The Jack-Sativa by Cascadia

The Jack-Sativa by Cascadia Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are always diving into something new. That sentiment is twice true today as we try a new producer and an unfamiliar strain. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Cascadia Gardens and I’ve found it was about time I got around to testing them out. The strain; The Jack-Sativa, is a fascinating reintroduction of Jack Herer back into XJ-13. Jack Herer, for those unfamiliar, is the tri-partite cross of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze. This determined sativa tests in at 20.2% THCA. Numbers mean nothing, let’s challenge these terpenes.

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I pop open the jar to receive a greeting of tickling citrus zest. Roiling sudsy sap erupts from the capsule, bathing my nose. Disrupting the domineering torrent is a babbling stream of stern pine. Frothing ferocity eventually falls to a neutralizing lemonade cool, churning into a prickled hazy satisfaction. A note of tart green honey rebounds in the background. Buoyant sweetness hardens around a tangerine pillow. Unbridled zest still stampedes against the smooth unwieldy jelly that trudges through my throat. A playful gassy moisture teases my senses to dig further into the profile.

I delve through the dense body to get closer. I unearth a soily cocoa that rolls out from the fresh wounds. My assertion unleashes a renewed geyser of gasping citrus haze. A pillowy marshmallow sweetness wrought with a slick chamomile finish. Even with these considered nuances, I don’t experience anything I’d define as a bizarre emphasis or augmentation of its initial traits. I’m surprised, but not disappointed.

The Jack-Sativa aspires to a towering mass of rippled verdancy with carved rock-hard pockets. Concrete bubbles coat the surface, the bubbling verdancy balls into a scaled citadel of lean leaf. This dense sativa brandishes rich plumage in the form of scattered green hues. Crisp moss falls to a bed of cheery lime and stern pear. In just as subtle arcs, fiery orange hairs sprout in short stature. The dazzling stigmas weave through the flower like an elaborate system of subterranean pipelines. This strain has an immense amount of character and visual appeal. The entire flower seems to radiate an aura of bronzed gold. A warm bath of rusted charm washes over The Jack-Sativa.

This theme is additionally supported by the mellow light reflected through the jam-packed trichome ridges. The resin glands spill over one another in competition to occupy the vivid face. Jack Herer isn’t a particularly spread or airy strain, however, the amount of density these flowers demonstrate is insane. If it wasn’t for the long spear-like structure, this strain resembles a full-fledged indica. I can find virtually no squish or relief within its structure. The Jack-Sativa proves to be unshakably stable and formidably dense.

Leaf to flame, my palette was brazened by cleansing dry herb. My tongue is purged clean by an unrelenting jet of menthol steam. The voracious jet crashes into a panel of subtle cookie dough. The clash rings out a pinch of sharp citrus; a glimpse of flavor that appears only for fragments of a second. The steam is diffused into a smoky forest clean, I bathe in the refreshing pine mist. The gust drums up earthy suds that float through the air. The bubbly bodies beckon forth a tide of pineapple tangerine froth. The aloof notes dangle above a plain of arid hash. Leafy menthol fruit burgeons from the soil to entertain a dirty caramel finish. The flavor is persistent but gradually abandons into a wisp of smoked herbal zest.

My mind is imbued with an instant clarity, as if I’d just pounded two cups of black coffee. I am alert and perky, but not nervously wracking my brain. Every time my overworked mind began to unravel, the heated gears were washed over with an artificial calm. Like small spurts of water cast over a raging flame. The tepid balance offered by The Jack-Sativa does just enough to keep my overactive imagination in check. This strain provides a lively high that enacts quickly.

A pleasant buzzing sits back in the back of my skull, keeping me engaged and focused. Gradually, I begin to appreciate some of the overshadowed physical benefits within this strain. My joints feel loose, born anew. My often achey shoulders feel unencumbered and free. This feeling of carefree comfort eventually whittles away at my heightened focus leaving me marooned among my most childish instincts. I giggle wildly as I forfeit control of my adult mind to acquire a touch of tranquility. This sensation is complex and sets you down gently.

An immaculate tribute to Jack Herer heritage. Dare I say, Herer-itage. This strain pinpoints and reinforces all of the famous aspects of the strain. Bountiful flavor and a truly uninhibited high make this flower one worth experiencing. Cascadia Gardens, I am genuinely impressed with the product you provide at such a competitive price point. As always, thanks for reading.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

The Jack-Sativa score: 87/100

Aroma – 19

Physical – 18

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 16

Sensation – 17

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