Sugar Biscuits by Cloud Nine

Sugar Biscuits by Cloud Nine Farms

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I apologize for the brief hiatus as my iMac decided to implode its own brain. For the foreseeable future, the galleries I post will be supremely stinted. Now, composing from a laptop that contests the age of current high school students, the quest must continue. While life may change, one thing doesn’t, the fact that I’ve always got dank cannabis on deck to share with you. Let’s get into it.

Today, we will be analyzing Sugar Biscuits by Cloud Nine Farms. I would say it ‘had me at hello’ but, it had me at Animal Cookies x Dosidos. It is no secret that I am a Dosidos fiend that can never be satiated. I’ve heard nothing but spectacular things about this farm and surprised gasps when I mention that I’d yet to try them. The gasps end here! This special specimen tests at 26.06% total cannabinoids and 22.67% total THC. Numbers don’t mean anything, but the visible sheets of trichomes do.

Buyers beware: This eighth was only 3 grams!

I enter the vessel to uncover a nest of sweet blunted spice. An earthy pepper stirs with sunken savory vanilla on a irresolute pseudo-cinnamon whim. In this realm echoes a doughy grain. Breaded pillowy notes float into winds of arousing herbal sour. Waning limbs of tangy gas claw outward at the fluffy loaf. The subtle presentation is gradually amplified as it contrasts against a mossy damp. A veil of lighthearted chill, existing only to be disrupted into plumes of refreshing resonance. Every whiff is like whipping your hair out from a swimming pool; familiar yet exhilarating. A gritty cocoa gnaws through the finish, offering a dirty, dry, sweet sendoff.

Even before the flowers fracture, I sense the odor maturing and honing its edge. A savory finger of gas finds the manner to ball into a fist. I posture myself for the inevitable haymaker to my nostrils. Ripe pungent gas erupts from the severed flesh, skewering my nostrils with corrosive tang. Bright annihilation grips my palate, as exponentially pungent gas continues to pulse through my senses. Winds of ripe chem and bubbly sour singe my nose into flustered submission. The war machine of diesel seems to be fueled by a smoky citrus. Whatever hints of fruit are present, are quickly consumed by the gassy acidic sweetness.

For better and for worse, this strain certainly screams cookies. I’m a little disappointed in how small the buds are, but with genetics like this, I certainly anticipated it as a consequence. I perused through the entire inventory of Kushmart South to find the best of them all. Not that it truly matters, but expect this strain to offer mostly popcorn kush kernels.

Offering immediate redemption are the avalanches of resin crashing down on every ridge, burying any surfacing petal in its cementing white embrace. The flowers glow an irradiated aura; reflections of combat between the mirroring blizzard and the vibrant verdancy surging towards identity. Discerning through the eternal struggle, I find the physical traits of Sugar Biscuits to be quite polarized. Offering vary little variance, the flesh of this strain is either a sharp touch of lime or a murderous shadow of eggplant.

The enlightened greens seem to hold more estate than the marooned moors of purple. Like a shedding serpent, mounded veins of crusted white interrupt the clean coats of lime. Covertly tucked under bulging ridges are spectral wisps of hair. Starved stigmas, short in stature, form invisible combs that rake over the frosted fresh below. Sugar Biscuits has remarkably few hairs, even for such rich kush heritage. Prematurely accepting the density of this strain, in due diligence I crushed the flower between my fingers. The structure is quite spread offering a lot of room for relief while glazing my fingertips with its adhesive signature.

Leaf to flame, menthol crispness washes over a tart savory vanilla. As I bask in the ambient afterglow of milky grain, a stabbing spike tunnels through the bridge of my nose. One hit in, I’m already grappling my chair as I struggle to not sneeze. Eucalyptus citrus scalds my tongue as the slick savory needles continue to combust in my nose. I’m physically paralyzed during this consuming introduction.

Holding all of my attention, I delve deeper into the frenzied hearth. Scorched skins of ambiguous citrus fruit tumble their scraps across my dismantled palate. Tangy raw herb muddles into a soothing tincture in attempts to salve my wounded taste buds. A futile remedy to this battering bulldozer of kush-driven spice. I lean into a false sense of security only to be impacted by another meteorite of scalding earthy diesel. Though a cowering prisoner, I find myself eventually enchanted to the abrasive charm of Sugar Biscuits.

Prolonged exposure to the eviscerating profile has my eyes dripping with unsolicited tears. I feel a nimble warmth bestowed upon my mind. A combination of effect and survival instinct, I rally myself to endure the piercing bolts of Biscuit. My ears tingle as I feel a band of stable cool stretch over and wrench my skull. Snug reassurance insulates my mind of storming thought. My body, or at least my connection with it, has wilted away. I feel a structured numbness through my limbs, I feel that I’ve become a motivated mannequin. I feverishly plot on dreams and desires for the day that I regain control of my form.

Vulnerable to jolts of overwhelming energy, stripes of anxiety paint the situation due to general immobility. Nothing overly intense or scarring, but I felt moments of overheating and a panicked pulse. I’m typically as cool as a cucumber, so a strange part of me often appreciates such an unregulated gasping rush in my pulse. A prickly brush rakes down my spine, prodding away minor surface aches. I notice this only as my physical form thaws from the ethereal glacier. There exists a half-step between the crushing gravity and mental proliferation; a joyous zone of fluid confidence. I suggest exploring and maintaining this mode of the high for as long as possible. Sugar Biscuits has me feeling motivated, focused, and sociable.

I was right not to try and anticipate the flexible demeanor of a cross with so much cookies influence. I’m sure this will be largely disputed, but I would regard this strain as tenderly sativa-dominant. As with all cannabis, the effects eventually peter out and leave you drowsy after some time. But, Sugar Biscuits delivered unto me a chariot of energy and aloof charismatic amusement. The only reasons that this strain isn’t a complete slam dunk are the unstable structure and an oversimplified translation from aroma into flavor. Nonetheless, this was a fantastic introduction to Cloud Nine Farms and I look forward to trying their product again soon.

Sugar Biscuits score: 85/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 16

Smoke – 14

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 20

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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