Orange Cake by ZoZ

Orange Cake by ZoZ

Orange you glad I decided to write another review? My punishingly sophomoric wit aside, I’m overjoyed to dive into Orange Cake by ZoZ Cannabis. Orange Cake is a complex hybrid with quite a lineage. This strain is the result of a cross of Mimosa and California Orange being bred with Orangeade. Orangeade, unfamiliar to me, is the cross of Tangie and Purple Punch. I’m surprised I haven’t seen Orangeade in the recreational market considering how popular its parents are individually. Time to put the terps to the test.

As I enter the vessel, I am overcome by the rich musk of sun roasted oranges. The same fragrance accompanying the sunscorched fruits left to rot in my grandma’s citrus trees. The singed tang bubbles across my palate with sudsy exuberance. Zesty skunk emergences from the tectonic shifts, funneling hardy citrus sludge through my nostrils.

Every face of Orange Cake is bathed in citronella foulness and baiting pine breath. Tart and prickly freshness rolls through my throat as I struggle to absorb the expansive essence. At the depths of Orange Cake, lies a bog of hashy embrace kept liquid only by the molten touch of subdued berry. A warm slush crashes around the pond offletting muted kisses of raspberry and blueberry.

In grander pursuit, I dismantle the monstrous buds under my nostrils. The fresh wounds of Orange Cake prove to be magnificently robust, musky, and raw; which is rare for a ‘citrus strain.’ Many limonene-focused strains are void of sustenance and found to be empty of sensation, however, the profile of this strain awards hardy confidence. Thick and peppery, a creamy sinew drips from the unassuming woodland charms.

My foolish dredging managed to convert Orange Cake’s subdued charms into a tart and zesty behemoth alike a potent sorbet. The sweeping glaives of citrus continue to uncover more overshadowed ferocity. To my joy, the cindered citrus winds are augmented into a jet of tantalizing skunk. Smoky and sweet, the foul compatriot hangs on my palate for what feels like an eternity. Though Orange Cake wears many masks, the maelstrom seems to settle somewhere within the realm of orange juice, tangerine skins, and Push Pops.

For such mammoth structures, the flowers of Orange Cake have a feathery velvet appeal. Cloaked in a ghostly veil of foaming pear, the strain may draw some of its moniker from the roaring orange stigmas that stand in contrast. Veins of pulsing bronze that weave personality through the frozen tundra. Milky blizzards swarm the already pale verdancy of Orange Cake. The resinous encampments are somewhat scattered, however, their immense concentrations outweigh any deposits showing scarcity. As my eyes advance towards the crown, the calyxes appear to be completely encapsulated in a psychoactive glacier.

Illuminating streaks of lime, parakeet, and fern pulse through the rippling nodes like an alien alloy. The spinach souffle tumbles through the crocodile scheme, recycling the rolling richness. Each calyx is propped to the point of inflation demonstrating maturity and flourishing growth. Aspiring to such cloudlike bulk presents an explosive but empty demeanor. To test the feigned density, I challenge the flower with a forceful squeeze. Orange Cake offers the same resistance as the absorbent pastry flesh of the named dessert. Held aloofly into shape, the tender structure is both reflexive and malleable.

Leaf to flame, I bask in the kind flames of a roaring orange blaze. The zest builds quickly to such intensity that it matches the magnitude of a sharp diesel or the rawness of a resonant chem strain. Ripe and flat, the quelling conquest forsakes all others as it lays down its dominance like a concrete slab. The same concrete slab, ironically, levels the playing field so that the subtler intricacies may flourish.

Among the arid renaissance, claps of peppery zest paint the air. The scathing dispersal is grounded by a sappy grape bounce. The anchoring dank adds weight to each orange spurtle. A carnivorous lime slurry erodes away at my tastebuds; filleting my palate into a mastercrafted concession of effervescent cream.

The new age welcomes a cornucopia of sensation with the jacket of an orange cream soda. Leading the charge from the freshly laid loam are spikes of banana honed by a tropical lime finish. A serrated cucumber freshness renews the level playing field. The cleansing leaves a wake of smoldering plum incense to benefit from the carnage. A smoky touch is added to the exact moment when you pierce a plum’s skin for the first time. Eviscerating and bold, Orange Cake is a buffet of buoyant fruit until only the blackest ash remains.

My mind rattles as it is overtaken by a stampede of uplifting stimuli. As if in an instant, my brain was engineered to drive a powerful electrical current between my temples. A supercharged jump rope that can only avoid a meltdown through motion. I become bewilderingly energetic and gleeful, overwhelmingly driven to move and occupy my whirring focus. The sensation approaches with such haste that the rush meets any stagnancy with minute bouts of anxiety. I highly recommend remaining active while indulging or be confident in your tolerance.

The energy expenditure is so rapid that it isn’t’ long before I feel like I’ve stayed up for a couple days straight. There are slight psychedelic inconsistencies in my field of vision and my emotional connectivity seems out of sync. My entire being feels glazed over. Existence seems shelled, the sensation of touch is muted in the wake of such a meteoric rise. I’ve become both sheltered and imprisoned by the lubricating enthusiasm of Orange Cake.

Physical sensations stemming from this experience are muted mumbles in comparison to the roaring waves of mental stimulus. Of note, a rubberband of euphoria stretches across my forehead. I feel as if my cranial plate is being reshaped. The unsettling flexibility trends through the rest of my limbs. The rocketing rise complimented by a safety net of physical elasticity.

Little did I know that I’d wandered into the orange grove of my dreams. Simply put, Orange Cake is a more inspired spin on Tropicanna Cookies. I would recommend this strain be regarded as a sativa despite its thorough hybridization. This tripartite cross is a true testament to the unrelenting dominance of Tangie. I find the possessiveness reluctant when it is incorporated into most equations; let alone when it’s paired with a strain like California Orange. As always, thanks for reading.

Orange Cake score: 91/100

Aroma – 19

Physical -17

Flavor – 20

Consistency – 19

Sensation – 16

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