Lemonhoko’s Blueberry by H.O.C.

Lemonhoko’s Blueberry

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the exotic cannabis roams free. Today, we will be highlighting a signature Blueberry strain bred by a gent by the name of Lemonhoko. Native to the pnw, it is no surprise that he used some of that ingenuity to revamp the architecture of the very much loved DJ Short Blueberry strain. What is unique about this particular strain is that you get those qualified blueberry notes, but the high is a sativa. Being a meticulously calculated cross of Temple Flo and HTAF (Purple Thai x Afghani) leaves Lemonhoko’s Blueberry an uplifting standout specimen.

I unscrew the capsule to birth a spicy canal of frothy berry. A chute of needling fruit that channels through a jagged mountain of syrupy afghan expression. Haloing clouds of moist candy funk crown the cool peak. I ascend the mountainous fragrance, trudging through foothills of sunken sweetness. With every crunching step, I become newly consumed by the tang of woody dank. The rounding chorus becomes exponentially sharp, sweet, and tart as the blueberry notes endlessly surface. Gooey bubbles that freeze all competing notes with their petrifying pungency. The profile resolves into a tender, damp, and piney hash. Whirling tails of funky berry diesel spiral around the musky mountain.

In attempted discovery, I break the bud. Instantly, I am subjected to an earthy afghan cataclysm. A profile that is typically aligned towards smooth surrender is nearly spicy in its newfound magnitude. An overpowering bulldozer of demented molasses drives forth funky spires of fermented blueberry tang. The culmination tills up a raw, sweet, but offensive sour. My senses retort and seize as I fail to gracefully guzzle down the gelatinous force. The battering aroma evolves to mitigate some of the pain through marshmallowy skunk and weighted sylvan dank. Lemonhoko’s Blueberry is ripe with stabbing vivaciousness and sour musk. The raging breath eventually settles into accommodating wisps of tang and a moist woody chill.

Lemonhoko’s Blueberry holds an irradiated glow. Pulsing hues of lime and pear wash over each other in haphazard halos of ambiguous warmth. A pleasant orange inspires the pale verdant flesh. Worn chartreuse crumbles under the lively canopy of merging color. Riding the calculated curves are hardy stigmas wearing a peachy bronze. The hairs root in great number, thousands of little static bolts of charmed electricity. Occasionally, the tendrils swarm in such great number that the frosty flower below becomes completely sheltered.

The flowers are extremely top heavy, resembling the anatomy of a bloated bowling pin. A wide rolling body that gradually terminates into scattered horned points. The surface of the flower is quite active, populated with random edges and coils. A crust of stretched curls that gives the mammoth flowers a playful and cloudy demeanor.

Attuned to a creamy white, trichomes herd across the mountainous face. A network of cheesy Parmesan crystals that chain down its sides like the interlocked arms of climbers. I attempt to bore into the frosted caverns with a determined squeeze. While structurally dispersed with a rambunctious surface and alleged sativa dominance, Lemonhoko’s Blueberry carries a considerable bulk. The buds are by no means diamonds, but, the cloudy rigidity serves well for reinforcing the bulbous cones. Lemonhoko has designed a tangled jungle of crystals and vivid hues.

Leaf to flame, my throat becomes scorched by billowing clouds of smoky berry. Light herbal tartness traces the cindering rim. The flames mature a blossoming floral body that has the presence of sandpaper. Smooth wood gritted with dry, savory, and hashy qualities. My palate grinds against honed studs of lilac-soaked wood chucked into a blueberry bonfire. A frothy sylvan sap simmers in the ash. The notion saps my throat of moisture.

The flavor is delivered like plummeting chunks of crumbled pavement. Slick berry skunk jets emerge to bridge the fragmented notes. The texture of the smoke is rocky, firm, and creamy. Volcanic fallout rains in the form of sundering berry spice. Lancing pungency that wreaks carnage upon my cartilage. As the bowl chars, the profile molts into a slurry of refreshing green leaf. My palate is washed clean with acute herb and mellow pseudo-citrus zest.

Lemonhoko’s Blueberry enacts immediately. My senses snapped to new heights, feeling almost as though I am anticipating the climax of a horror movie. I’m imbued with a forced sense of clarity, a palm pushing its way to the front of my crowded mind. A lumpy pressure swells behind my eyes, as if it was trying to propel them outward to see further. A flushing warmth flows through my cheeks, an invisible smile hangs unwillingly over my face.

My ears fog up with ethereal cotton, my only available senses are bewilderingly augmented tangents of sight, taste, and thought. My senses of hearing, smell, and touch seem to be operating in limited capacity. This high would be perfect for studying as it seems to insulate your cognitive mind from the outside world. Driven inward, I find myself soon in a free-fall through a chasm of half-hearted flashbacks. Both charmed and inflamed by the scattered assortment of nostalgia, I’m left giddy, inspired, and emotionally explosive.

I knew I couldn’t handle the unbridled stream of energy for long, but I still felt surprised when my engines started misfiring and grinding to a halt. Mental gravity spikes and I began a rushing descent back to earth. An exhilarating plummet into a vat of sedative euphoria. A pillowy embrace that dissolves my joints, my arms melt to my sides. Eventually, my drained cranium crumbles and falls away like an obliterated stone bust. I have no choice but to sleep and regenerate my withered consciousness. A coma of infinite delights.

I was extremely doubtful as I approached this ‘sativa’ Blueberry strain. Normally, similar terpenes would replicate a similar high and this was so true to the classic indica archetype. Much to my surprise, I cannot dispute that this strain isn’t extremely uplifting. It tends to be a little more sour and funky than your typical DJ Short Blueberry phenotype, I suppose that made all of the difference. You eventually crash through the stratosphere, but boy, what a ride. As always, thanks for reading.

L.H.’s Blueberry score: 94/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 19

Flavor – 18

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 20

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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