Lemon Cherry by Gasworks

Lemon Cherry by Gasworks Garden

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are debuting an extremely exciting strain! This is Lemon Cherry from Gasworks Garden, a strain that has been a long time coming. Gasworks has me packed with anticipation as there is a nostalgic mystique to this production. As I am led to believe, this whole place is run by a single titan who refuses to grow anything else other than his sweet baby right here. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than that level of unabashed confidence in your favorite strain. That desert island weed that is worth smoking until the tides of time come crashing down. Lemon Cherry holds 22.71% THCA, if that’s important to you. Let’s get it.

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I invade the vessel to receive resistance in the form of a pampering mist. Plumes of tart zest caress my nostrils towards a blissful stupor. Swiftly, I am enchanted by the welcoming precessions of sharded sweetness. I feel as if I could trace the citrus sugar diamonds as they fleck through my breath. The light lacerations of lemon build and scar their influence unto my palate.

The lashes awaken an emboldening ripe ferocity that builds invisibly within. The profile augments to touch on strained tones of blood orange or lime. A slick sylvan cream bridges an interlude into a vivacious vat of strawberry, cherry, and lime. An intangible chill chases the aroma leaving my nostrils chilled and mildly numbed from the dazing introduction. My petrified senses chase the lingering static of the tropical storm.

In pursuit of grandeur, I break the sticky morsels under my nose. The intrusions calls the competing bolts of familiar fruits discard their competitive spirits and merge into one fuzzy battering ram barbed with tart studs. The culmination offered by the riotous resurgence perfectly emulates pink lemonade, or a variant of the profile designed by Wonka. Streaks of rich confectionary run veins through the pillowy zest offered by the citrus plumes. The charms of Lemon Cherry are buoyant, soft, and boundless.

A ladder clawing towards the heavens, the slender bulk of Lemon Cherry brandishes its unique physiology. Craning off into teetering stacks of boulders; Lemon Cherry forms in ways that seem to defy the laws of physics. The dramatic thinness welding the crystal-dusted calyxes together provides a strange opportunity for the trichomes to be showcased. As if the minute weight of the trichome waves are enough to stabilize this absurd structure.

Imbued with a dusty bronze tint, the globulous heads stand to reflect the tan tendrils skipping across the surface of Lemon Cherry. The stigmas grapple tightly to the frost-touched faces. Winding snakes of bronzed beige snare around the narrowest junctures of Lemon Cherry. Drawn out from below the constricting strands are tender hues of deep green.

A weathered pear leans into beds of stern moss and sandy lime. The flower as a whole seems to emanate an ominous glow, an abstract shifting aura of majestic earth-toned ambiguity. My assertions about the fresh fragility of Lemon Cherry are proved valid after a few squeezes. The flesh of the flower is extremely light and fluffy, I am able to pivot the nodes with minimal effort. Lemon Cherry screams sativa.

Leaf to flame, my palate is skewered by a rain of sharp zesty daggers. Feathered ferocity fanned forth by pulpy acidity and ripe tartness. The serrated citrus digs into my throat scratching abrasively satisfying itches. I feel a gunpowder thunderclap of explosive flavor detonate at the back of my throat. From this ignition, the true precession of flavor begins. My tastebuds are now littered with ripe shrapnel and warheads of milky hash.

The finish of the first hit is bathed in echoes of massaging grapefruit, a net of pillowy needles grinding away to exhaustion. Lemon Cherry is comparable to a salad of citrus fruit skins, the charming bitterness that only the fruit’s exterior embodies. A tropical blaze that primes your palate to engineer new ways to indulge deeper into the profile.

At its most roasted point, I uncover musky coughs of hash that bears tender sandalwood undertones. I’m amazed by how the flavor seems to solidify and outperform the previous hits. It is exceptionally rare that a strain not only carries its initial flavor, but improves the formula through the trial of flame. I like to think of this quality as the ‘caramelization’ of the terpenes.

Immediately, I am flustered by a pillowfort of distracting euphoria swarming my mind. My brain feels overheated, sticky from invisible humidity. I feel the desire to get up and move, dance, explore… practically anything to siphon off my unwieldy amount of excess energy. This is not one of those sit down and enjoy amicable chatter types of sativas, this is get up and go or feel uncomfortable. Now, I must make it clear that this strain doesn’t incur anxiety, but just a certain sense of giddyness. Aimless anticipation.

If you find this magnitude of unbridled sativan energy intimidating, fear not, the come up is gradual and is soon leveled out by a tepid massage of physical euphoria. The sensation initiates through a dissociation from my limbs. I feel as though my elbows are jettisoning my forearms like the exhausted fuel tanks of a spacecraft. A greasy ease has been imbued into my ligaments and joints. I feel like they move fighting no inertia, at first, I was startled by the strange fluency added to my movements. I feel as if I’m ice skating within my own body, it’s better to sit down now.

Lemon Cherry came exactly as advertised. A fresh breath of misty citrus that invigorates your being at its core. To say you receive a jolt of energy from this strain would be a massive understatement. I can understand why this grow is intent on perfecting this strain because it has enormous potential and it holds flavor remarkably well. Another interesting note is how insanely sticky the bud is even months after harvest. As always, thanks for reading.

Lemon Cherry score: 90/100

Aroma – 15

Physical – 18

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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  1. Hi. I like your reviews and I understand you are trying to be as specific as possible but to me you are just trying way too hard to be loquacious and descriptive. It reads like you looked up the thesaurus for every other word. I am no English/writing expert by any means but That’s just my opinion. You could of used just your very last paragraph as your review and I think it would’ve been just as effective. I do enjoy your work and your site though, thanks for indulging in my unwarranted opinion.

    1. Subtleties are difficult to communicate and so much room is left under umbrella terms such as sweet that I try to communicate the voice, texture, magnitude, and finish to each note. In my marketable reviews they are greatly condensed, but on my personal website I never seek to sacrifice thoroughness for convenience.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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