Wedding Cake by Treedom

Wedding Cake by Treedom Productions

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we blaze down skepticism and build up our knowledge base. Today’s strain comes with a brief story. During my travels, I encountered a manager that swore up and down that he’d tried every Wedding Cake available to the i-502 market. Dismissive of all common contenders, he signaled me over to this jar. I’d never before tried Treedom or heard of many that have, but, he was insistent that their cake was king.

In an action born of half-cocked curiosity and spirited disbelief, I purchased some to try for myself. This heralds a burgeoning review for Treedom and a revisit to a familiar friend, Wedding Cake. In case it’s taken you this long to hear about this explosively popular strain; Wedding Cake is the indica-dominant cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. This particular production comes in at 19.4% THCA, 21.9% total cannabinoids, and is labeled as pesticide-free. Time will tell, is this the true Cake Boss?

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I free the square lid from the capsule. Eagerly escaping are precursors of a lighthearted forest musk. The sylvan note is complimented by a rotund crumbly vanilla. A flat grassy canopy that spans over a gently baked bog. Wafting from the pungent pool is the bold steamy exuberance of green tea and lemongrass. The profile proves to be savory and warm.

Through breaking the bud a sugary pastry skin is revealed. A fluffy croissant unleashing a belch of sweet yeast from its wounds. A gentle gassy field radiates out from the refreshing herbal tendencies like static electricity. The profile eventually quells into a bog of earthy cool. I expected a vastly stronger resurgence from the famous Wedding Cake.

Wedding Cake wields a weathered demeanor. A sea of ghostly white seems to wash over all competing notions. A feathery blizzard eternally hovering above the twinkling verdancy. Discerning through the hazy tide, I unearth subtle touches of pear and exhausted lime. Craning over the drained petals are thousands of stout resin glands. Wary of my stale humor, this Cake is caked! A milky egg hue lattices over the delicate foliage. The drained spectrum drowned ever further into submission by the countless beacons.

The bud structure is trapped somewhere between bowling pins and arrow heads. Plump, rotund bases with acute narrow heads. The flowers bloom in tight nodes, sparing of gaps and sprawling leaf. My touch confirms the inherent density of this strain, however, its fortitude is betrayed by its dehydrated state. This is a little odd considering the harvest date is only February 18th of this 2019.

There is a light styrofoam squish to the fragile flesh. This flower may have been too rapidly cured or dried. I don’t find that flower is commonly this dry only two months after harvest. Not that Wedding Cake is an exceptionally hairy strain, but I find it peculiar how few stigmas are present. The strands carry out a lonely existence, starved on high ridges of the bud. What hairs I do encounter hold a tender tangerine hue.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is emblazoned with a sweet fragrant funk. Candied pepper swells up and rolls off of a woody skunk. An aloof spice tickles my nose while herbal notes continue to crackle in provocative melody. I find myself in the middle of a hashy and sugary romance. The backboard claps with the warm zest of blackened wood further demented by a floury confectionary. The hit resolves into a smoky crisp finish, only intermittently disturbed by incendiary gasps of citrus.

The high is of gentle and gradual beginnings. I feel a brevity bestowed upon my thoughts as my chest is put at ease. It feels as if all of my overworked muscles are relaxing and forfeiting their tension. It is as if I’d just learned to breathe deeply again. A deep breath is the perfect analogy for how this high advances. A crawling peace, building exponentially with every indulgence.

The crevasses of my skull now hum with pleasant distraction. My skin is being invisibly stretched, I feel as if I’d just gotten Botox treatment. My face continues to feel more plump and swole. I beat my fingers around to make sure it hasn’t physically changed. My mind eventually finds stillness, a reservoir of quieting tranquility. The sensation builds like a rocking chair. I feel my willpower being gradually siphoned off. While this phenotype proves to be more balanced than others; the destination is ultimately an unplanned nap.

A formal introduction to Treedom was long overdue and I am charmed by their peculiar packaging. While I enjoyed this bud, I certainly do not regard it as the “Best Wedding Cake on the market.” I feel that this product didn’t exactly align with the aroma that I experienced spilling out from the bag at the store. I would imagine that this is somehow tied to the dryness issue and I suspect that the profile must peak aromatically after a certain period. Offering the benefit of the doubt, this strain has the potential to rock your world as it had the aforementioned dispensary manager. I will also acknowledge that this phenotype is very close to an even hybrid as the packaging shows. As always, thanks for reading.

Wedding Cake score: 77/100

Aroma – 13

Physical – 17

Flavor – 15

Consistency – 16

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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