Gluechee by H.O.C.

Gluechee by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where something new is always just around the corner. This evening, we will be dissecting another House of Cultivar strain. This is Gluechee; the indica-dominant cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Cheese. Undoubtedly overspilling with funk, I’m truly excited to experience this unique cross for myself. Experience Gluechee with me.

As I open the jar, I am overcome by a melody of sweet stinging musk. A barrage sweeping over pillowy skunk notes. The assault moves like a steamroller of savory chocolate driven by a muddy bite. The paved culmination emanates a smoky funk. The profile rings out raw fermented notes. A wafting mildew damp slips over notes of grape leaf and mushroom fungus. The charming introduction finishes into a burp of stale cool.

In hopes of disrupting Gluechee’s calm demeanor, I destroy the dense citadels. I unleash waves of savory earth. A candied syrup births a chain reaction of piney herb. Curdled milky earth stirs with a minty crisp. A gentle tang hangs over the creamy herbal wake. As the cured flesh crackles, I am enticed by an elusive fruity sweetness. A musty Starburst hanging just out of reach. Perhaps a flame will unlock its secrets.

Gluechee is composed of a basket of lively pulsing colors. Sharp pear cascades into blunt olive patches. Rich pine steaks crash into soft mauve basins. Twinkling like a star-strung trellis is the endless bounty of trichomes. Tall resin glands stand out in stark contrast to the verdancy. Bronzed milky lighthouses flicker as thousands of candles in the night sky. Stampeding trichomes cause Gluechee to appear as though it has been rolled in sugar.

The flowers build into narrow pillars. Bulbous towers of rippling leaf. The structure is compact as the broad petals arc inward, armoring the crystalline engine. Crackling out from the frosted crust are thin bolts of peachy brown. The tender arms weave in wild patterns, dancing over the reflective resin. The flower appears to be a hybrid; stacked tightly yet seemingly fluffy. I’m shocked as a quick squeeze confirms a rock-solid density. The petrified petals are near immovable. Gluechee is truly a spectacle to behold.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is glazed over by smoky cheese. A hasty herbal gasp casts out a chemmy crispness. The flavor falls like chilled shards of diesel. A leafy green freshness thaws from the assault, the revival emulates lime and cucumber. The profile molts to entertain peppery, sweet, and flaky qualities. The evolution also births a tender lick of citrus. A kiss of scorched tangerine skin. A ripe zest that matures as the bowl smolders. Rich tartness now hangs on my breath, amplified so that it now overshadows the initial incendiary musk. The profile settles into a smooth pathway of roasted herb and a dry barky bite.

I feel as if pockets of air begin shifting through my skull. A snake of unwieldy inspiration writhes through my mind. I feel my brain physically churn and wriggle with function. Ironically, this enhanced function only serves to survey how belligerently high I’ve become. A foggy veil washes over me physically and mentally. My body is padded by a modest euphoria; it is complimentary and unassuming. Mentally, my aspirations continue to shift helplessly.

I find myself marooned on a sandbar of lighthearted indecision. An acute clarity aimed directly inward to explore the emotional muck of my soul. The sensation becomes highly introspective as it provides pulsing waves of feathery comfort. A warmth crawls through my skin, awakening my body with a second wind. The tingling unlocks reserves of energy cached away in my body. I feel fluent, confident, and tranquil. Gluechee is a flexible muse of buoyant comforts that purges all mental congestion.

This strain was truly as fun as its name. A bouquet of rich earthy qualities met with gentle citrus graces. This strain wasn’t as cheesy as I’d expected, I can only expect that the gaseous vigor of Gorilla Glue would augment the traditional funk. Overall, this sticky crystal-coated mess is very much worth your time. Lend me your lungs and you won’t be sorry. As always, thanks for reading.

Gluechee score: 83/100

Aroma – 14

Physical – 20

Flavor – 14

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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