Ice Cream Dream by 50 Fold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will be joining our friends at 50 Fold on a pheno hunt! This exciting new prospect was released only in single grams at a few select locations. So in this way, I had to assemble my own eighth from smaller jars. Any labor is worth getting a crack at a new 50 Fold strain. This hybrid is the potent cross of White Tahoe Cookies and Mothertongue. Accentuating my excitement is the impressive testing data of 28.8% THCA and 0.29% CBD. Let’s help our friends and lend them our lungs.

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Ice Cream Dream is a dream, indeed. I open the jar to receive a soft creamy song on the back of beaten oak. A milk of sugary cinnamon brevity. The aroma wrings out a dry echo of curdled skunk and musky froth. The culmination of the weighted funks compile to a foreign custard. The pudding is rich with a smooth cocoa sour. The profile is similar to Swiss Miss mix complimented with a grassy crispness. As a whole, the scent is lighthearted and malleable.

In hopes of enraging the subtle profile, I dismantle the fluffy chunks under my nose. An acute herbal spice prickles out from the gentle profile like peppery quills. A gas stirs from the fresh pores, a vision of the classic chem diesel. The wisp of assertive chem churns out a tail of brittle citrus and bold earth. The further I dig into the odiferous flesh the stronger the menthol chem tendencies become. When agitated, the profile molts from soft and sugary to gassy, raw, and bold.

Ice Cream Dream assembles like bright green clouds. Playful tufts of pillowy flesh sprawl out into stout cones. A cheerful distortion traces the perimeter, an aura of hazy frost. Disrupting the milky atmosphere are tangled masses of wirey stigmas. Patches of crazed arms weave into mountainous tumbleweeds that tower over the soft foliage. The hairs dawn a cloak of worn gold and burnished tangerine. The knotted masses appear fluffy to the touch, though I dare not damage this strain’s gentle demeanor just yet.

Inordinately long trichomes scale up the sides of the verdant mass like rungs on a ladder. The crystalline steppes act as fogged mirrors that amplify the vibrant natural hues of the strain. Ice Cream Dream is washed with weathered pear, sodden moss, and enlivened pine. The transitions of color are so subtle that the spectrum appears forever pulsing. Finally comfortable testing its density, I impose my grip upon the fuzzy mounds. My fingertips are tickled by the feathery bristle, feeding my analysis of its pillow-like appearance. However, the body of Ice Cream Dream quickly condenses and firms into a considerably strong kernel.

Leaf to flame, my mouth is flooded with waves of juicy menthol. Gushing fruity notes spill out over a bed of spiced citrus to serrated satisfaction. Prickled sweets dance upon my tongue as a corrosive tang dwells on my breath. The abusive lullaby is disrupted by a stabbing herbal clean. The note is like caramelized eucalyptus. A piercing chem note that gathers strength equated to a zesty ballista. The armament is dipped into a blueberry cool. A siege laid about unto a tender bog of milky earth. I’m now stranded on a smoldering field of blackened lumber and succulent cream. From greens to ash, Ice Cream Dream proves to be a bouquet of needling citrus and savory forest notes.

My mind is wracked by a belligerent sense of clarity. All of my plights and burdens are shaken loose from my busied brain. I find myself sitting still, appraising the now cavernous feel to my skull. This sensation redefines feeling empty-headed. It was as if I was existing with an undetectable cold that was just purged from my system. I reel struggling to adjust to my new existential exuberance.

My spirit feels stronger, as if it were shocked awake by being plunged into a pool of ice water. My heart is reinvigorated, stoked with new flames of passion. A veil of euphoric bubbles sud over my skin, bathing it in numbing comfort. I feel as if my physical form is gradually converted into mounds of fluffy ice cream. I’m soon to be no more than a chilled mound of sloth intent solely on melting away. I feel a hand of cold chains rake across my face, fighting my eyelids shut. Ice Cream Dream certainly calls you to dream. In stark contradiction to the initial energetic jolt, the sensation builds to bury you in an avalanche of cumbersome pleasure.

I had to check to make sure my tongue was still intact after enjoying this latest recipe from 50 Fold. The flavor profile I received was none like I expected from the name, the White Tahoe Cookies genetics shone through beautifully while demonstrating a funky new phenotype. This strain leans heavily towards the Cookies side and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. If this is just the pheno hunt batch, I can only imagine what the refined experiment will taste like. Once again, Fifty Fold has brought revelry to my palette. At their aggressive new price point, they truly a force to be reckoned with. As always, thanks for reading.

Ice Cream Dream score: 90/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 18

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 19

Sensation – 17

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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