Banana Punch by 50 Fold

Banana Punch by 50 Fold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where our pages will be blessed this evening with 50 Fold! It is no secret how much I love their flower, so much so that I am willing to disregard the fact that I am about to indulge another Purple Punch Cross. However, my unquenchable lust for banana terpenes leads me to this strain, Banana Punch. A plump cross of Banana OG and Purple Punch; Banana Punch comes in at 25.3% THCA and 22.49% Total THC. However, I cannot state this enough, numbers mean nothing. Let’s peel apart Banana Punch!

I cross the threshold to be swarmed by fumes of arousing succulence. Feathery tang beats out a bounce of confectionary grains. Following the winding path, I encounter a bog of dry tongue-smacking grape. I lap up the featherweight woody coughs of sweet refreshment.

Fruit punch accented by a cherry floral spice spins across a nutty plateau before splattering onto softened spears of banana. Waterfalls of grape now cascade down unto the muddied channels of creamy zest. The invigorating waters erode away at gummy shores. The profile resolves into a trampoline composed of fruit roll-ups.

I sunder the bud to reveal jagged spines of sandy grape, an abrasive face slapped onto our subtle compatriot. It appears that Banana Punch doesn’t appreciate being torn apart nor does it hold back once that boundary has been crossed. The illustrious signature buoyancy of banana darts out fans of nettles that cling to my sensors. I am enamored by the tender fruity advance offered by the tropical muse. The aroma itself seems to have the texture of a mashed banana; an ambiguous marshmallowy pudding of sweet pseudo-citrus nothings entertaining a miniscule uptick of vanilla. While in large the profile offers itself up front, fracturing the flower allowed me to further bask in the ever-elusive kisses of true banana tang.

Resembling the oblong tree fruits themselves, Banana Punch curls out into plump fingers. Narrow arrowheads with edges that are softened by the static distortion dawning the petals. Trichomes illuminate the verdant surfaces to ghostly lengths. The eerie frost emphasizes the pillowy vanilla elements of the demeanor, gifting the flowers with the mellow chartreuse of an unripe banana.

Banana Punch is a salad of azure greens, jackets of pale lime charge up to shimmering veils of eggy mint. The bases of the flowers hold a more mature kelly green or mossy hue, but even those stern presences are squelched beneath the crystalline foam. Plastered down by the same froth are short swerving stigmas. Hairs dawning a worn tangerine mantle cluster semi-exclusively on the higher ridges of the flower.

The flower composes itself like the collapse of an elaborate tower staircase. A cone of bulbous petals woven of spotted gaps and channels, Banana Punch has a fragile appeal. It calls one to question the density of this suspectedly indica-dominant flower. Despite the sprawling architecture, the trichome-dusted shelves present themselves as impassable terrain.

Leaf to flame, smoldering ferns disintegrate amongst a blend of cayenne pepper as it billows over green banana leaves. A powerful piercing herbal quality trudges through the detonating sweetness. This note strafes between the borders of chamomile and chem. As the smoked spice filters through the molten banana canyon, gentle grape claps of Purple Punch are left with resounding presence. The remaining cinders kick against the creamy berry hearth.

As the bowl chars, the simmering banana grog hardens its skin. A confusing woody augmentation of the fruit is presented; a pulverized tropical cream jacketed in an ashy tarnish. In such a vulnerable state, I feel the profile heave out half-hearted spells of sugar-dipped strawberry. A refreshing tenderness to encounter so deep into the profile. Rich kernels of the incinerated caravan splinter off to smolder through the dwindling echoes of its identity.

I feel a kind cushion begin to bloat my mind with unnaturally warm intentions. An invisible grin stretches across my face, I feel my jaw loosen up and most of my face forfeit its tension. Fluency touches my lips, I feel as if I could sing for a thousand years or perform as the lead in a movie. Banana Punch offers you every knuckle of its charisma. From the sweet introduction to the puppeteer level of domineering influence over my mental state; the transition is effortless. I could hardly acknowledge the magnitude of the sensation until I was deep in its clutches.

The marshmallow swelling in my skull continues to pad its advances. My skull feels as if its one-third of its original weight. Is my organic tissue being converted into clouds? It seems the pillowy language of the flavor continues on to mold the influence of this strain’s embrace. While mildly displacing, the springy stretch is quite uplifting and certainly welcomes a general sense of pleasantness. This sensation is palpable, powerful, and the true embodiment of a middle-of-the-line hybrid.

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Banana Punch was extremely worthwhile. The aroma alone is enough to bring someone down off of a bridge. A flower that masterfully encompasses the spectrum of sweet and spicy. I highly recommend trying any of 50 Fold’s latest banana strains because as far as I can tell, they have an exemplary Banana OG parent that is making it into these recent cuts. Keep on experimenting! As always, thanks for reading.

Banana Punch score: 92/100

Aroma – 20

Physical – 20

Flavor – 15

Consistency – 19

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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