Violator Kush by Emerald Jane’s

Violator Kush by Emerald Jane’s

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the finest herbs in the state are dissected. Let us challenge your perception as we appraise only the most provocative cannabis strains. Today, we have Violator Kush by Emerald Jane’s. With such an abrasive and violent name, I absolutely had to try it. I am also always interested in gauging the general quality of a producer of whom I’ve yet to try. This review should be exciting for several reasons!

The lineage of this powerful strain is a little murky. It seems that this strain is largely accepted as a cross between Hash Plant and Northern Lights #1, that may or may not have been additionally crossed with Kodiak Gold. I am not left with a feeling of certainty. We shall let the terpenes tell as they always do! This strain tests in at 24% THCA and just 0.1% CBDA. I’m ready for my mind to be violated.

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I peel open the bag to uncover a world of stern piney funk. The crisp decay of moist wood hangs about a smooth meadowy moss. The introduction is ultimately soothing, but laced with an alluring bite of grounded citrus. A bubbly sour simmers out over the cusp of the bag. A withholding tartness coaxes along the slow-rolling profile towards up to its maximum velocity.

The notes are playful, flexible, and free. The fragrance bestows me with otherworldly excitement and energy. My heart and senses are tickled by the tantalizing briskness of Violator Kush. The riled profile relaxes into a chorus of zesty skunk. I sense that there is a stern earthy battering ram lingering just out of my reach. I have to awaken this siege of potency. Much to my surprise, I experience virtually no emphasis past the initial tendencies of this profile. Even when agitated, the cohesive bouquet remains perfectly still. I may not a slight accentuation in terms of an herbal musk, but otherwise, shockingly tame.

Violator Kush wears a shadowy sheet of weathered camouflage. Subtle tides of drained lime, beaten moss, and dehydrated pine cascade down the faces of the flower. Sadly, some of the sides of these flowers were artificially compacted into sheer cliffs. This is why you don’t disrespect your product by putting it into bags. I did my best to photograph around it, but I am currently staring at some seriously depressed buds. No less than 55% of the largest bud has been compacted into a denatured mess.

Moving on, thin stigmas scale the solid crust of Violator Kush. Toasted tangerine whiskers limp across the surface of impenetrable greens. I find that the stigmas spawn in greater number the closer they are to the head. This strain is notably frosted and flush with milky resin glands. The droves of spectral lighthouses highlight the lighter hues within its armor. In efforts of testing the apparent density, I charge the flower full-force. The freshness of the flower offers some relief, but my grip is quickly met with stern resistance. A kush indeed, its position is well-fortified.

Leaf to flame, my palette is washed over by a smoky zest. Mountain air brewing with tingling mint and piercing menthol bark. The smoky bite is a bizarre contrast against the unrelenting crispness. My senses are shocked awake, the profile acts as smelling salts to a degree. I feel my cranial passages clear in eager pacing to absorb more of this engaging flavor. I find the culmination falling somewhere between green tea and old Mountain Dew.

As the bowl chars, I experience a blackened smack akin to the leftover cinders of an extinguished fireplace. A darkened hashy resolve drowns and consumes all competing flavors like an earthy black hole. The participation of the alleged Hash Plant parent is apparent now. A nipping sour is unearthed and becomes empowered into a stabbing peppery eucalyptus citrus. At its greatest depth; a pickled skunky citrus burps out its faint essence. Throughout the metamorphosis, the profile proves to be fresh, minty, smoky, and smooth.

The sensation unfolds as a warm vibration in my temples. I feel as if I can hear better, as if my ear canals and mind have been cleared of all blockages. My senses feel enhanced by the peppery excitement of Violator Kush. Almost as soon as I begun celebrating my new sensibilities, a slow fog begins to pour out over my universe. My renewed world perspective suddenly became distant and obscured.

It doesn’t take long for Violator Kush to discard the pleasantries and teach you how it earned its moniker. Its assertions are slow, natural, and unassuming…but exponential. I am soon narrowly escaping a metaphysical landslide. The consequence? Being swallowed by the roiling concrete embrace. I am soon overrun by the barreling sludge, consumed like Han Solo in carbonite. I feel an immense tranquility still my heart as I am preserved by the timeless glacier. Who knew being converted into a lifeless rock could be so pleasant and carefree?

I didn’t feel violated at all, this strain was a welcome companion. The high is mellow and very direct. I would recommend it to folks seeking a strictly physical high with virtually no head games. I enjoy the flower for being such a literal tribute to its hashy ancestor. For the price point, Emerald Jane’s is very aggressive and a force to be reckoned with. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed smoking more of your weed. My only note is that the physical score would’ve been incrementally higher without the product being squished. As always, thanks for reading.

Violator Kush score: 81/100

Aroma – 16

Physical – 15

Flavor – 14

Consistency – 19

Sensation – 17

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