Golden Gage by H.O.C.

Golden Gage by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for another sensory expedition. Today, I can hardly ‘Gage’ my excitement as I’ve been eager to review this strain for some time. Golden Gage is the name and bountiful tithes of citrus is the game. A sativa-hybrid cross of Joseph OG and Golden Goat, this flower’s reputation precedes it. An all-star in concentrate, can we enjoy the same slice of paradise in flower? Let’s dig in.

I greet the treasure kept within the vessel. Sweet hooks of tangerine latch onto my nostrils. Zesty mist stirs with a withholding biting crispness similar to grapefruit. Feathered tang and acute sour generates an exciting nexus of aroma. The profile blooms to become herbal, fresh, and tantalizing. Dispersed earthen grit hangs in the air, adding a dirty body to the tangerine pulp. I find myself in the eye of a hurricane; defined by sylvan mist and tropical cool. With the personality of a storm in the Bahamas, Golden Gage walks an enticing Dutch Treat line with an added citrus ‘oompf.’

In hopes of dismantling its secrets, I snap the flowers beneath my nose. Explosive bolts of citrus-spined spine carve into my palate. I reel backward as I tangle with the rampaging snakes of aroma. The profile is augmented to a refreshing crispness as the slick signature haze drags the earthy tang to higher octaves. Creamy marshmallow texture delivers an awkward stream of candied herb and milky tangerine.

In whole, Golden Gage is characterized by a smoky mango that is perturbed by herbal winds. When I believed the period of discovery to be over, a molasses hearth is revealed through my razing conquest. Sappy, sweet, and smooth clumps of juicy earth drag through the lowland grass tilling up hardy beefy lures. The profile is tropical and aloof, reined in by domineering smoky cream.

Golden Gage is constructed with long arcing saber-esque petals. The sweeping arcs of the foliage nurture tender bridges of frost. Psychoactive stubble lines the thin fanned leaf. Pasty white resin glands frill a ghostly aura around the flower. The glow of winter imbues its fragile sophistication unto the salad of vivid color below. Wild streaks of energized lime cut through beds of beaten olive and khaki-green. The riotous scheme of color dilutes to an alluring camouflage when diluted across the sinewy body of Golden Gage.

The buds are consistently of impressive size, commonly exceeding two gram dried flower nuggets. The long leaves call me to consider that this strain may be one of the fluffier sativa variants, however, the plump vigor of these flowers contests that theory. Adding to its gentle cloudy aesthetic are the tender arms that crane out from between the frosted pockets. The stigmas are drawn long and winding, like hundreds of miniature centipedes burrowing into the flashy verdant planet.

Enchanting spectacles aside, it has come time to test the density. The prancing exterior crushes quickly, but after the canopy collapses, I uncover a sticky bog of plated mud. The flower still shifts under the pressure, but the structure of Golden Gage shores up considerably. My fingertips feel as if they are fighting through a pit of quicksand.

Leaf to flame, I am shredded by creamy spice and lancing herbal acidity. I float through the wakes of its rending claws, a salve of cool berry and tickling citrus. Embers of fiery skunk resolve against a tropical cardboard nuttiness. I puncture the warm peppered skin of salami atop a smoldering bed of vivacious fruit. Mild haze mannerisms leak out and embolden the energizing influence as the bowl chars. The flavor becomes exponentially lighthearted as its smokiness matures. Golden Gage is impressively gentle and skewering; like a lemon chamomile tea. Rambunctious flavor that reclines into a woody chomp and clouds of splintering citrus debris.

My face has been glazed over by stone to furnish a petrified expression. Mouth agape, my mind panics in futile attempts of freeing myself from this crawling stone jacket. In frantic ricochet, my brain cranks out a sea of random ideas. I feel a gasping inspiration bestow my heart, as if all the warmth was drawn from my limbs into my chest. My extremities fall forfeit to the encroaching stone cool, while my heart becomes a roaring furnace stoked with soaring spiritual coal. Each nugget, a musing of past memories. I flip through the Rolodex of my past, feeling the grazing touch of actions both warm and cool.

A flustering steam pours into my ears, evaporating the introspective river. I’m left motionless upon a rocky riverbed. A chilling cool soaks my back as my frozen limbs sink into mud. A cocoon of smooth ooze consumes me and I feel my eyes being drawn closed to a puckered squint. I teeter on the edge of consciousness, my mind now a gurgled whisper. I relinquish myself, mind and body, to the cool sappy depths of Golden Gage.

Golden Gage is a charming sativa-hybrid with a lot of presence. If you enjoy woody-citrus strains, but often wish for a heavier body, this strain is for you. Buoyant fruit with a weighted charge. House of Cultivar never ceases to fail tantalizing my senses. Keep your eyes out for their latest creations. As always, thanks for reading.

Golden Gage score: 86/100

Aroma – 20

Physical – 18

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 15

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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