Blue Lights by Burnwell

Blue Lights by Burnwell Co.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the dank gets roasted. Today, we will be logging our sixth Burnwell strain. Their sun-enhanced cannabis has proven time and time again to be clean-burning, flavorful, and potent. With this post, we will be diving into one of their most popular strains, Blue Lights. Blue Lights is the cross of Blueberry and Northern Lights. It has become truly rare to find Northern Lights crosses of sustenance in the I-502 market and I fully trust Burnwell to do this one justice. This particular production boasts 28.1% THCA and 0.2% CBD. I’m eager to be dazzled by Blue Lights!

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I embrace the contents of the jar, discarding all reservations. My nose becomes pampered by a mist of luscious haze and sweet berry. A padded cool stirs with a woodland froth painting the landscape with the early morning chill of a pine forest. Bubbling from the profile are aerated gasps of diesel tang. Floral, slick, and grainy potpourri wind into a charged woody bite. A bizarre caramel infused with stabs of honed citrus serves to carefully bundle the wild whims into a consolidated presence. Blue Lights finishes into the signature smooth lemon cream; akin to a lemon bar or delicately whipped custard.

In arrogant pursuit of discovery, I crumple the buds under my nose. A circus of benign woody peanut emerges. The gnarled nut coats itself in zesty strips of smoked citrus. The hazy forefront tills out sour earth to conjure an exhilarating sprint of fruity cocoa exuberance. My nose crunches and contorts as it struggles to guzzle down the remainder of the uplifting sweetness. I await for its magnitude to relent, but the pungency appears to be endlessly recycled within the crystal-seeded fractures.

Blue Lights winds into petite cones mimicking miniature pine trees. Angular peaks decorated with shadowy pine, hardened chartreuse, and illuminated pear stack in knotted boulders towards the heavens. The slippery spire hides under a tapestry of wildly woven stigmas. An eerie pale weathers the red roar of the bronze hairs. The strands are thin yet long-spanning and explosive in number. Blue Lights is a dizzying display of varied texture and vibrant color.

Dusting the haphazard cliffs of Blue Lights are stout rows of foaming resin. Milky white trichomes hide beneath the scraggly surface like diamonds trying to burrow back into the earth. Twinkling eyes of creamy psychoactivity wink in charming succession as I spin the flower between my fingertips. The structure of these buds appears to be well-packed, however, there is a certain plush appeal to aesthetic. A quick squeeze dismisses by assertion of Blue Lights’ frailty, the frenzied surface rests upon a loam of bedrock. For such riotous and sprawling appeal, Blue Lights demonstrates serious density.

Leaf to flame, spicy sweet kernels boil off fumes of creamy grit. The introduction is equally challenging and enticing, like swallowing a thundercloud. It is strange to have a fluffy and appealing texture herald such a billowing presence. The sweltering syrup of haze-driven sugar jackets my palate. A chorus of burping bubbles of berry-saturated hash are summoned atop of my taste buds; singing songs of blistering citrus tang, uplifting woodland haze, and blackened beds of sweetened grain. Stretches of dew-soaked herb lead me through circles of swampy funk and biting tangerine. The smoke is as subtle as a whisper and the flavor carries itself confidently through a majority of the burn.

My body instantly hums with euphoric ambiguity. A touch of warmth raises my flesh to greet an invisible sun. A sensation familiar to goosebumps, only if they were goaded by plush warmth. I shudder as a feathery cocoon reaches across my body, eventually fossilizing it within its embrace. Immeasurable spines of otherworldly treasure tighten, further ensnaring me in the tendrils of its binding pleasure. I feel as if lengths of heavy chain are draped freely from my shoulders. As I submit myself to the cumbersome sensation, my mind ruptures awake.

A kernel of enlightenment blooms from my delirious spirit. My mind’s eye, pried open by unseen gravity. I feel as if I’m now equipped to process a greater volume of thought. Oftentimes, overthinking results in warmth accommodating the emotion of being flustered. I feel an icy cool package my ideas, no matter how many complex or abstract topics I attempt to contemplate. Blue Lights calls for one to discard their body so they can pursue the limitless delights of the mind.

Blue Lights is an astounding strain and surely one of the strongest feet Burnwell has put forward. Rich in aroma, flavor, and effect; I believe this strain isn’t capable of disappointment. I thoroughly enjoyed this honorable representation of Northern Lights far more than I thought I would. Be sure to check out this high octane strain available at a dispensary nearest you! As always, thanks for reading!

Blue Lights score: 92/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 17

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 19

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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