Tres Dawg by H.O.C.

Tres Dawg by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we can never get enough of Chem Dawg. For that reason, we will be reviewing Tres Dawg from House of Cultivar. We know this brand loves their chem strains and I’ve been led to believe that this is the best one in years. As a stoner of generations modern and old; I find my ears always perk up around mentions of Chem dawg. This cross in particular is the offspring of Chem D and Double Dawg. Let’s free this dog from the pound and break it down.

I embrace the open jar to uncover a realm of stirring woodland crispness. A mild spice traces the blades of the blanketing lushness. I am baited by the challenging yet invigorating briskness. The profile precipitates unto a musty and grassy backboard. This benign terrain serves as the ideal funky-flat candidate upon which the frothing chem notes can thrive. My nose is challenged by chunks of brittles potpourri and peppered savory mud. The blistering mist finishes into a slick dispersal both scathing and sweet.

I dismantle the meteor to unearth a pseudo-menthol mantle. Enraged, the Tres Dawg profile churns out an unrelenting tide of tickling spice and cleansing herb. The assault relinquishes into a fresh leafy hash. Beads of sweet warm earth roll across my palette. I’m shocked awake from my sensory lullaby by a firm clap of skunky chem foulness. Slick smoke of distant citrus lingers in the background. The aroma is incensing, I feel gulps of adrenaline rush through my heart. I quiver from the fervent invigoration.

Tres Dawg aspires to voluptuous cones of rotund vigor. A highway of sturdy spines harboring explosive vegetation. The tumbling surface of Tres Dawg bulges and surges into rippled plate mail. The dimpled spires are armor-clad in mossy camouflage. Electric pear, firm pine, and somber moss entwine to manicure the shadowy hide. Glowing bolts pulse and bridge across the petals infusing a milky gold into its demeanor.

The trichomes, while plentiful, are outshone by the shaggy tapestry of dusty bronze stigmas. Starved, scraggly bolts whip wildly towards the sky; hopelessly reaching towards the sun. Tides of resin petrify the verdant loam beneath. Powerful glaciers that have the power to consume entire shelves of foliage in its icy embrace. While this strain is a balanced hybrid woven of many sativa dominant parents, Tres Dawg demonstrates impressive resilience. The plant matter isn’t particularly gnarled or dense; but, the brush is so thick and plentiful it would take considerable work to carve through the entire flower.

Leaf to flame, my entire being becomes paralyzed by the intensity of sweet lacerating chem. Smoky crisp hash ripples across the fragrance uncovering a bleeding fruit basket. Bubbling with seething jelly, primed by citrus and berry, my tongue is entombed by the gelatinous flavor. Shredding through the amorphous sugar are incendiary spears of vivacious herbal funk.

I shudder as the powerful flavor racks across my tongue. The shockwaves well up goosebumps across my skin. Tres Dawg wields an inciting abrasiveness, ferociously acute and pinpointed. The lancing herbal touch molts the berry bog to represented roasted orange, exponentially caramelized by the scorching chem smog.

The profile continues to build steam, compounding endlessly on these voracious ventures. Tres Dawg accumulates a juicy sweat as the bowl chars. Buoyant, cool, and tangy; I am tested by the charming resolve of the profile. Long after each hit, the dewy dank gas drips from my breath.

The initial impact of the high magnitude flavor, revs my system into instant overdrive. Otherworldly energy knots in my temple, whirring my mind to immeasurable speeds. I experience a floating sensation between my eyes as the inspiring wrench offsets my personal pressures and strains. The cloud-like presence begins to firm into a marshmallowy tacky paste. As the melting cloud shores its advance, the aloof herald continues to crawl through my body.

Shelves of disarming cool crash down separating sectors of my brain. My thoughts feel fragmented and isolated. I feel as though I’m expected to operate three separate consciousnesses. My body is frozen by a combination of coursing euphoria and mental preoccupation. I find myself losing glimpses of time as I attempt to pivot my fractured disposition. Eventually the bombastic sensations settle to find a balanced median. Eyes half-open, body swaying, and mind vacant from thorough annihilation. Tres Dawg guzzles all of your energy in one belligerent supercharge. I remain dwindling on the planes of consciousness, a used battery, a battered husk.

I had high hopes for this strain and Tres Dawg did not let me down. This profile entertains complex notes that evolve with time. Tres Dawg loses no steam as the bowl chars and some may find that it even gets better. I was surprised how truly stony this high was considering this hybrid should be predominately sativa. As always, thanks for reading.

Tres Dawg score: 94/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 18

Flavor – 20

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 19

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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