Sour Banana Dubb by H.O.C.

Sour Banana Dubb by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where only the dankest is purveyed and displayed. Today, we have Sour Banana Dubb from House of Cultivar. I’m excruciatingly excited to review this strain for several reasons. This strain is a cross of Sour Dubb, Banana OG, and Do Si Dos; I’ve been on an eternal quest to find quality banana terpenes and am grateful for any opportunity I receive. If that wasn’t enough, the same banana influence is being merged with one of my favorite strains of all time, Do Si Dos! Chances of tart banana gas? Sign me up!

I greet the frosted pastures below to meet a spicy embrace of a brown-sugar banana. Singed leaves fan out, shrouding a basin of molasses hash. In the reeds, I uncover a buzzy floral tartness. The enticing humidity condenses into fruit punch drips. Ripe nectar reined in by crumbles of pseudo-vanilla gas.

Thin lances of diesel carve out nuances from the muddled fruity sedative. The culmination of these unique floaty notes resembles an unnaturally sweet pumpkin pie. The gassy notes seem to self-improve gradually to encompass refreshing beads of dew that add a morning woodland freshness to the augmenting corrosive edge. My palate is tantalized by the dry dancing spice that halts the syrupy muck of the wake.

I break the bud to encounter streams of floral cotton candy gas. The peppered tenderness of fruit punch stirs with the shackled banana tang. As I continue to shred the flesh of the flower the gentle tree fruit breeze builds. I feel claps of rich taffy banana finishing into a refreshing gust of tropical haze. The buoyant sweetness is rooted in a rich earthy cocoa. At certain junctures, I feel as though I’m enjoying a chocolate covered banana or a banana split with loads of chocolate sauce. Such a delicate profile, but Sour Banana Dubb manages to nurture its most gentle qualities to bold fruition.

Sour Banana Dubb presents itself as a glimmering phantom, an aloof compilation of shadow studded with scintillating trichomes. A peach-like mauve imbues a soft glow to the knotted ropes of foliage. Petrified by frost, patches of weathered lime are exposed through the driving blizzard. Night falls over much of these fragile planets, drawing the gentle purples to dark menacing shades.

Adding a lot of personality to the boisterous surfaces of Sour Banana Dubb are the roaring red tendrils that fray across the frosted crust. Bursting into bouquets of wiry brush, arms of rich-orange tear through the chromatic fog. The nugs walk a narrow path, forming like contorted caterpillars. Fans of concrete support the winding towers, the broad petals contribute to a rolling, scaled appearance. I take it upon myself to test the pillowy demeanor of Sour Banana Dubb. The stubbled surfaces offer some initial give, but despite the stretched architecture, this strain is impressively dense.

Leaf to flame, smoldering boulders of rich vanilla are heaved upon my tongue. The tumbling rocks dig paths that carry a blistering steam of berry hash. Amidst the volcanic riot, the air is spattered with a cleansing acute spice. The daggering mist erodes the back of my throat. Gaseous, leafy, and herbal the bite invites in caramelized sheets of citrus.

Buckets of musky bold mulch sheath the gaseous razors, turning the profile to be humbled and kind. In this moment, the banana parent completely fuses into the will of Do Si Dos. Brisk barbs of feint cherry tartness prong out from the savory bark shield. As the bowl chars, I marvel at phantasmal licks of banana that manage to sneak through the pulverizing veil of molten earth.

Immediately, my mind is a ship stagnant at sea. My thoughts are gently caressed and guided by the phantom sea of pleasure and introspection. I feel tingling waves of euphoria lap up against my sides, warming my spine. An unnatural flexibility is betown unto my shoulders and back; the sensation is most comparable to the heated peaks of an Icy-Hot patch. I teeter back and forth in my chair, both surrendering to the captivating heat and attempting to coax the mending glow further along.

Like fingertips, my mind’s prolonged exposure to the self-revealing waters has caused it to prune and swell. My bloated existence is now barely capable of registering anything past my personal cocoon of warmth. My faceplate builds to an anchoring weight, my neck struggles to support the intensified gravity. The placating sea has since receded, I am left now a mindless anchor on a sandbar hopelessly waiting for its next opportunity to float.

Sour Banana Dubb is a fascinating strain, while it may not have brandished banna outright, there were certainly stand-out moments. This strain is spicy, sweet, and creamy suited to the tastes of any cannasseur seeking a hot challenging profile. The aroma was a little beset, but this strain holds very little back in terms of flavor and sensation. As always, thanks for reading.

Aroma – 15

Physical – 18

Flavor – 18

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 20

Sour Banana Dubb score: 91/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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