Wonka Bars by Skord

Wonka Bars by Skord Marijuana

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we have a nose for knowledge. We will be delving into a strain that has been causing a lot of uproar lately, Wonka Bars. Wonka Bars, crafted by Skord Marijuana, is the cross of GMO and Mint Chocolate Chip. While completely encapsulated in psychoactive frost, Wonka Bars boasts a modest THC total of 17.89%. I’ve heard raving reviews about this complex profile and am overeager to form my own opinion. Let’s hope these Wonka Bars hold a Golden Ticket within.

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Unsure of what awaits, I casually waltz into the frosted realm below. I uncover a sylvan sanctuary; a chorus of sweet funk and woody bites. Every step, a chomp deeper into the raw splinters. The profile fragments into a jet of hearty cocoa satisfaction. Muddy chocolate sloshing with hazelnut stampedes through the sweet skies like thundering clouds. Ripe peppered stings of onion are emphasized by a subdued chem mint crispness.

I’m amazing by how the aroma of Wonka Bars is discernibly garlic; arguably more so than any straight GMO cut I’ve encountered prior. Only madmen could dream that chocolate and misted garlic sour would function in such decadent complement. Dry, bubbly, warmth tills through a firm dirty loam. The longer I wrestle with the tumbling storm of fragrance, the creamy chocolate forfeits much ground to the gnarled garlic advances.

Break the bud, the smoked woody bite finds ample opportunity to shine through. Savory carnage that carves the way for lancing skewers of acute herb. As the profile expands, the needling notes subside to feed a furnace of cool mint. A tepid garlic mushroom wake unravels, once again I can’t believe what a fitting tribute Wonka Bars is to GMO. As the uprising calms, scorched cinders kick into a warm air painted with mossy mint. Rich with forest cream, Wonka Bars is a funky dream.

Stark skies of murderous purple dampen surrounding tribes of color. Black violet sinks to infinite depth occasionally disrupted by supernovas of vibrant green. Gentle pulses of mossy lime weaves sparkling trails through the somber nodes. A perfect backdrop to serve the scintillating display above. An ocean of winking clarity storms every ridge and face until the verdant planets are immortalized in tombs of frozen resin. Frothing mobs of creamy white raise trains of thin spires. Thousands of glistening power lines connected by crowded proximity and their hazy glow.

Crowning each flower are forked nest of fat stigmas. Bulky hairs wind restlessly to show off its cheesy tangerine color. Bolts of feathery orange carve alien symbols into the flesh of Wonka Bars. With calyxes plentiful, plump, and mature; Wonka Bars maintains a rotund pillowy demeanor. Structured neatly, the fluffy appearance may be rooted in deception. Testing the feigned density, I squeeze the buds. As suspected, the exterior gives and crumples away with minimal effort. A lively squish of a satisfying cure meets my touch. Wonka Bars bares the structure of a 60/40 hybrid; clustered tightly, yet mossy in density.

Leaf to flame, I guzzle mammoth chunks of sugary grain. A bowl of cornflakes fortified with a woody smoked musk. My tongue becomes encased in the dense molasses. An uplifting doughy sour entwines with fluffy chem to conjure a helix of tangy barbs. The assembly resonates with a smooth, sweet, buttery caramel wake. A slick path constructed of musky damp and chilled dank spice. Wonka Bars is a bolt of bold funk stitched onto the back of a classic uplifting skunky profile. The flavor holds impressively, maintaining consistent intensity through a marathon of creamy cool.

The advance of Wonka Bars is slow, but sure-footed. A cool mellow swirls through my mind, percolating my pool of thought. A benign creativity births formidable motivation as I ponder and plot through its creamy belligerence. Even-keeled, the high continues to build into a solid platform for conscious thought. My skin has become protected by an invisible veil of scaled cool. I feel insulted from my environment, both emotionally and physically. The gelatinous prison solidifies against my skin, euphoric sinew sets into sheets of bark. Armored by nature; both body and mind.

It quickly became clear what all of the buzz has been about. Wonka Bars is a frosty behemoth with a soft skunky profile. Skord has been cranking out incendiary strains lately and I cannot wait to try some more. Get some Skord into your life and enjoy some of the frostiest flower on the market. As always, thanks for reading.

Wonka Bars score: 86/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 20

Flavor – 15

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 14

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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