Sunburn by H.O.C.

Sunburn by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we dissect the dankest cannabis around. This evening, we have Sunburn. Sunburn is the cross of Tropicanna Cookies, Triangle Kush, and Tangie. I’m not typically the largest fan of Tangie, but I can hardly resist another opportunity to appreciate some Triangle Kush genetics. With Tropicanna Cookies being the flavor of the month, or more like the past six months in Washington, I like to see what new influence may cause it to perform out of its comfort zone. Let’s see what happens when you combine sugar, spice, and everything nice.

I cautiously approach the caverns home to Sunburn. A buoyant sour whistles out of the jar, coaxing forth gusts of robust citrus. Smoked woody qualities roll out from the darkness, holding a pulpy orange carcass. Splintered earthen hash smolders beneath the tissue, solidifying the citrus intention.

My nose becomes submerged in the willful sloshing musk. Drowned in the tossing sweetness, a liberating jet of uplifting tangerine summons my senses to the surface of the muck. The rescue efforts of the tart tangerine vessel disturbs the swampy hearth to unearth gassy troves of lingering tang. Soft streams of moist candied funk, so musky and thick that they fringe on cheese territory. The raw specter is more often distant than not, but it goes a long way to reinforce the longevity of the orange skin bitters.

In pursuit of exotic grandeur, I snap the buds under my nose. The gritty citrus sugar of Tang gushes out from the wound. A feathery biting sweetness that propels the profile into fruity ambiguity. An uplifting juicy slickness glides the essence forward over the hardened bed of earthy hash below. In large, the profile is very up front and I experienced a minimal resurgence once the flesh was fractured.

Sunburn represents a bizarre compilation of botanical architecture. I’ve often found with Tropicanna Cookies crosses that the bud sizes are extremely limited, however, it seems that this offspring has no trouble achieving full terminal buds. While defying the size stereotype, this strain is riddled with the signature traits of Tropicanna. Scheming shades of murdered purple bruise so intensely that the flowers appear to be black at a distance. Fluffy and spread, the flower builds as a chunky sativa; the only density is mistakenly mimicked by the unusually plump calyxes. Every node retreats with a feathery squish.

Studding the midnight mauve armor are frothing milky trichomes. The resin glands appear as silver stitches against the ferocious contrast. Veins of whiskered white crawl up the weaving spears of Sunburn. The eggplant spires hold a scraggly demeanor. Crazed petals fan out sporadically adding to the uproar generated by the rich nests of stigmas. Long, starved hairs rake out towards the sky forming awkward combs of bronzed red. Sweeping eyelashes bridge over the seas of twinkling shadow below.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is skewered by spears of rocky tartness. Armaments bound to poles of dry citrus grit. My tongue constricts around the rolling bitterness of Sunburn. The sensation is akin to chomping into an orange straight through the skin; a jarring bitter snap that fives way to a pocket of bursting fruity lusciousness. The biting resilience echos across my palate. A series of tangy spikes sweep a curtain of refreshment across my taste buds.

I venture on to become bludgeoned ceaselessly by citrus shells; smoldering kernels jacketed in chalky hash. The barrage is born of Tang drink mix that had been cast unto driftwood and creamy skunk cabbage. The musky skunk bite seems to elongate the citrus influence as much as it perverts it. As the bowl chars, the bitterness becomes more stern and piercing. This sensation matures so intensely that it eventually drowns out all tangerine influence and submits me solely to a prison of charred hashy wood.

A breeze of flexible clarity begins to ease my mind. My eyes, ears, and jaw are relieved by powerful bands of euphoria. I feel my skull unwind and draw open into a slack-jawed stare as the power of Sunburn takes hold. A warmth begins to creep into my skull on the coattails of the disarming chill. I become aimlessly excited, blindly anticipating the next step in the inspiring evolution.

A kindness stills my heart and mind, allowing me to disregard the menial tasks and frustrations of my day to appreciate the truly good things. Sunburn is a self-contained star of optimism that has the capacity to soothe even the most boisterous of traumas or regrets. Such a willful shedding of negativity leaves one feeling energized, more so emotionally than physically. I feel compelled to socialize and navigate strange conversational landscapes. If you aren’t a people person, a few knocks of Sunburn will make you one. Embrace a hidden wellspring of enthusiasm with Sunburn.

Sunburn is a bizarre spectacle that is sure to satisfy curiosity while capturing the hearts of those chasing that Tropicanna essence. There is a smooth earthy crispness that seems to augment the orange intensity in ways foreign to the typical phenotype. Furthermore, I believe the reintroduction of Tangie served to add an uplifting tangy spin to the smoky fruit. At the very least, such rich color is worth capturing for yourself. As always, thanks for reading.

Sunburn score: 88/100

Aroma – 15

Physical – 16

Flavor – 20

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 17

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