Lime Skunk by Fire Bros.

Lime Skunk by Fire Bros.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are overjoyed to be revisiting the product of our friends, Fire Bros. It is no secret that I am a fanatical Skunk-lover, so reviewing this strain is immensely exciting. Marked as a sativa, we shall see if some skunky funk doesn’t lower the frequency a bit. As with all good things, the cross begins with Lemon Skunk. Its counterpart, an unfamiliar strain by the name of Green Ribbon, is allegedly the cross of Afgooey and Trainwreck. Leaping lizards are we in for a treat!

I invade the vessel to be met with its own assault. A jabbing souffle of rising sweetness that encrusts my nostrils. As my face collides with the muffin tendencies of this realm, the confectionary is enlivened by streaks of striking berry. Lingering ambiguously between cherry, lime, and strawberry; the tart temptress lures me to the depths of the profile.

In rolls a bitter haze with the confidence of a powdery snowstorm. Clumps of awkward zest precipitate unto my taste buds as I am tried by alternating spikes of electrified lime and barbed earth. Rising from the corrosive slurry is a diffusing effervescence. The spitting fissure births tides of barky cream. The milky reaction goes a long way to dilute the initial ferocity of Lime Skunk with marshmallow cushion. The scathing citrus storm melts away into a bog of juicy cool.

In a deranged quest for blistering satisfaction, I snap the monstrous nug under my nose. My palate is soaked by fruit punch and an augmented funky tang. The hazy precursor merges with the lime and cream directions to engineer a bloated lightning bolt stretched over a circus peanut confectionary. Much to my surprise, the roiling citrus presence is exhaustively consistent throughout every aspect and never seems to honor its Skunk heritage.

Lime Skunk is a monolithic boulder decorated with several ornate keeps. The petals of the flower coil towards the crown like a ten-fingered fist. The bloated demeanor of Lime Skunk erupts from such a small stem site that it resembles a cloud trailing a massive explosion. A plume of plump mass that ripples with vigor. Much like smoke, many sativas are extremely fluffy and easy to push around. It takes only a moment to separate this strain from the stereotype. Lime Skunk holds shape with proud determination as it repels your advances with rubbery recoil.

True to the namesake, this bud is hammered with lime color. Frilling nearly every visible surface of the flower are well-established jungles of resin. Countless glands standing in such close succession that certain regions are buried entirely underneath the vanilla glaze. Peering through the glassy canopy, I admire banks of somber seafoam and crisp pine. Disrupting the glistening dominance are roaring mammoths of fiery orange. Tendrils of tangerine magma trample over the frosted flesh. The stigmas are few in number, but brandish their considerable bulk as they worm and thrash across the surface.

Leaf to flame, my tastebuds are pummeled by a cutting board ripe with freshly bled lime juices. Brief sanctuary is offered by a tender smoky relief as I fight the enormous pinch building in my nose. I struggle to accept the unbridled bitterness. Tethers of shocking lime tang shackle my tongue to a greasy jacket of needling charms. Beneath the corrosive citrus, is an underlying slick of cool berry. Juicy hillocks of fruit that are stifled between blueberry, raspberry, and cherry.

These notes, while potent individually, only serve as faint fodder to pad the carving advances of lime. Further grounding the juggernaut is a bed of gritty cocoa mulch. A hardened woodland chocolate burp seems a fitting counterbalance to such writhing tartness. Fighting the satisfying earthen muzzle, the lime note summons all of its boldness for one last gasp. A shockwave stings my tongue as it ripples out across my panicked breath. This resurgence is extremely sour menacingly similar to the exhale chasing a shot of tequila.

The sensation begins to unravel in the form of an exhilarating rise. My surroundings brighten and draw into focus as I reel in my sharpened perspective. Nodes of warmth adhere to my temples atop pads of anchoring euphoria. The implants channel frequencies of elevated consciousness. I feel aware, in every sense of the word. Far from overstimulated, I am able to pinpoint and skewer ideas in seconds. Rather than being flustered by a storm of malformed thought, I am capable of pinning down my intentions with the prowess of a spearfisherman.

Enjoying this unfamiliar level of mental acuity, there is a sense of relaxation. Feeling quite capable of solving any problem that could arise, what is there to seed worry? My carefree frollic becomes casually dampened by a cloudy comfort flooding my skull. The clunky comfort awkwardly displaces the inspiring current and forces me to fall towards normalcy. The whipped dominance continues to crawl through the rest of my body until I am bloated by its sweet surrender. From savant to couch potato, the journey of Lime Skunk is one of glory and defeat.

Lime Skunk is immensely sharp and sweet. Fans of Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, Dutch Treat, and others of the like will be quite content. Fire Bros. has a lot of fun with their products through their hilariously dubbed exotic genetics and carefree attitude. If you grew some of the best cannabis around, wouldn’t you too? As always, thanks for reading.

Lime Skunk score: 84/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 16

Flavor – 15

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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