Memberberry by Fire Bros.

‘Memberberry by Fire Bros.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will be smashing up some Fire Bros. It’s been a while since I’ve revisited their flower, but I hadn’t heard anything short of amazing spread about them during said lag-time. That being said, this strain is alleged by budtenders and consumers alike to be the apex of their new lineup. ‘Memberberry, another tasty allusion to South Park, is a peculiar indica-hybrid. One of the parents won the 2013 Cannabis Cup; Ewok, has been crossed with Plum Dawg Pie. I’ve never heard of something as spectacular as Plum Dawg Pie before, but I am quite familiar with the bouquet of earthy pine citrus associated with Ewok. This production tests in at 23% THC-A. Numbers mean nothing, let the terps talk!

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I pop open the bag in hopeful optimism. I was not bludgeoned down, but welcomed by a sweet usher of soft succulence. The harbinger basked in a deep fruity damp. It clicked in an instant. I am now face-to-face with the truest ‘plum’ interpretation I’d ever faced. From the tight tartness of its pseudo-grape skin to the rippled notes of enlivening pulpy sap. There can be no mistake. The sappy quality is bolder than the subtle whims of the stone fruit.

The profile gradually turning toward a roasted earthy zest. A cleansing dryness, like the tepid mist projected from your drying machine. A palatable chalky mist imbued with willful floral tendencies. A light citrus breeze ushers in an age of chilled afghani. The berry-saturated soil is thick with sedative syrupy influence. The profile finishes into a citrusy cilantro briskness. The finishing cusp is like walking toward the misted carriages of fresh produce at a grocery store.

Break the bud, the withheld fruity damp is accentuated along with its arsenal of rotund juicy armaments. A tender waterfall crawling across my palette; drowning my senses in its torrential downpour of damp fruity lusciousness. The antagonized profile holds true, hanging in a frenzied state of its moist, skunky, and sweet qualities. ‘Memberberry looses one last gasp of disenfranchised grape as it washes over the crashing plum waves with a tangy touch.

I must immediately address the most challenging part of this review. A company like Fire Bros. cares enough to give you enormous trophy nugs, however, they negate that generosity by cramming these plump morsels into bags. I would’ve rather received smaller flowers that retained their natural shape and didn’t look like they were designed as book-ends. I do not enjoy doing photography gymnastics trying to shoot around these wounds. It only allows for certain angles that I still submit with a gritted smile. With that weight off of my proverbial chest, let’s appraise the inherent physical qualities of this high octane cannabis.

Leafy meteors tumble out of the bag. Impenetrable berries armored with endless chromatic plates. In large, ‘Memberberry holds a dark demeanor, weaving a jungle of rich pine and saturated olive hues. Like lost tombs in the amazon, rare troves of mauve treasure emerge as well as enlightened wells of lime. The overall shadowy composure offers a complimentary backboard to the galaxy of trichomes above. The resin glands stand out so strongly against the dark flesh, the milky glands are like thousands of little goosebumps. It appears that this flower is excited to be smoked.

Rare patches of matted worn-pumpkin hairs appear as loose lattices concealing a tunnel. They spawn in small number, but the stigmas seem to cluster together intensely like tumbleweeds roaming an old mining town. These enormous monuments appear to be dense and immeasurably stable. I have to challenge the density. Much to my surprise, I do find momentary relief as I impart my pressure. Though, it isn’t long before the extremities shore up into a leafy bulwark. Let’s see how this fortress burns.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is overrun by foul herbal vigor. The siege bridges out to a war party of plump spicy plum. A cilantro cool stirs over the invasion heralding a stinging dank musk. Earthy syrup drizzles down into my craterous wounds. The subtle salve stirs with the brisk pulp and flat-falling sour. The fruity notes are compact and land with determination. A flurry of arrows, not water balloons. Upon contact, the notes are extremely compartmentalized. It makes it easy to dissect the subtler traits within ‘Memberberry.

Incendiary skunk brews up a woody storm of incense and aggressive gritted pulp across the battlefield. The profile shifts from sweet and skunky to raw and spicy rather quickly, often in the same breath. The kind compatriot you let into your home doesn’t exactly match the brandishing madman that leaves upon exhalation. The clouds finish into a tribute toward the arid semi-citrus earthy smack of Ewok. A domineering curtain that quashes and consumes all competing notes leaving you only with the clapping echoes of sylvan satisfaction.

My head begins to tingle, my eyes are paved over by a sheet of foggy glass. I feel like I’m existing in slow motion, notably, sound seems to take longer to travel through my ears. My fingers feel longer, becoming endlessly detached from my knuckles. The psychedelic embrace of ‘Memberberry is a strange one, mildly disorienting if you do not pay attention to these subtle pitfalls in your sensory system.

Along with my awkward transformations, this strain delivers a chill that soothes a weary mind. My warm, revving brain has now been stalled to a calm idling. I feel empty, pleasantly slow. The swarming thoughts and concerns of my day have washed away with the morning sun. This strain bestows a sort of vacant-minded clarity. Drained of personal desire, I still muse and explore this mental vacuum. Discarding your sense of personal responsibility leaves you feeling giddy. A childlike intrigue swells to fill the empty space as I reflect on my past. It’s fair to say…I ‘member.

I can see why so many people like this strain. It feels to be a heartfelt tribute to an older style of cannabis, the classic fruity-skunk-funk. That being said, terpene profile aside, the flower became harsh fairly quickly. This is definitively unique to the woody spicy qualities that naturally occur within. That, in conjunction with a ‘crushed nug penalty’ will leave this strain a score that probably is a little less than reflective of its true potential. I’m certainly not mad that I made the time to enjoy this rich fruit from Fire Bros. Put your weed in jars. As always, thanks for reading.

‘Memberberry Total Score: 82/100

Aroma – 17/20

Physical – 15/20

Flavor – 19/20

Consistency – 14/20

Sensation – 17/20

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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