Cherry Cake by H.O.C.

Cherry Cake by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where I am proud to announce we have surpassed our 200 review mark. For our 201st post, we will be revisiting a modern evolution of a beloved classic. Here, we have Cherry Cake. Cherry Cake is an indica hybrid cross of Cherry Pie Kush x Mendo Dawg OG. This has recently become a favorite of many of my acquaintances and friends; I found their response stirring enough that I decided to review it a second time. It has been well over a year and all of House of Cultivar’s flower has only improved since then. It’s time to have our cake and blaze it too.

I uncover the jar to ignite a room-flooding sweet and sour potpourri. A crisp melody of jabbing sour tang matched to a fruity buoyancy. Cool weighted berry latches onto my breath. I exhale whispers of hazy grape. The mellow notes are complimented by the refreshing bland background of fresh washed leaf. As the notes mature in the air, I reach for a distant smoky muse of sour cherry licorice. A spread veil of ambiguous uplifting herbs. Cherry Cake proves to be a roller coaster of tart slopes and sedative chills.

Break the bud, I decimate the humongous flower under my nose. My cup overfloweth with juices skunky and sweet. Crackling bolts of funk wash through the molasses tide. An ocean created of red Gushers and seltzer water. My nostrils drip with vivacious gas and its signature edge-quelling sweetness. I bob and weave to survive the alternating heaves of forested chem and zapping crescendos of creamy cherry.

Cherry Cake blossoms into stout spires of tightly knotted foliage. Countless bulbous scales ripple out from the flower in a bloated manner. While characterized by an architecture modeled after a rolling cloud, the structure is relatively neat and concentrated. While there is a soft allure that calls me to test it, I can discern from afar that these buds are snugly packed.

Sheets of tender moss unfold before my eyes. The billowing canopy occasionally lifts up to reveal patches of worn pear and bronzed chartreuse. Nestled covertly into subtle nests are fragile webs of fiery mahogany. The stigmas are strung in trails of brittle staples. Invisibly frail hairs that barely contest the length of the trichomes.

Trickling down every visible surface are sweaty beads of resin. Arching glands painted with icicle clarity. The psychoactive mirrors enhance the soured green hues cloaked across the flower. A man obsessed, I am drawn to test this seemingly sturdy strain. With a light breathy relief, the nodes shore up into a marshmallowy cocoon. I would suggest that Cherry Cake is indicative of being a 70/30 hybrid in favor of indica based on touch.

Leaf to flame, I become enamored with the whirring fumes of a smoky cherry. The vaporous vortex of puckered sugar births a hazy tang. Lashing tendrils of willful floral bite surface from beneath the aloof fruit. My sinuses seize and contort until I reach a pocket of relief. This makeshift sanctuary is delivers a milky tea green with a pillowy grain body. My palate becomes entombed by crashing boulders of exotic spice.

As the bowl simmers, the profile matures to wield a spear of minty berry chem. This note is discernibly different from the subdued cherry amidst creamy wheat. The symphony resolves into savory sylvan damp that bleeds with the rich honey. Restrained sweetness and gelatinous texture crawls across my tongue in an even sheet. The caramel advance emphasizes the pungent disruption caused by the aforementioned chemmy crispness. The flavor is conveyed cleanly and impressively consistently throughout the burn. Cherry Cake is concrete in its identity.

The high oozes down my shoulders like a tepid wax. As I trace the rolling lukewarm euphoria, my mind has been overtaken by ethereal water. My creativity dampened by the knee-high water that soaks my center. My thoughts, while uninspired, become magnified and stretched by the shifting waters of belligerent distortion. I wrestle with my bizarre affinity as the walls of my face swell to become bloated mattresses of warmth.

I trudge through the bog of delighted inebriation. My body too, now feels to be fighting through a sludgy muck with every motion. My eyes swell with a watery calm. I feel as if my perspective is falling further and further away. The little man inside my head is in an all-out free fall into an introspective abyss. I feel a cool shadow crawl over my mind, carving a pliable methodology for approaching my most reserved thoughts and unpleasant memories. This mellow channel of being is malleable and tenders a suite of calm whims and reassurance.The high gradually dissipates into anchoring gravity and a medusa-level body lock.

I am so pleased that I selected to review this one strain out of the vast lines that House of Cultivar offers. Cherry Cake has wildly outperformed my memory. A true treat offering an alternatively sweet and spiky flavor that delivers you to a balanced meditation. I enjoyed the mellow vibe and unfaltering duration of the sensation. As always, thanks for reading.

Cherry Cake score: 88/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 19

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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  1. The real Cherry Cake was created by 4 Dragons from Seeds of Compassion and is NorCalGoo x Cherry Thunderfuck. It was the first strain to be named after a dessert followed by Cherry Pie and then GSC and then Wedding Cake, etc. Cookie family tried to take credit for it but had nothing to do with it. The real Cherry Cake smells exactly like Cherry Cake and is insanely potent. Many seed slingers name their strains after Seeds of Compassion genetics to ride on their coat tails so watch out for phonies like this one. Seeds of Compassion also created the famous Gorilla Biscuit before Gorilla Glue was released. They also created the much loved Ecto Cooler, FUBAR, Devil’s Triangle and Wild Cherry which was known for aborting withdrawal symptoms from opiates. Don’t except cheap imitations

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