Tahiti Lime #6 by Royal Tree

Tahiti Lime by Royal Tree Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted after a brief hiatus due to an oddly persistent illness. To ignite our blazing return, I’ve acquired another gem from our friends at Dockside Cannabis in Sodo. I usually run people through a couple strains before making a selection of any size, however, the budtender mentioned that this is the cross of Dosidos and Zkittles; I truly didn’t have the capacity to say no. Two of my favorite strains in one certainly raises my expectations, but I am giddy to see which parent wins the war of influence. Let’s dive in.

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(THC: 16.1% Cannabinoid Total: 19%, but you’re dumb if you care about numbers.)

I peel back the medical seal as vivacious juicy vigor pours out over the rim. My nose becomes tantalized by a peppering of sour jabs offset by a slick chute of candied berry zest. Floral, tangy, and sharp; the profile provokes an avalanche of sensory stimulation. My palate seizes at the overwhelming presence of Tahiti Lime. While tropical and sweet, I find the gentle mist is consolidated by hints of a tender grassy pseudo-cheese funk curdles a creamy cradle.

Gritty notes of ambiguous citrus teeter between under ripe tangerine and neutered lemon. I could see how something within the middle ground of these polarities could be construed as lime, but it is far from the first fruit I encounter. A snapping zest crackles wounds out onto my tongue that are quickly assuaged by laps of lavender berry salve. Floral, rich, spicy, and sour; the profile continues to bloom into provocative directions. Tahiti Lime has an explosive personality, let’s hope it holds true. Prickled tartness edges the profile into a neat silhouette of syrup lanced spice. The profile is uniquely smooth and cloud-like, even for Zkittles. The sensations are lubricated by a subtle greasy herbal smoke.

In wild pursuit of pungency, I break the buds under my nose. A rich nuance of baked vanilla is unearthed by skunked syrup. Pops of creamy freshness that bulldoze competing notes into submission. The profile becomes indescribably light, it seems to discard the vivacious medley of zesty jabs to attain a lullaby of crumbly jelly and a suite of savory confectionary charms. As the crust is further pulverized betwixt my fingertips, the mangled carcass heaves out drained kisses of residual floral sour. A ripe kiss reining the long expedition back in towards its roots. As I suspected, this strain is a roaring war between the parents for dominance.

Tahiti Lime’s truest tribute to its namesake are its physical attributes. Knotting into modest boulders of sprawling spikes, the colors saturating each rotund fruit exude lime presence. Faint shades of, you guessed it, lime pulp chartreuse are reinforced by bold fans of the fruits exterior. Broad panels of saturated pear perfectly emulate the rich exterior of the tree fruit.

While the flowers hold a tight, compact design; the crust of these verdant planets puts on a riotous demonstration. Rippling waves cap across the jagged world, Tahiti Lime presents spherical wellsprings of endless green sea. Scratching across the muddled greens are wiry bolts of burnished bronze. The stigmas spawn in five-finger fans that rake disruption across the smooth waves of color below.

Further perturbing the seamlessness of the tossing emerald demeanor are relentless ranks of trichomes. Milky white nodes crash across the haphazard arcs, accenting the metaphorical waves with spitting pockets of foam. While the strain does present some self-assuredness about its cohesive presence, how dense is it actually? A quick squeeze offers far more give than anticipated. Perhaps the sweeping petals are not safeguarding a marble core, I feel as if I could sift my fingers through the willing leaves to emerge on the other side. That being said, the styrofoam curtains manage to bunch up at junctures to become solid and impassable. Tahiti Lime presents itself as a dazzling, shifting, spectacle of personality.

Leaf to flame, a sharp lime skewer penetrates through thick layers of skunky cream. A moist green quality that anchors the bitter biting citrus. The lime presence is resounding as the lacerating fruit echoes across my palate. A flavor hangs like a thick fog, imbuing a tingly moisture unto my wounds. There is a cool touch to the alien precipitation; a mild menthol chill washes across my tongue, disarming me with its icy grasp.

Dewey leaf sparks a chain reaction of ripe berry and electric tang. As Tahiti Lime abandons its signature citrus line, it picks up pellets of sour berry. As the profile restructures, the skunky nuances are left entirely uncontested. Dry woody herb fermented to creamy magnitudes by terpenes and time to a point of foulness. A delectable raw quality that I can never tire of. The musky fumes peter out behind the molted profile.

The strain is immediately enlivening, I feel as if a caffeine pill was crammed into my skull. My eyes feel as if they are being drawn open by invisible hooks. I become hyper-aware of my surroundings: colors seem brighter, sound seems to be more cutting, and even soft surfaces hold a vivid rigidity. Tahiti Lime makes your universe pop, so prepare for your new existence to be immersively potent. The high is essentially like strapping on a pair of high-definition goggles and cramming your body full of caffeine. A rocketing, yet malleable rise to a plane of heightened functionality.

After some time of riding the pinching mental stimulus, Tahiti Lime comes around to guide your descent back to reality. A gelatin numbness cloaks my skull, saturating bone and flesh with its dripping euphoria. An ethereal jellyfish ensnares my neck, massaging it with slippery whims of comfort. My joints seem relaxed, lubricated in fact. It appears that a byproduct of the roaring rise is bountiful physical relief from the shoulders up.

My summation of this experience is that if you have two distinct strains like Zkittles and Dosidos that they compete so intensely that they erase the qualities that give them each their individual charms. I did certainly enjoy this strain, but I wouldn’t say it quite delivered on my expectations either. That being said, this frosty monster is sure to scratch that stabbing citrus itch of any connoisseur. As always, thanks for reading.

Tahiti Lime score: 86/100

Aroma – 20

Physical – 19

Flavor – 13

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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