Godfather by H.O.C.

Godfather by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we dissect the subtleties of cannabis and put them on display. It may be ‘going against the family’, but we will be challenging Godfather this evening. Godfather, a House of Cultivar production, is a tripartite cross of Bubba Kush, L.A. Confidential, and Grandaddy Purple. A suite of savory purple and earthy kush influence; I can hardly wait. Reviewing this strain was simply an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Godfather beckons me forward. I enter a chamber of sour doughy spice. Prickly sugar plummets into an herbal cool. I uncover a chorus of wet grape kisses. A spark of gassy tang mimics soft honeydew and tart pomegranate. Dispersed diesel mist preserves the withholding grape. The profile is purposeful but intentional in only a few select directions. I feel there must be more to reveal.

In fervent investigation, I mash the flowers under my nostrils. Delicious delving that unearthed an acutely raw resurgence. Resonant grape casts out tart shockwaves. The fracture spurts a cool mist, condensing and falling as a powdery sugar. My heart chews on chunky adrenaline as I feel a gasping rush of relaxation halt my breath.

The profile falls to a slick slurry of chalky grape and rich hash. The tincture of muddied fruit sits accumulating intensity, acquiring a permeating level of woody funk. I cherish the gnarled musk of smoky nut and cocoa citrus. Zesty pulp slithers through a mesh of tacky gas. My palette is both antagonized and soothed.

For the offspring of three indica-dominant strains, Godfather appears to be quite leafy. Velvet petals fan out leaving large gaps between them. Scraggly points stacked into a haphazard pinecone. The rounded nodes reveal decorated nests of scintillating resin. Foaming white pours over the flexible crust. Disrupting the halo of milky spikes are jagged bolts of fiery orange. The lengthy blazing stigmas carve a hellish highway of vibrant color.

Below the striking canopies are alternating burps of purple and green. Plum crashes into sharp violet, electric lime, and washed out cucumber. As spread and flimsy as Godfather appeared at first glance, my advances are quickly squelched. My squeeze shifts an invisible distance as I reassess the callous kernels in my palm. The buds appear like cotton balls, but have the fortitude of a wire pad.

Leaf to flame, I wrap my lips around a spicy bite of a brittle pastry crust. A crumbly croissant dusted with cayenne and drizzled berry glaze. The hardy profile leans towards a smoky beef satisfaction. A jerked herb emphasizing a dry leafy simmer. Subtle almond buoyancy chases every breath. A pine crispness carries the stampede onward through a hashy puddle.

Kicking up warm licks of caramelized earth, a geyser of minty cocoa chem singes my throat. Scalding grape grit veils over a charming clap of wet stone. As the bowl chars, Godfather entertains the trademark traits of a classic purple strain. A dry rub of spicy berry and calculated floral nudges. A tender peppery gas that becomes inconveniently abrasive at times. Godfather is an emphasis on the common denominators of its lineage; namely its berry, syrupy, and herbal qualities.

My acclimation to Godfather was slow. I noticed my mind gradually wash over with a disarming haze. Time seemed to grind to a halt. I’ve seamlessly slid into an inconsistent dimension of temporal distortion. Some minutes feel instant, others could hold eternities. I am prisoner to the lopsided timeline.

A rubbery knot builds behind my brow; pulling my face tight. My eyes are drawn open as my mind is flooded with shapeless thought. Unwarranted inspiration rampages through my mind, flushing out anything useful before I can grasp it. I forfeit my goal of controlling this ride and commit to enjoying the bed of immense comfort before me. Euphoria flaps over my skin like a pillowy cloak. Infectious influence that converts my flesh into unwieldy pillows.

My composition and intentions are now quite similar to a mattress. I have no greater desire than to lumber in the corner taking up space. My blood feels warm, as if a chain of jacuzzis were brewing in my veins. This high leaves you playfully flustered and mildly sedated. For an indica-hybrid, the small portion of sativa influence puts in a lot of work to balance out the euphoric anchors.

Godfather is blend of ice, spice, and everything nice. A feisty blend of refreshing leaf finishing into a bouquet of smoky exuberance. I enjoyed such a fruity spin on Bubba Kush. The high is subtle, but perhaps ideal for those just beginning to experiment with indica. Godfather provides a calm sanctuary for you to rest your weary mind. As always, thanks for reading.

Godfather score: 82/100

Aroma – 17

Physical -17

Flavor – 15

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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