California Limes by Pura Vida

California Limes by Pura Vida Cannabis Company

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we hold dear the zest of life. Today, we will be appraising California Limes by Pura Vida. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying this brand before, but they came highly recommended from Local Roots. There is no time like the present.

This strain has a muddy lineage. A brief internet search only uncovers that it may be an indica-dominant Cookies cross. However, I am happy to report that I do know that this particular production tests at 20.1% THC while celebrating being pesticide-free. They are also kind enough to include a small terpene chart on the side. California Limes is myrcene dominant and tested for 2.4% ‘total terps.’ Pura Vida went the extra mile and I can only hope that their cannabis does the same.

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I unseal the vessel to reveal plumes of tart zest. Chilled chunks of woody pulp drift along a syrupy river. A babbling brook of buoyant lime cradled by a bitter herbal riverbed. Slick effervescence rushes over the earthy body like a juicy sweat. Enchanting briskness that unearths a smoky granulated citrus that is revealed in splintered stints. The gaps paved over by a musty vapid sweetness. A chaser of savory earth that carries as swiftly as the breeze.

In fervent excavation, I break the bud. California Limes churns out a pheromone blend of bitter lime and smooth baked vanilla. The crumbled sweetness mimics a bizarrely tropical coffee creamer. A creamy revival slipping between realms both zesty and sharp. The most standout nuance is how collected and concentrated the initially unfocussed profile has become. Lancing citrus surfing across the brisk chill of woodland damp. California Limes proves to be a bog of syrupy skunky lime slime.

California Limes builds into rounded mounds with horned noses. Awkward lumps scale upward like a haphazard cone of ice cream. A frosted mountain with marshmallowy cliffs. An accurate adjective in both terms of terpene profile and physical appeal; lime soaks the faces of the flower. A gentle chameleon that fades from exuberant lime to frosted moss and purpled pine. A muddy slide of chromatic delights.

Crumbling over every visible fiber is a prickly golden tide. Like an Incan army, golden glistening spear tips as far as the eye could see. The population of the resin glands is often so concentrated that no foliage can be seen at all. Similar to the crashing tides of trichomes, tufts of hair erupt in short outbursts. The stout tendrils arc like miniature flames; a vivid tangerine blaze performs before my eyes. This strain fills out well, but only a little abuse can determine whether the density is feigned. My encroaching touch found little relief in the concrete demeanor of California Limes.

Leaf to flame, I plunge into the bittersweet embrace of hot lime. The bladed citrus scathes across my tastebuds with its poignant edge. Pulped magma of feisty fruit shedding a charcoal earthen grit in its wake. A frothy orange sour foams out from the charred trail. A stern woody lime stirs with a green milky steam. The unique breath escalates the magnitude of its subdued lime partner considerably. Acute herbal zest birthing a one-way highway to combative sour fruit. The profile matures to entertain a caramelized hazy rush. A syrupy confectionary that eases the transition between the flavorful bludgeoning. As the bowl chars, it finishes into a spicy breath rich with hoppy accentuation. This strain reminds me of lime juice as it draws across a wooden cutting board. Dry, refreshing, and an enchanting challenge.

An otherworldly heat wraps my soul. I feel as if my skull is sweating from the inside. I trace the panicked beads of metaphysical stress hoping to understand the source. I feel my physical grace fall apart like a Jenga tower. I’m reduced to a haphazard stack of bones deprived of functionality. Even if I could now muster the desire, I’m not positive that I know how to walk. Dismissive of an external journey, I hold my focus on my introspective monologue.

My thoughts drip from my brain like hot slag shed from the cliffs of a volcano. Flowing slowly yet purposefully and without compromise. As my rapidly churning mind slows, the stalagmites of my brain manifest. Twisted spires of half-cocked motives and far-fetched ideas. I roam the blackened cavern, mourning the wild whims that could’ve been. Yet here I am, marooned alone with unshakable tranquility. I feel peace echo through my soul with every step deeper into the clapping coal sanctuary. Share the eternal and unquestioning determination of the stone. You never hear statues complain, do you?

California Limes surely brought some sunshine into my life. I found this strain to be an adequate introduction to what I can expect from Pura Vida. I appreciated the crystal crusted flower and its well-timed cure. There were certainly things left to be desired, but at the price point it is surely worth a shot. I found this production to be quite true to the name, likely to impress those seeking a genuine representation of lime. As always, thanks for reading.

California Limes score: 84/100

Aroma – 15

Physical – 20

Flavor – 14

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 17

Stay high and blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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