Lemon Butter by H.O.C.

Lemon Butter by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where only the dankest strains are dismantled. Today, we have an especially exciting House of Cultivar strain, Lemon Butter. Lemon Butter is indeed a genetic propagated by the ever-popular Jungleboyz; a cross of Jungleboyz Lemon and Butterscotch. I’d have suspect this strain to be a hybrid based off of the lineage but it is confidently presented as a sativa. I’m always intrigued by subtle creamy spins on citrus sativas, let’s fry up this butter.

I spin open the jar, eager to experience the churning fumes of butter. I am welcomed by a rich, fluent, full-bodied zest of creme brulee and meringue citrus. The introduction is encapsulated by a reining jacket of mild smoky rigidity. The notes become tempered by a peppered woodland mist. Tepid skunked moisture lingers in the air, emphasizing the prickly lemon edge. The profile hardens into a sawblade of concrete confectionary that carves effortlessly through my senses. The sundering conquest introduces a gentle roasted nutty finish. I like to consider this note the exhausted ‘sawdust’ of this aromatic annihilation. The blade relents to offer phantasmal coughs of greasy walnut buoyancy.

I excavate through the flower to uncover a hearth of creamy musk. The note takes me to times of nostalgia when my mother would give me those popcorn-bead filled stuffed animals that you put in the microwave when you weren’t feeling well. Am I alone in this experience? Oh well. Buttery indeed, the rich cream of Lemon Butter is a little repugnant if you do not know what to expect.

The ambiguous fatty, nutty, gelatinous, cream sloshes across my palate. Sharp canes of citrus and plumes of pine erupt out of the wound to support the frothing dairy with sharp complexity. A crispy freshness fringing on haze bursts out from the jacketing lemon notes; the profile becomes very expressive and uplifting. The resurgence settles unto nettles of wild dewey leaf and smoky zest. Lingering in the wake is a tenderized skunky finish that helps shape the amorphous molasses flood.

Lemon Butter is somewhat withdrawn in the way that it presents itself, namely in the general surface scarcity of the trichomes. They are certainly present, but perhaps like Zklittlez, the trichomes seem be woven into the greasy foliage itself. A nappy vortex of whirling surfaces; jagged sheets of flower fan outward to cleave ceilings across shelves of rioting tendrils. Painted a rusted Cheeto orange, the stigmas roar in arcing waves further adding to the mantle of the naturally pronged terrain. The hairs weave hastily up the sides of the flower like a cradling flame.

Maintaining a suite of acute tendencies, the flowers armor into tight pinecones. Lancing tips committed to an awkwardly bulky hilt. Built like haphazard spinning tops, the buds of Lemon Butter seem really stable and balanced for a ‘sativa.’ Oblong pyramids of winding vigor that seem to stretch separation out of the hues it entertains. A chartreuse-influenced pear washes over a majority of the flower. It seems that the domineering atmosphere becomes spread thin at certain junctures, revealing stressed patches of yellowed lime and receded pockets of moss. Trichomes stand in sporadic patches like they were doused onto the flowers like seasoning. Certain areas are caked and other plains are left rather…plain.

Leaf to flame, I am scathed by a creamy citrus funk. Blistering tang swells on my tastebuds. A feathery zest supports the assault as it spins out a tapestry of juicy daggers. Steamed greens raise a scalding influence from beneath the roaring citrus spikes. The herbal veil focuses the profile to become more intense and calculated.

Buttery hash rips out from skunk-sodden earth. Ripe moisture scalds my palate to cindering satisfaction. The taste of roasted pine nuts hangs on my breath. Soft claps of nut serve well to blend and soften the assertive stream of peppered butter. In large, the profile rolls over to entertain earthy notes semi-exclusively as the bowl chars. Though, every so often, a renegade lemon lance punctures the heavy-handed loam.

An inspiring fluff floods my skull. I feel both consoled and propelled by the awkwardly bodied confidence. My feet feel as though they are lifted above the floor to a degree of invisible levitation. The floaty sensation continues to compile and then transfer to my hands. I feel as if I am slowly being converted into a ‘popsicle-stick person’ with wads of cotton for hands, hair, and feet. The dissociation from my physical form allows me to lean into the kind candle warming my mind.

The building fog begins to condense, piecing together a pool of warm slush. An unwilling grin crawls across my face as I submit to the disorienting realm of Lemon Butter. Now that I think about it, the high is quite similar to a melting pad of butter. I find some functionality originally, but after some time, I feel as if I’m sifting through sand trying to grasp it. Exhausted from the emotionally plundering invocation, I feel heaviness bag over my eyes. My spine weakens to the strength of straw, I am steadily falling closer to my keyboard. I could not imagine the exhaustive tax accommodating this lively sativa burst.

Lemon Butter is a interesting strain that does do its namesake some moderate justice. It may have been placebo, but if you are eager to taste butter in your cannabis, this is an ample opportunity. I was also pleased to try some Jungleboyz genetics that weren’t absolutely ruined by Exotikz. I cannot wait to see what some of the Sundae Driver and other hitters come out like. This strain lives primarily in the nose and offers some rich earthy tones through its other avenues. As always, thanks for reading.

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Lemon Butter score: 84/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 15

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 17

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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  1. Thank you for your blog post. I was enveloped by your detailed account like a small journey. I’m on my way to the dispensary to now to try it now!
    I also got a giggle “In terpes we trust”! Rock on!

    1. Heck yeah! I’ll get back to writing more regularly again soon. We now have a podcast called cruising altitude and it’s available on Spotify and other major platforms

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