into the richest terpenes that Washington has to offer. I’ve always been told to follow my dreams, but what about my Double Dreams? As you may have guessed, this strain descends from the infamous Blue Dream line. Dubbing Double Dream a descendent doesn’t seem exactly seem fitting since this strain is proposed as the quintessential tribute of all of Blue Dream’s favors. Dream Star, a cross of Star Dawg and Blue Dream, merges again with Blue Dream to bring us this production. To dig a touch deeper, Star Dawg is the noteworthy offspring of Chem D and Tres Dawg. Let’s slip away with Double Dream.

I enter the jar to experience a punching pungency that can only come from a masterfully manicured Blueberry strain. Engaging foulness studded by the electric whiffs of fermented jam. Sizzles of raspberry and cranberry echo across my palate as they pierce my senses into paralysis. A quivering cube of musty berry gelatin matures to the absurd intensity of pomegranate, grape, or elderberry. The puckering punches stretch my cheeks through its contorting essence. Ripe hash bubbles out from the exhausted blueberry carcass unearthing a muddy maple grove. Now separate, the skunky musk emphasizes independent grassy that assemble to compose the raw, stale, damp.

In crazed conquest, I decimate the feathered flowers. Flowing from the disturbance is a hazy tang. The blueberry behemoth resurfaces in violent force summoning the tremoring shock of cranberry. Burps of honed fruity exuberance spill out like liquid daggers over planes of skunked mulch. The weighted berry slurry shifts into the citrus dimension embracing the serrated skins of clementine or pineapple. Tropical nuances stir with the still sloshing grape foulness to reach new degrees of sickening charm.

Knotted into fuzzy nuggets of frilled popcorn, Double Dream has a welcome feathery appeal. Pearls of white grape spin a net of gleaming cream across its surface. Applied like a dusting of powdered sugar, the heavy handed sprinkling of resin clutters haphazardly along the ballpoint heads. Oblong marbles run smooth by a psychoactive stubble and scraggly exterior. Largely consolidated to their cloudlike structures, the flowers offer some wriggling flair in terms of its extremities. Awkward tufts of marshmallow hammered with blankets of pear, patches of olive, and shadows of pickle. The rolling nodes of verdancy manage to stretch to modest size, but they seem far more comfortable and stable in the smaller formations.

While Double Dream maintains a delicate presence, my imposing touch is met with impressive force. The pillowy crust is a hairline veil cast over what is apparently bedrock. A stalwart tribute to genuine Blueberry heritage, Double Dream demonstrates considerable moxie. Oddly, the impenetrable architecture highlights many long sweeping petals boding its sativa inclinations. Rumbling across the bulging blossoms are weathered sandy orange hairs. Peachy veins carve intrepid paths across the rippling hillsides. The softened strands add a sawdust tint to the already neutered salad of olive camouflage.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is swaddled by steamed grape leaves. The crisp cocoon sheds seething tears unto a molten bed of woody berry. A flavorful sauna delivered with corky whimsey; dry, savory, and porous, the notes hit with a rubbery snap. Rolling off of my tongue like beads of sensory sweat, I become soaked in a blueberry wine potpourri. Peppery fangs rake through the skunked leaves to til the sour soil. A kicking chorus of lime dew draws a perimeter around the unruly stampede of blueberry musk. The culmination emphasizes an electrifying sour within the agonizing pulp. The boldness is diluted as it is stretched across peppered sandalwood and herbaceous skunk.

The high initiates by filling my skull with a sudsing excitement. My mind’s eye chases ethereal bubbles as they percolate my stagnant and settled temperament. I feel the shift in my perspective as my consciousness is reeled out like the tide. An empty cool washes over me as I wean into my new phase of being. Surefooted and calm, I willingly walk deeper into the self-annihilating waters. Structured and smooth, my descent into madness is rewarded by burdensome amounts of physical comfort. My mind is frozen in vacancy, but my body is bloated with distracting euphoria. I worry I’ll become marooned in this state as an overstuffed sausage casing.

My cavernous mindstate leaves me to commit to my physical senses. Within Double Dream, there is no past, no present, only the now. A slick vividity is added to my surroundings, the world seems to ‘pop’ with extra enthusiasm. I feel as if my eyes can grade greater detail with little strain while under the hawkeye embrace of Double Dream. Such a distinct separation of body and mind bestills my soul with peace. I enjoy basking in the emotional purgatory I’ve found between the polarized pillars. With due time, the anchoring nature of Blueberry draws my eyes low. A dazing lullaby offering a bed of sandy sweetness after an exhaustive expedition of the mind.

Double Dream is a charming spin on the generally overdone presentation. The qualities I admire most from a quality Blue Dream is the skunky element of the Blueberry and the peppery sandalwood bite from the Haze. This strain does a great job of executing upon those points. Thank you for ZoZ Cannabis for reminding me that Blue Dream crosses do not always have to be boring. As always, thanks for reading.

Double Dream score: 76/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 15

Flavor – 13

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 17

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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