President Huckleberry by 50 Fold

President Huckleberry by 50 Fold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we have the pleasure of dissecting the ripest dank. Today, we will be analyzing a strain descending from one of my 50 Fold favorites. President Huckleberry is the indica-dominant cross of Presidential Kush and Oregon Huckleberry. Presidential Kush is one of my ‘feel good’ strains and nobody does it better than 50 Fold. I cannot wait to see how its new partner influences the raw spice of the strain I love. For those that care, this production tests at 21.5% THCA. Let’s let our mouths do the math.

I enter the capsule to find a realm of sweet subdued musk. Woody coughs bellow in the distance. I stumble upon a cushion of smooth potpourri saturated with diluted berry juice. A leafy mist carries over the sleeping plane awakening knuckles of gushing cool berry candy. An uplifting mist caresses the balled fists of fragrance.

A funky tang characterizes the floaty fumes, the body is chunky and creamy akin to a citrus-flaked cheese. The fruity musk builds at the basin of the rocky fresh spring. I find the note carries into satisfying staleness. The path ends at a feathery barrier of minty char.

In pursuit of deeper identity, I decimate the massive flower under my nose. Luscious sweetness sweats out from the wounds. A peppered floral funk rushes to its aid, a beckoning kiss of nostalgia from Presidential kush. Veins of rich caramelized hashy earth bubble to the surface. The gooey muck summons from beneath the spicy curtain.

A bouncy sour explodes from the fractures, driving my senses back with an inflated repelling expanse. A perfume of tender grain, cherry-grape fruit punch, and zesty tang. The true intentions of this flower unfurl ten-fold when you compromise its safeguards. Experience the mouthwatering tide of tropical mayhem and soothing spice that is President Huckleberry.

President Huckleberry is burdened by heavy shades of kind purple. Hard violet shelves crash into petals of tender jam. A ghostly periwinkle aura hovers tightly to the decorated flesh. In certain regions the deep shades clash so intensely that they collaborate to become as black as the night sky. Illuminating the dark demeanor of President Huckleberry is a seemingly endless bounty of trichomes. Pearly arms upholding thick globulous heads, exactly what I like to see. A million lanterns mapping freckled texture to the void below. As you appraise the lower sectors of the flower, there is a gentle pear that supports the bouquet of deep shadow.

This strain embodies what I think of when someone tells me to imagine cannabis. A thick, stalwart flower clawing for the sky. A mammoth nugget compiled of shadowy dips and roaring plump calyxes. I’ve always enjoyed flowers that look like they are reaching out to greet you and this strain offers a firm handshake. How firm? One must ask. The bud before me appears immeasurably dense and stable, I cannot expect any give to come from this fortress of frost. While crisp and offering the lightest bristley crunch, this strain is immeasurably solid. Barbing the concrete exterior are vivid orange staples bridging short distances. It appears that this flower is a creation of Frankenstein, stitched together by bright fuzzy bands.

Just as memory warranted, the bowl conjures a rich spell of spiced fruit punch leaning heavily into a grape anchor. My nose tingles and contorts from the potent singeing tang and floral grease released by the bucketload onto my sinuses. A dry woody bite firms up the stage so that the gelatinous advance may muster its strength. The enticing bombs of tropical cherry sweetness implant needles on my tongue that seem to take longer than glaciers to dissolve. A marshmallowy compatriot chases the berry war party. A cloud of tepid chill, a stampede of billowing citrus spice that rolls over the scathing nettles. The fog is cleared by a piercing wind of cool melon. The profile finishes into a milky cereal muck that paves the way for the next odiferous overrun.

Living out an Airheads commercial; my head swells to become an enormous berry balloon. My eyes feel as if they are being stretched open so they may further assess the madness that has befallen me. I feel a cool relief flow through my eye sockets and continue on to chill the interior of my head and neck. A relaxing sensation that calls my tense muscles to heed and decompress. Welcome tides of relief continue to pour over the rest of my body leaving residual streams of evaporating pleasure.

My spine feels hollow, as if in an instant it had been swapped with a fast food straw. Firm, yet fragile may be the best way to describe this high. It structures slowly around you like an ivy. A snug lattice of checkered soothing lines. I feel as if an invisible net is slowly being snared in around me, a squeeze of kindness and reassurance from the hearth of this high. President Huckleberry is relentlessly calming, soothing, and mellow. For such a marathon of tender indica characteristics, this strain departs leaving you with an impressive reservoir of energy.

President Huckleberry can have my vote. I loved this smoky sweet spin on one of my classic 50 Fold favorites. Huckleberry, Raspberry, Marionberry, Blackberry, etc. strains are always subtle so expect some gentle allure and not some gaseous haymaker. This girl is slow, sweet, and rich. As always, thanks for reading.

President Huckleberry score: 90/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 20

Flavor – 18

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 15

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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