Sherban Poison by H.O.C.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are lucky enough to bring you yet another House of Cultivar strain; Sherban Poison. If you loved their Durbert, this is the phenotype that leans the opposite way. The same genetic cross of Durban Poison and Sunset Sherbet, however, this one is alleged to lean more closely towards its Sherbet parent. Being the counterpart of one of this brand’s best-selling sativas, I sure expect a performance out of this strain. Let’s get the scoop on Sherban Poison.

I plunge into the jar to nuzzle against a gentle breeze of spice. Winds of floral berry tang are cast over a skillet of smoldering earth. Cinders of haze fleck against a gooey sugary backboard. The molasses confectionary rolls across my palate, seeping slowly into my senses. Purposeful and all-consuming the succulent berry crawl bulldozes through my receptors.

I chomp into a nutty pseudo-maple candied crunch. The note fractures into claps of tree bark and bursts of pulverized fruity caramel shards. A stale humidity washes over the profile, drawing out a subtle herbal damp. The hanging dank resembles a coarse, earthy, musky, mulch. A withdrawn funk lingers, a sappy foulness illuminated by a maple sugar and a refreshing smoky bite.

In hopes of luring out its intentions, I break the bud. A floral froth pours forth from a basin of tender spice. I am singed by dying flakes of peppered chamomile and sandalwood. The woody caramel stench solidifies, becoming more concentrated and concise. An avenue of sweet creamy berry clogs my nostrils with its awkwardly satisfying bulk. In large, desecrating the flower doesn’t awaken a large emphasis, but it goes far to consolidate the particularly spread profile and isolate its signature traits.

Sherban Poison entertains explosive potential, aesthetically wriggling and bulging as it struggles to compose itself. Built like heavy-handed lightning bolts, the cumbersome spires zig-zag into bizarre formations. Some arced like tidal waves, other honed to tall fanged towers, the variance between flowers is immense. I have a front row seat to a circus of personality.

A foam of tender moss claims the caps of these hammer-handed flowers. The shadowy intensity weathers as the color drips downward, bleeding off into splintered shades of irradiated lime and warm pear. Disorienting bursts of rich purples streak through the firm verdancy. These streaks, though intermittent, seem to draw the entire profile down a few octaves.

The flowers terminate into knotted towers, netted into adhesion by scraggly bricks of hair. Snaring stigmas painted a cheesy tangerine hue whip into mobbed frenzies, especially towards the crown of the flower. The unruly masses add a cloudy texture to the visual splendor of Sherban Poison. Surely these flowers aren’t standing on foam legs, I impose force unto the scattered bolts. Despite the haphazard architecture, I encounter spirited resistance. The knotted towers hold their shape with determination; stretched like Durban, firm like Sherb.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is scathed by blistering sweet spice. The assertive introduction dissolves into gentle ribbons of soft grape and marionberry. The profile is excessively dry and rich with the pinched grit of desert earth. Disturbing the dry sandy clap are smooth stabbing lances of acute citrus-spined smoke.

I find as these tendrils strike, it takes all of my power not to sneeze. The wounds birth a snapping corn flake bite, sugary with a resonating grainy plushness. The impact of each notes sends my tongue wriggling, reeling from the marshmallowy monster. A gentle kiss of ridiculously fruity floral spice hugs the finishing cusp of each cloud.

I feel as if the strain is instinctively overcompensating for the abrasive dry grit with a gratuitous fruit salad at the finish. The wake entertains a minty dry crunch on my breath that fringes on chem. For such a fruity departure Sherban Poison works hard to cleanse your palate with ripe skunky leafy notes after. I find the majority of the complexities of this strain surface on the finish.

I am overtaken by an ordinate amount of energy. The sensation is instantaneous, my system incensed wildly by the exotic terpene blend. While the high is detectable almost immediately after the smoke departs your lips, the rise is not at all jittery. The sensation feels to be a natural source of exhilaration or adrenaline.

Just when I begin to believe that this high will continue on solely as a playful sprite of inspiration, it hits me. A fistful of buckshot to the chest, an immeasurable weight sinks into my torso. Instead of squishy flesh, I’m now filled with gravel. My mind is flooded with a warm fuzziness, the flushness flusters my thoughts and staggers my emotions. I feel as if I’d just gone from a frenzied state of mental invigoration to a screeching halt and an anchoring defeat.

A creeping cool builds in my chest, warding off the hot crushing gravity. I feel decompression in my lungs and general comfort in my stomach. This strain goes a long way to distract a weary mind, bestow a sense of physical ease, and look at things with fresh eyes. While this is a sativa, the Sherbet dominance goes a long way to negate and counteract the potentially jittery escalation offered by many Durban Poison crosses.

My mind is soon filled with the same quelling cool, an invisible breeze grazes the backs of my eyeballs. A mood of winter comfort sets over me, I feel like a bear seeking the nearest cave for a spell of hibernation. While this strain begins with exceptional sensations of vivaciousness and confidence, it is destined to deliver you to a well-deserved rest. Sherban Poison is an explosive rollercoaster of psychoactivity, but is poised to incapacitate those unprepared.

I always enjoy getting to experience both sides of a coin; in this case, those sides are Durbert and Sherban Poison. I’m unsure if I can label one as better, but I can say this phenotype bears some powerful fruity notes that Durbert does not. They are both excellent and I couldn’t possibly put one before the other. I suppose you’ll just have to try them out for yourself? House of Cultivar, thank you again for pushing the expectation and providing the community with exciting phenotypes! As always, thanks for reading.

Sherban Poison score: 90/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 17

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 20

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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