Acai Zkittles by Bubba

Acai Zkittles by Bubba

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we always try to turn a new leaf. This evening’s strain of choice is Acai Zkittles. The name itself instantly calls one to wonder what tantalizing sensations are at work to earn such a provocative name. It is no mystery that I have a particular weakness for Zkittles profiles, so a galloping giddyness races in my chest. This strain is alleged to be the indica-dominant cross of Acai Berry and Zkittles. Time to indulge our sweet tooths!

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Unsure of what to expect, I cautiously draw closer to the frosted specimen. A volley of honed arrows of earthen smoked cream hail down. The heads are barbed by hairline razors of tart fruit. Quickly quelling any outstanding citrus, is a thick rind of pseudo-cocoa emulsified into a hashy jelly.

The stubbled grit of muddy earth drags across my palate leaving traces of its muddled confectionary. The devoted grounding qualities of cocoa, dirt, and earth; allow one to appreciate the subtlety of the distant zest lingering somewhere between blueberry and grapefruit. Whispering tang bleeds in from its furthest reaches, teasing the hulking milky body forward. Despite the plethora of tantalizing nuances, they are ultimately buried under the uncompromising savory qualities. Only a kiss of gentle herbal chill sits on the cusp to lure the next unsuspecting victim into its endless depths of muddy cocoa.

I fracture the fragile universe under my nose. The first interloper is an unexpected one, a ripe tangent of gas is unleashed. The contorting magnitude of this tacky diesel is gently offset by a creamy berry grain. The savory anchors chained to this voracious lance closely emulates the enamoring kick of Dosidos. As the roaring clouds wash overhead, I find consistency below. A balanced plain of crisp dry herb akin to dehydrated green tea or eucalyptus. The sensation is equally smooth and challenging with a syrupy honey delivery. The resurgence resolves into a spirited medley of pine, fern, and peppercorns.

Acai Zkittles proves to be an elaborate tapestry saturated with rich verdancy. Studded with many textures, the flowers seem to be amorphous, shifting spheres of matter. A body of weathered lime emblazoned with plates of hardened pine, slick olive, and grounding moss hues. Hardy cones with a rotund leniency shape large bulging walls to protect its psychoactive core. Compact with a sprawling exterior, Acai Zkittles offers stability alongside renegade petals and random mesas.

Contributing to the riotous surface are the roaring stigmas drenched in cheesy orange. The hairs carry the warmth of sunlight as they weave their careful veins through the somber flesh below. An eerie aura is projected from the ambiguous pool of spinach. Milky white arms are quilled over every inch of the bud. Modest in height the translucent stubble goes a long way to bring the shadowy demeanor up a few levels. A net strung from diamonds cast unto a mass of knotted seaweed.

When touched by a flame, the elusive Zkittles essence finally shines through. A prickled tartness snaring around a gummy rope of vibrant sweetness. Bitter blues of pomegranate amplify the enticing contrast against the buoyant candy tang. As the sudsing fruit performance peters out, the storm polishes the confectionary crust below. The rind of a fresh croissant are peppered onto a stern edge of herbaceous citrus.

From beneath the fractured pie crust leaks out a smoky savory hash. Muddy and sweet, the gelatinous river turns my tongue in sweet surrender. As the bowl chars, the tropical medley returns in hardened form. Fists of pulverized jawbreaker dust are funneled into my mouth, dehydrating my tongue to a husk as I am drowned by its powdered magnitude. The profile resolves into a chorus resembling a flower shop filled with gumballs.

A watery veil slips across my eyes, easing my mind with limited distortion. My face still reels as it struggles to adjust to the successive shocks of flavor. The contortions echo these tight wriggles throughout my body, as if I get a brief shudder of ‘the chills’ every ten seconds. Quickly tempered to fit my new atmosphere, the squirming sensation fades.

My mind is bestowed with an exhilarating calm. An abstract concept, I know. Imagine that you’d just run a frantic sprint of five miles and now have found yourself in a recliner chair in a heavily air-conditioned room. The exhaustive reward known only to those who find sanctuary after gratuitous expenditures of energy. This high dramatically amplifies even the simplest pleasures, even sitting now, my legs pulse with massaging euphoria.

My eyes feel to have been drawn further away as if my nerves have to stare down a barrel to receive any data. All tension in my head subsides as I resign to the tender pace of Acai Zkittles. My physical form feels to be a compact pillar of flour, set to collapse at even the smallest fissure. There is a strange reassuring air surrounding my imminent collapse. A comfort so sublime that it won’t be deterred even by the sentiment of my own destruction. Recline into the smothering self-assuredness and remember what it is like to take a deep breath.

Acai is one of those terpene profiles I wasn’t entirely sure how to anticipate and I didn’t want to seem overeager to draw a comparison. This profile touches more on a blueberry-grapefruit rather than acai, but perhaps that is the Acai interpretation. As a Zkittles fanatic, I was mildly disappointed by the near exemption of outward influence. Solid flower, but I was baited into higher expectations through the name. As always, thanks for reading.

Acai Zkittles score: 81/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 17

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 16


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