Mimosa #6 by Constellation Cannabis

Mimosa #6 by Constellation Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted after a brief birthday hiatus. I am overjoyed to return to my precious treasure trove of top shelf strains. Tonight will debut the christening review of Constellation Cannabis. I’ve had some of their insane infused prerolls and I was convinced that their flower was worth analyzing. Known for their ice hash, they seem to be capturing the hearts of the community at large. Adding to the hype, we have Mimosa #6, a Jungleboyz cross of Purple Punch and Clementine.

If you’re a student of this publication, you know that cannabinoid percentages mean nothing, but they are nonetheless worth mentioning when they are readily available. This top shelf cannabis tests in at a humble 11.99% THC for a 13.60% Cannabinoid total. I’m not dissuaded in the slightest; numbers are for nerds. It’s never too early for a little Mimosa.

I unseal the cache in hopes of discovering unforetold riches. A secretive gathering of softened grapefruit musk musters before me. A building tang of sweet grit stirs around the ankles of the fragrance. Tender damp draws through bulbs of drowsy tangerine pulp. Feathery berry teases my nostrils at a distance. The introduction thus far is bathed in withholding hesitation. I will not let this nourishing nectarine keep its secrets.

As I break the bud, Mimosa’s true essence is uncovered. Savory geysers of weighted citrus are heaved out from behind the walls like cauldrons of scalding oil. Tilling through the free-falling muck are recognizable gasps of smooth grape and a decentralized orange zest. A tart grape-cherry pylon stakes forward the advance of a thundering tide of warm gas. Tepid needles of gaseous vigor rain down upon my palate like a summer storm. The luscious run-off strains through refreshing grassy knuckles to brew a savory slurry of ambiguous fruity resonance.

Mimosa #6 is a cone of sunken riches. Sprouting into spires of modest density; the buds maintain clean edges and a consolidated demeanor as they crown into crystalline arrowheads. Asphyxiated eggplant, bruised mauve, and tender violet crawls across the hardened surfaces. Somber shades marble through the body of Mimosa like shadows cast by a chaotic cloudscape.

Wrangling in the dark deception are rebellious streaks of lime and emerald green. An illusion to the senses, the dark depths seem to drag the vibrant greens a few octaves lower. In isolation sections of Mimosa are light and vibrant, but as I pan out, the beacons are swallowed by the gloom-stricken jungle. The most luminous aspect of Mimosa are the rampaging ridges of golden trichomes that crash and careen across the rippled petals. Stout resin glands, painted with a sappy clarity, provide an eerie highlight to the undersides of its craning murky arms.

Erupting from the rippled glacier are tendrils of tarnished red. Lost loosely between cheesy orange and bronze, the bulky hairs bridge horizontally as if they were attempting to complete circuits. This strain is alleged to be an even-keeled hybrid, however, this phenotype demonstrates an impenetrable density. While still breathing with dwindling freshness and a satisfying squish, I’m stunned by the concrete integrity of Mimosa #6.

Leaf to flame, I am cast out to a realm of dehydrated citrus. My entrance grazes against cliffs of arid orange peels that crumble into a skunky musk. A woodsy finish of grapefruit spice soldered by a blackened hash. The delivery is delicate, considerate, and smooth. The featherweight tributary runs against banks of sour vanilla and dams of creamy wood. Smacks of blackened berry disrupt the soothing channel. A challenging herbal musk coaxes the profile to carry a grassy note with an acute lime bite. The finishing breaths of Mimosa #6 is like chalky tangerine strained through fresh cork. Tart lusciousness grounded by a rebounding sylvan gnarl.

A towel of warm putty stretches across my face. The ethereal garment plops down, quashing my senses. I am forced inward, massaged into introspection by the disarming invisible warmth. The meditation is driven by a petrifying grogginess. As time crawls forward, more of my body seems to be frozen into stone. The affliction follows a sporadic agenda, sprinkling the chilling encumbrance throughout. I lumber through my entombing doom, with every step, cocooned deeper into my spirit.

My insides feel like a memory foam mattress, unwieldy but endlessly accommodating. My chest feels as if it was flooded with a decompressing blend of helium and nitrous. I’m deliriously comfortable. My eyes wander like those pasted to a sock puppet. I struggle to navigate my new exuberantly rattled charisma. My metamorphosis is abetted by reinforcing tides of the soothing warmth. I become gradually more comfortable with my inevitable annihilation. Mimosa lured me in with a tempting rush, but refuses to free me from her swarming sedative.

Rich with fruity pulp and otherworldly vigor, Mimosa #6 is truly unique. An orange perspective spilled over heavy grape spice to concoct an entirely new universe. The flower was a few months old so it may have deafened some of its personality. But hey, quality cannabis takes considerably longer than that to forfeit its terpenes. I just like to offer the benefit of the doubt. That being said, I’m eager to see what other flowers churn out of this brand. I’ll be sure to snag some fresher flower for the next review!

Mimosa #6 score: 85/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 19

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 18

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