Lucky Dawg by H.O.C.

Lucky Dawg by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where a Sunday of reviews always has me feeling like a Lucky Dawg. With that smooth transition, this afternoon’s strain is Lucky Dawg. Grown by House of Cultivar, Lucky Dawg is the cross of Lucky Charms and Chemdawg. I consider them to be quite adept at procuring strong chem profiles so my spirit stirs with possibility.

Lucky Charms was something I was going to write off as a nonsensical branding ploy, but then I did some digging. Interestingly enough, Lucky Charms is a Bodhi Seeds strain that is the cross of The White and Appalachia. Appalachia being the slept on cross of Tres Dawg and Green Crack. Lucky Charms sounds like an absolute powerhouse and I’m ultimately frustrated by my lack of familiarity. I cannot wait to witness the powers that be within Lucky Dawg. Today is my lucky day.

I invade the vessel to kick loose a geyser of crisp acute berry menthol air. The chilling wind isn’t definitively mint, but the unique cool driven by an accommodating chem musters a similar soothing touch. Below the frosted bridges lie light milky knuckles of grassy plains. Hillocks of muddy candy stir with clumps of dry gritty earth. This strain seems to have siphoned off some of the smoky earthen satisfaction from tobacco. A gravitational well of chem draws me away from the gentler more supplemental notes of the profile. A true glory hog, the wellspring of muffled sweet winter blankets over many of its fickle secrets. It is difficult to tell whether or not Lucky Dawg is genuine or misleading with its pungent simplicity.

“No secrets can be kept from me!” I scream as I eviscerate the flowers beneath my nose. I unearth a spring of lancing chem. The typically piercing delivery is padded by a thick melody of green herb and creamy tea leaf. Milky, sweet, soothing, and syrupy the gelatinous tincture mends many of my roasted wounds. A woody berry crackles out from the fractured flesh only to be deafened and drowned out by the clamoring skies of chem above.

The tingling cool is amplified to a skin raising degree, I shudder from the strong-willed frosted relief. A tight skunky leaf bite nips at the heels of every breath. Basil, tea leaves, pine, oregano, chem and just the slightest hint of citrus compose the voracious vortex before me. In large, the profile is very consistent with the introduction. Agitating the profile delivered the expected augmentation and allowed several of the herbal subtleties to pour out and enhance the cutting Chem signature.

Lucky Dawg has such a charming architecture that it could possibly be sold as a breakfast cereal. Plump nuggets feature a wild vigor imbued onto a classic Chem structure. It is almost like if someone inflated Chemdawg with a bicycle pump to conjure these monsters. An extremely stable and compact cut, the knotted rolling features of Lucky Dawg reluctantly form a blunt tips at their crown. Emblazoned by a half-hearted blue aura, Lucky Dawg is a sea of asphyxiated and pale greens. Weathered pear washes away to foamy lime regiments only to be disturbed by crashing shelves of choked olive.

Adding to the alien azure allure of the foliage are the frothing rapids of resin. Weaving through the natural physical charms of Lucky Dawg the channels of trichomes spill out explosively over onto its riverbed of calyxes. While solid and compact in design, the energy of this flower is rather riotous. Further contributing to the raging surfaces of Lucky Dawg, is the rich lattice of hairs. Bursting as if pockets of flame, wiry fans rake impromptu ladders across the rippled mass. The swarming presence of the smoky mahogany stigmas manage to completely eclipse my view of the flower frequently. Lucky Dawg is a cocoon of personality.

Leaf to flame, I awaken plumes of herbal zest backed by caked confectionary. Shockwaves of chem roar across my palate knocking my tastebuds to attention. The abrupt introduction is quickly abated by a rich tide of pastry vanilla fluff. A tepid trickle of sweet berry is present but is consistently overrun and buried by its monstrous compatriots.

Sappy and hoppy woodland notes emerge to add body to the baked aloofness. Graces of pine and peppercorns are thrown into the ambiguous batter of biting satisfaction. Successive hits call my eyes to water and well up from the steamrolling pungency. Even the thick muck of buoyant sucrose can no longer subside the willful torrents of scathing herbal fire.

The bowl chars to ferment and mature the Chem until you are left alone to face this enraged behemoth of Nepalese influence. The only sanctuary offered by the smoldering breath is the underbelly which entertains only the slightest traces of woody neutralizing menthol. The crisp air is carried consistently and willfully throughout the burn. This strain, while a cross, is probably one of the most genuine kisses of unadulterated Chemdawg I’ve had the pleasure of paths with in a while.

My mind feels as if it were a camera lens drawing into focus. Surroundings slide closer and sharper as my perspective hones itself. A gentle yet purposeful rise in focus truly allows me to dial into this new scope of reality. I feel as if I’m engaging my environment with the detailed intensity of binoculars, I straddle an uncomfortable level of piercing focus. This theme continues to pervert my thought with its awkward intensity.

I map out bizarre and impossible ideas with pinpointed detail, something to the effect of how you could responsibly manage Jurassic Park; down to payroll and dress policy. If you manage not to be blown over by the bewildering tide of aimless inspiration, you may indulge in some delicious tangents of nonsense. A warm band feels to have stretched over my forehead. I feel calmed and grounded by the stretching kindness.

A small amount of external pressure allowed me to recognize how little of my body I actually felt in this moment. It seems that under the guile of spirited influence Lucky Dawg manages to sooth your joints and muscles with a slippery salve of numbing relief. The delivery of this sensation is responsible in that it just coaxes your body into relief and not beyond into incapacitation. Perfect for those who want to shake loose the wear and tear of the long day, yet not forfeit the option of a productive evening.

Holy Chemdawg Batman! This strain was a breath of fresh air in terms of all of the half-hearted ‘chem’ strains that roam the market. If you’re seeking a rendition of that classic strain that won’t disappoint your memory, this is it. I mean, anything with Tres Dawg in it is inherently amazing anyway. As always, thanks for reading.

Lucky Dawg score: 94/100

Aroma – 17

Physical -19

Flavor – 20

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 18

Lucky Dawg score: 94/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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