Sundae Driver by ZoZ

Sundae Driver by ZoZ Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will be spending this week putting some new brands on fleek. Kicking off our strain spree will be a flight of strains from ZoZ Cannabis. Rooted in Mount Vernon, this farm is fairly fresh to the recreational scene has since been making a large impact. Both socially and commercially, ZoZ insists on maintaining the highest grades of integrity. What could be a sweeter way to kickoff this crash course than with their Sundae Driver? A child of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie; Sundae Driver had become enormously popular in California and then the fanfare overflowed into neighboring states. It seems to be time for another check up with the hype Doctor.

I cautiously draw my nose over the rim of the jar only to be buried under hillocks of molasses berry jam. A syrupy funk fermented to a gelatinous forest musk. The gnarly concoction factories out a sludgy sweetness that falls like caramel curtains. Burping from behind the confectionary waterfall are plumes of staggering sour. A shocking nip that embodies the puckering ferocities of cherry and lime.

Shackling the invasive sprite is a riverbed of aerated earthen freshness. Whispers of petrichor guide my palate towards a grove of pillowy blueberry. The aloof fruit stirs with the mossy damp to attune to a unified realm of invigorating humidity. As the profile resolves, it offers ripe droplets of dew. Each electrified bead, an encapsulated spirit of sugar-kissed grain dissolved apart by wisps of engaging gas.

Seeking out exhausting rambunctiousness, I sever the sprawling mound under my nose. Whips of vicious vapor scar the interior of my nasal passage. My widespread wounds ooze with raspberry and strawberry sludge. A cumbersome candy spined by rigid fruit skin. The gassy qualities resurface to serve as an edge that strains and segregates the ambiguous fruity fog. Overcome with relief as I manage through the torrential tartness, a pungent pitfall is revealed. I find myself plummeting down a shaft of hardened blueberry, grazing veins of cherry, and ultimately careening into a payload of feathered grape. A quelling dry bite ceases the flavorful freefall; a guillotine drops to dam the flavor with an arid hickory pepper breath.

Sundae Driver has always been particularly plump and voluptuous from my experience, but ZoZ Cannabis has raised my bar of expectation. Massive bundles of frosty ribbons are snared tight to compose these pillowy pyramids. The demeanor of Sundae Driver is ripe with inflated surefootedness; a rolling aesthetic calls for fluency as resin appears to trickle from the petals like a scintillating stream. The psychoactive brook splashes its milky froth unabashedly, leaving the entire flower speckled with seeds of silver contrast.

Beneath the canopy of constellations is a salad of color; largely dominated by warm parakeet petals, the swallowing tropical shade is offset by troves of blueish basil and sanded fern. The chilling tones are further supported as our eyes crawl to the crowns of these colas. With heads like hilltops, the mauve tendencies find little competition as we reach the asphyxiated crest. Abiding to the roiling fluency, the petals conjure what appears to be an impenetrable jacket of star-strung shadow. Disrupting the consuming chromatic depth are brittle strands of woody red. Worn orange tendrils creep out in nervous couples hoping to migrate across the frozen plum tundra, their journeys are short lived.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is emblazoned by a steamy herbal crisp. The embrace initiates as a piercing lance, but then unfolds to reveal a prickly banner of strawberry and grape. Feathered relief eventually bores through the pinching herbal snap to usher in tides of effervescent needling bitter. A popping sour erodes away the herbal influence unearthing savory breaded smacks of grain. The pseudo-vanilla loaf leans into a rebounding bog of muddy hash. At this juncture, the profile shifts to become exponentially creamy. My tongue feels as if it is being entombed by one thousand milkshake machines.

As the bowl chars, the grape undertones become muted as they boil off from the hashen hillock. The curdled cream washes through the fruity filter to leave an immensely satisfying vanilla nougat mud. Overrun by cereal sweetness, the trampling is ceased when the storming grain is beaten away by a thick smoky char. The swarming smoke purges my palate of all berry bouquets until only arid haze remains.

During this time the wheat plains have becomes slick with a corrosive tacky acid. An exacerbating citrus spike honed by a hoppy edge. As the flavor dissipates; the warm grease of hazelnut seeps over my breath. The final whims of Sundae Driver are rich and milky with a nutty chew.

The occupation of Sundae Driver begins as fog does when it fills a room. A creeping daze swells upon the floor of my mind. I notice a chill, an unwilling calm, as time gradually stalls. While the element of stillness stretches my external perception of time, there is a warm fluency that catalyzes my body. Somewhere between a ballet dancer and a graceful drunk, my body swings and sways. Similar to the awkward idling your body does when you’ve been waiting in one place for too long and are exhausted.

Shifting weight from foot to foot; it appears my consciousness does the same. It seems that my awareness breaks through the pouring veil to obtain perspective just to subsequently become charmed back to the depths of inebriation. I bob through seas of slippery pleasure, desperate to grasp onto any solid sensation. A shapeshifter in constant change, the sensation slips from inspired to tired every ten minutes or so. I find Sundae Driver to be an indulgent see-saw of goading exhaustion. I willingly indulge the emotional tax in exchange for a flickering sense of reassurance. A mug of cocoa clutched aside a fireplace, Sundae Driver offers familiar comfort from an alien source.

Sundae Driver was certainly worth the drive and it beats out any sundae that I’ve ever eaten. If you like smoky sweet grains, tart berry, and touches of gas; then, you’ll love this strain. ZoZ Cannabis has yet to fail on delivering some of the smoothest smoke around. Natural in essence and potent in mind. I’d regard this strain largely as a even-keeled hybrid. As always, thanks for reading.

Sundae Driver score: 86/100

Aroma – 16

Physical – 18

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 19

Sensation -16

Stay high and stay blessed,

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