Gelato Cake by Bubba

Gelato Cake by Bubba

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we’ve reached the caboose of our momentary ride on the hype train. We will be dipping into Gelato Cake, a crop raised by the tender care of local master Bubba. As you may have guessed, this strain is the combination of Wedding Cake and Gelato. Let’s see if these big names don’t nullify one another in pursuit of dominance.

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Before I am able to asses the depths of this strain, I must sift through a wafting veil of sweet chamomile funk. Jet streams of ripened sour padded by feathery herb and musky molasses tang. I manage through the atmosphere to find buffeting burps of quieted pine. Enlivening quills beaded by acute kisses of berry dew.

Beneath the playful canopy lie crunchy bites of woodland rejuvenation. As I continue to explore the savory depths of Gelato Cake, I uncover a creamy hearth that is home to the many spirits. The roasted nutty warmth of this haven is chased by a tepid wake of herbal citrus. The profile resolves into the most unique essence. The note is comparable to petrichor, the tongue-smacking freshness accompanying a long awaited rainfall.

In hopes of agitating the sedated profile, I crush the specimens under my nose. A blueberry burst plumes over moist peppercorns with the savory voice of salami. Chasing the meaty embrace is a sweet funky rind. A channel of herbal musk prodded forth by enticing tacks of limonene.

The shredded flowers offer little in ways of a roaring resurgence. The sundered flesh does offer some additional complexity, but in large, Gelato Cake is fairly upfront with its intentions. As time matures the profile, softened spirits erode the competing aromas into an ambiguous tincture of gritty floral grape. A hashy lagoon fed by crumbled hunks of aloof fruit and syrupy earth.

Gelato Cake is jacketed with rusty charms. Projecting a burnished bronze aura, the presentation sinks into muddier tones. Bruised shades of purple swell across the rippled faces of Gelato Cake. Mossy greens drift towards tan before surrendering to the swallowing eggplant shadows. The murky transition seems to kick off inconsistent spurts of blue to enliven the sunken demeanor.

The stigmas roar across the face of Gelato Cake like brilliant flames. In contrast to the overcast thickets below, the roasted carrot tones erupt with volcanic presence. The flowers aspire to admirable size, reinforced towers driven to speared tips. Despite the circus of roiling surface charms, the compact structure of these flowers is evident. A forceful squeeze finds little relief offered by the swollen calyx castle. A stampede of phantoms pour out over every abutment. Influenced by the proud bronze lattice, milky egg trichomes fight to hold balance between the two hues.

Leaf to flame, steamy wisps of tea leaves arc over the bowl. My palate becomes bathed in a woody caramel chill. A smoky embrace draws me into an abyss of savory peppered earth. Vanilla soaked peppercorns plunge into a salad of lemongrass and neutral woody notes.

Nutty, dry, and sweet; a confectionary fluff similar blackened marshmallow. The delivery reminds me of sipping cocoa with Grandma. The mild-mannered, yet thick stylings of Gelato Cake are immensely soothing and satisfying to the senses. The flavor and unified consistency whisks me away to a simpler time of nutcrackers and roaring fireplaces.

I feel the fireplace comparison continue to manifest as reassuring warmth leans against my cheeks. My head becomes completely swaddled by an invisible and cumbersome winter hat. Clumps of ethereal clouds nuzzle over my features, insulating me within a universe of wooly comfort. My eyes feel to be my only feature unaffected by the ensnaring euphoria. I never knew that ghostly constriction could be so relaxing. Something about the approach of Gelato Cake is very familiar and soothing.

A mild tingle balls in my knees, but other than that, the sensation seems to be largely centralized in my skull. This sensation is a great representation of a sensitive hybrid strain. It offers warmth, comfort, confidence, and little else. These days profiles can become crowded with what they are trying to accomplish and that has called me to appreciate strains like this with a few purposeful concrete intentions.

I am grateful for this opportunity to see such a different side of Gelato Cake. Still curious though, whether or not the profile we received was the genuine intention of its creator or an experiment neutered by having such independently potent parents. That’s why we smoke them all because only time and thorough documentation is capable of unraveling those questions. As always, thanks for reading.

Gelato Cake score: 78/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 17

Flavor – 12

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 15

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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