Dutch Treat by NW Connoisseurs

Dutch Treat by Northwest Connoisseurs

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are always cracking open special treats. The treat of this evening is Dutch Treat by Northwest Connoisseurs. Dutch Treat, famous in certain circles, is still miraculously an unknown hybrid. I know it brewed up popularity in Amsterdam seed banks before making its American debut in California. Since its inception, Dutch Treat has become a sativa-dominant favorite. This particular production test at 23.8% THCA and 27.9% total cannabinoids. It’s been a while since I’ve had a dance, let us take the hand Dutch Treat today.

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I take a deep breath and plunge into the capsulated universe of Dutch Treat. My palette is swarmed by a sweet hazy sting. I dive down towards a forest floor of sugary pine and rebounding citrus notes. A low-hanging mist of frothy tang, spread yet biting. The flexible demeanor of Dutch Treat snaps out alternating crackles of invigorating aroma. My nose drips with the tender pulp of haze-drenched fruit.

A residual tincture that mimics pineapple chunks, lime, and plumes of dirty ambiguous zest. Dutch Treat; an undecipherable bouquet rich with terpinolene, pinene, humulene, and caryophyllene. The terpene slurry is delivered through an icy chill. I trace the cool as it chases through my breath. The culmination is lively, vibrant, and refreshing. A tumultuous tide of inspiring aromas that cause my heart to gasp with glee.

In desperate hopes of amplifying the immeasurable fragrence, I break the bud. A woody funk bleeds out, wrapping around the hazy citrus like grounding bandages. The affected party becomes thicker, bolder, and hangs on my palette for aeons. The transformation seems to discard some of the lighter traits to embody some dry, earthy, and hashy grit.

Hardened soil, still saturated with fierce tang, rolls into an herbal cocoon. Feathery foliage ferments into a savory bog of lancing tartness and subdued berry. I find that with prolonged exposure the profile becomes more amicable. Is Dutch Treat willing to be tamed or am I falling for feigned humility?

Wriggly tumbleweeds of spirited moss spin out from the jar. Rotund boulders with an engorged demeanor. Swollen ridges roll around the verdant masses like mountainous halos. Tickling over every ridge are the milky lime resin glands. Countless trichomes stand out from the somber to weave an illuminated tapestry of crystalline psychoactivity. The spawning grounds are so populated that it looks like these buds were rolled in sand.

Diffusing the resinous stranglehold is the shifting sea of camouflage petals. The domineering moss is often overturned by rebellious streaks of warm lime and hardened nodes of pine. Collectively, these competing hues cause the flower to pulse with vigor. Adding to the animated state of Dutch Treat are the burnished weeping hairs. Long stigmas arc across crevasses, creating impromptu tunnels of sorts. The architecture of Dutch Treat allows for sharp peaks, random valleys, and rippling jungles of personality.

Even though months of curing have passed, these flowers appear to be extremely fresh. As I impose my grip unto the glistening nodes, I don’t hear a single crunch or crackle. My assessment was correct, this batch is still rich with life and moisture. I mean this in a good way, in no manner implying improper drying. This is a testament to their masterful timing during those harvest and drying phases, as well as, a sign that their packaging is effective at preserving said freshness.

Dutch Treat demonstrates considerable bulk for a sativa. A spherical miracle composed of unflinching petals and sticky sap. I can force my way through the sylvan bulwark, but this strain is suspiciously dense for a notorious sativa flower. I’m aware the peculiar density is an inherent trait of the strain itself, again adding mystery to its murky lineage. Let’s see how this luscious leaf stands up to a flame.

Leaf to flame, I ignite a geyser of luscious fruit. Lava-like pine carves channels into my tongue to purvey the immense flavor. Stabbing hazy notes emblazoned with slick citrus blister my palette. The assault launches me into a shelter of peppery marshmallow tang. Slabs of aloof sweetness are challenged by the skewering siege of herbal spice. Citrus grit spatters across the earthen bulwark. The aftermath shakes loose an uplifting brew of dry pine and milky earth. Dutch Treat is a lancing delight composed of smoky citrus and muddy haze.

An exuberant buzzing begins to manifest in my skull. Building exponentially, a warm glow washes over my thoughts. My spirit is imbued with otherworldly optimism. I feel determined and capable. Contrasting the mental warmth are billows of tinging cool that sweeps through my limbs. My joints and muscles feel massaged out of existence, my nerves numbed by the encroaching chill. The sensory disarmament becomes a little too ambitious as it continues on to liquify my spine. My new bed-ridden state directs me inward to cherish the still-blooming seed of inspiration.

A mild pressure builds above my eyes, as if my brows are being pushed downward. I feel sedated, my head barely kept from falling below my shoulders. I close my eyes, seeking a way out of the innocuous stranglehold. Even after I stop smoking, Dutch Treat continues to constrict my body. I try to raise my arms to no effect. I’ve met the bottom of a pit of invisible quicksand. Mustering the amount of effort needed to combat the anchoring sludge is near impossible. I roll over and accept my fate as the fly stuck to the paper.

Wow, this Dutch Treat was an amazing tribute to my memory of the strain. The classic qualities are embodied so cleanly that I couldn’t help but fall in love all over again. Northwest Connoisseurs made a firm introduction to Toasted n’ Posted, ensuring some definite future reviews. I scored this flower at Local Roots in Everett and I’m very glad that I listened to the budtender. As always, thanks for reading.

Dutch Treat score: 95/100

Aroma – 20

Physical – 20

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 18

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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