9lb Hammer by ZoZ

9lb Hammer by ZoZ Cannabis

9lb Hammer by ZoZ Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will be heralding an extra special strain today. This review is all about ZoZ cannabis; a fresh high-end producer in Washington. After attending their release event, it was clear to me how seriously they take cannabis. This meant I absolutely had to review their flower and see what they’re all about. This evening, I have the pleasure of dissecting a spectacular specimen of 9lb Hammer, a famed Jinxproof Genetics strain. Being the legendary cross of Gooberry and Jesus OG, this strain may just bring about a reckoning of its own.

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I plunge into the jar to uncover a realm of lively freshness. Crystalline sugar branches crane outward to caress my nostrils. My nose is awakened by the chilled touch of berry cool. The tendrils become electrified with a buoyant tartness. Invisible needles of robust fruit besiege my nostrils. The plummeting armaments kick up a billowing cloud of floral resonance and sweet spice. The aroma finishes into a moist kiss of fresh earth. Akin to dewdrops hanging over freshly laid sod.

In reckless discovery, I tear the largest flower under my nose. Luscious syrup pools in the wakes of the torn earth. Afghan funk gushes from its core, saturating all competing fragrances. The bewildered compatriots become augmented with a bizarre weight. The initially light and playful temptations have now been muddled into a musky frenzy. The mob unearths an additional emphasis in terms of the floral and gassy qualities within.

Immediately, this strain makes a bizarre impression. This is quite possibly one of the most physically inviting phenotypes of 9lb Hammer that I’ve ever encountered. There is an enamoring fuzzy aura that graces the surface of this flower. I feel as if ZoZ may have grown pillows by mistake. My first instinct is to squish these fuzzy lumps, but I exercise restraint.

Appraising the plump architecture, I gaze upon a warm spectrum of color. A cheery jacket of lime accommodates brief streaks of pear. I find the colorful demeanor delightfully consistent. The appetizing display is only occasionally interrupted by wild tufts of hair. Stout stigmas spawn in wriggling pods of tangerine vigor. Feathery flames razing in small pockets across the surface of this delicate planet. A planet indeed, a quick squeeze confirms the dense core of these furry worlds. It is truly rare to find such dense nugs raised to this size and manicured to this level of quality.

Leaf to flame, my tastebuds are tested by a stabbing sweetness. Mounds of feathery dry earth; screaming with gassy grit. Voracious berry smog chisels away at the fibers of my flesh as I struggle to absorb the bountiful flavor. My tongue becomes charred by incendiary echoes of floral spice. The smoke entertains a chalky grape finish, reminiscent of Flintstone vitamins. The flavor alone, brings about a pleasant ember of warmth in my throat. My palette is trapped within a cavern of tangy melody. As the profile matures, I encounter swarms of biting gas stirring with the bold sour of fruit skin. A zesty crispness lies at the finish, leading to a moor of smoky hash.

The sensation takes a wild to build; a willful ramp out from the distracting chorus of flavor. An uplifting tingle snakes up my spine. The weaving euphoria spreads a reassuring warmth across my shoulders and into my neck. I am disarmed by the natural assertion of this remedy. My skeletal structure is gradually reduced from calloused bone to slabs of dribbling wet sand. I watch in gleeful admiration as my coordination dissolves.

A halo of feathery comfort takes residence inside my skull. I feel my consciousness expand with a friendly push. My thoughts become aloof, enchanted by the flexible freedoms offered by this high. As my mind meanders off, I feel everything become heavy. My perspective gradually sinks into vacant-eyed meditation. I stare into nothingness as a familiar numbness crawls through my veins, liquidating my capacity for even the slightest musing. As I plunge into a chamber of deafening nothingness, I hear only the echoes of the great beyond. This sensation is the apex of zen.

Beautiful plump buds, long-lasting flavor, and a high that will put you on the brink of nirvana. That is what you get when you enjoy 9lb Hammer from ZoZ Cannabis. I am truly glad that I took the time to get to know your brand and the quality of flower that you bring to the table. This was not my first 9lb Hammer and surely not the last, keep up the great work! As always, thanks for reading.

9lb Hammer score: 89/100

Aroma – 16

Physical – 19

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 17

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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