Red Headed Stranger by Doc & Yeti

Red Headed Stranger by Doc & Yeti

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where this review heralds a special benchmark. I’ve been struggling to stumble upon a quality eighth of this strain due to insane demand. Here we have Red Headed Stranger, the Dope Cup Winning Sativa of 2017. I do have a bittersweet outlook on how cannabis competitions are judged, however, anything that gathered so much attention from a panel sure baits my appetite. Unknown to me as a tribute to Willie Nelson; this cross is actually the lovechild of Willy’s Wonder and the classic Haze. This particular batch tests in at 23.96% THCA and just a taste of CBD-A at 0.06%. Let the judgement rain down.

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Slippery licks of uplifting earth wind out from beneath the freshly punctured seal. Tilling beds of soil sing an anthem of cocoa. Unlike the natural crude, more reminiscent of Swiss Miss. A powdery melody of dry grit. As I relax against the sifting mounds of clomped confectionary, I am surprised by an old friend. The tangy, refreshing, pine-driven winds of Haze are unmistakable.

Haze is the tantalizing banner that is streamed over the spongy caked earth. It calls the cocoa muck to rise to new heights, to entertain herbaceousness and a hairline fruity edge. Cleaning agent citrus worms through the perturbed loam. The nuances stir to emulate lemon zest grated over Hershey’s milk chocolate.

Red Headed Stranger is particularly interesting because it holds two very distinct qualities, of which I would both define as ‘sweetness.’ Always aiming to abstain from redundancy, the haze essence summons a pillowy marshmallowy tone out of the lemon peels. The competing sweetness is from the frothy grit of mulched cocoa stirring below. Like oil and water, just because they share the same vessel doesn’t mean they will meld. The committed competition is contained nicely by a creamy woody touch that cups the amorphous profile with a crunchy crispness.

In hopes of disturbing the tenuous balance, I snap the buds under my nose. From the fresh fractures pours out a sour cream, a frothy tartness unearthed from the citrus notes. The formerly cocoa body shifts to a smooth grainy graham cracker crunch. Outside of these gentle shifts the profile is relatively up front with its intentions.

Red Headed Stranger is a lively spectacle of explosive lime. Prodding tones range from worn chartreuse to dry fern to spirited emerald. A tapestry woven of electrified verdancy stitched into curled knuckles. These flowers have a particularly rotund demeanor. No strain has been ever honed to a needle, but these nuggets seem excessively hilly. The rolling presence of Red Headed Stranger really draws the eye to appreciate the bizarre uniformity, especially towards the crest. This could be due to a touch of overzealous trimming or it could be a piece of what makes this strain so noteworthy.

Stubbled out from the face like the legs of so many overturned spiders are strands of illuminated bronze. Patches of craning stigmas jut outward in random bolts, brandishing their tanned orange hides in a haphazard parade. Drawing from the red aura are the inconsistent banks of trichomes nuzzled into the shallow crevasses of this planet. Some petals are completely scaled with psychoactivity while others are left a bit sparse.

I struggle to understand how a strain as thick and consolidated as this could be dubbed a sativa. After all, Willy’s Wonder is an indica. I’m not trying to nitpick but this seems to be a strain that is clearly misrepresented independent of dominance. As I attempt to crush the ‘sativa’ between my fingers, I am hastily met with resistance. Red Headed Stranger demonstrates considerable fortitude completely foreign to a dedicated sativa. Soft to the touch, this strain massages my fingers with its stringy gristle as I attempt to punish its exterior.

Leaf to flame, I’m plunged into a bonfire of smoky sweet wood. The char echoes to measure a s’more pulverized into a salad of lemongrass and chamomile. I was surprised to find how much the haze was deafened by the chocolate soil when it came it taste. The molten clash conjures a rich slurry of dewey melon grounded by the slick flat smack of damp grass.

The haze eventually forfeits its individual campaign entirely to contribute to the citrus ambition to molt it into a ripe tangerine slice. Cutting bitterness leveled out with just the perfect amount of pulpy reward at the end. The cutting fruit churns onward, the haze kiss peters off. I bid it farewell only to rediscover it in the form of a minty rebirth. Red Headed Stranger finishes with cool winds of sharp and smoky menthol.

My flesh begins to shift into marshmallowy cotton. Movement gradually impeded as my joints and muscles swell with suffocating comfort. My internal organs have been converted into a quilted blanket that is awkwardly stuffed inside of my skin. Kernels of warmth begins to bubble throughout my being. Inflated with helium I feel a lightness added to my physical form, as if my bones were becoming hollow. It is quite strange to feel a feathery freedom while simultaneously bloated from a pillow flesh jacket.

My hastened metamorphosis seemingly complete; I take a sigh of relief. Little did I know that Red Headed Stranger was simply preparing its vessel for transportation. It wasn’t long being the helium hollow was reinforced ten-fold and my mind was stripped from my skull. Before I knew it, I was brainlessly rocketing through orbit on the back of a missile. This sensation certainly shifts from being cumbersome to being wildly energetic. I believe it is important to note that a wellspring of energy doesn’t guarantee any certain degree of productivity. However, if you wish to be launched into orbit with no agenda or trajectory in mind… Red Headed Stranger will happily oblige.

Red Headed Stranger was a welcome journey back into the sweet bosom of haze. I believe that Doc & Yeti could’ve gotten away with calling this strain Chocolate Lemon Haze because I feel that while oversimplified, that is exactly what you get with this strain. This strain is definitively uplifting, but in no way is it a thoroughbred sativa as advertised. I’m amused that a 60/40 haze-leaning hybrid won first place for sativa. Solid herb, it just received extra scrutiny for being an award winner. (Not better than Breakfast Kush) As always, thanks for reading.

Red Headed Stranger score: 85/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 17

Aroma – 14

Consistency – 19

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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